Michael & Gabrielle, Avanti Mansion Wedding

July 03, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Michael & Gabrielle's day was absolutely beautiful! Surrounded by family and friends and hosted by the Avanti Mansion with their staff of professionals, what more could anyone ask for! The day started with the ladies getting makeup done in the bridal suit by the talented Kaylen Adams of Boutique Lab, all the ladies were having a great time and there was much anticipation & joy in the air. Michael and his guys arrived shortly after and they joked and had fun as they put on the finishing touches on the back patio, it was very apparent that all the wedding party was very close and emotions running high. Michael & Gabrielle's ceremony was held on the back terrace and was magnificent in every way, the bridal party and guests could not help but get caught up in the emotion that filled the air. With ceremony complete, the guests moved to the ball room for cocktails followed by a delicious meal prepared by the Avanti kitchen and served by their awesome staff. We have to also make a note of the beautiful centerpiece arrangements (and all the flowers) by Blossoms & Treasures, absolutely stunning! Gabrielle made her very own cake and it was also stunning! she is a professional baker and owner of Gabbie's Goodies, how cool is it that the bride makes her own cake! Michael & Gabrielle's celebration was jamming thanks to the talented "master of mix" DJ Wire, having no problem keeping people on the dance floor, partying in celebration of Michael & Gabrielle's glorious day.

Have to give a shout out to the Bridal Chateau for Gabrielle's stunning dress, hair by Sheltrice Rhodes, and rings from Vales Jewelers. Please feel free to leave Michael & Gabrielle some love in the comments and if you would like to see more of our work please check out our Archives here.

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