Keuka Lake Wedding Photography, Heron Hill Winery: Colby & Lindsay

September 12, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

The day could not have unfolded any better for this sweet couple!  Colby and Lindsay came to us from New Jersey.  They both fell in love with the Finger Lakes and surrounding wineries (which is why we did their engagement session at a winery ;) ) and knew they needed to have their wedding there.  Heron Hill Winery has a fantastic view as well as offering fantastic service, and it made a most beautiful place for their first look, wedding ceremony, and reception. Friends a family traveled from all over the country to come celebrate with them and celebrate they did.  This group knew how to party and have fun! Following the most delicious meal provided by Nolan's it took a whole two seconds to fill the dance floor with everyone having an awesome time dancing to the phenomenal sound of the band Atlas! Enjoy scrolling through their photos and don't forget to leave the couple some love in the comments as well.

100JMS_0583100JMS_0583 101VVS_6801101VVS_6801 102VVS_6808102VVS_6808 103JMS_0617103JMS_0617 104JMS_0664104JMS_0664 105VVS_6826105VVS_6826 106VVS_6833106VVS_6833 107VVS_6854-Edit107VVS_6854-Edit We loved that while dad was supposed to wait to see his daughter for the first time, he could not help wanting to witness the transformation from his daughter to bride. 108VVS_6872-Edit108VVS_6872-Edit 109VVS_6878-Edit109VVS_6878-Edit 110VVS_6891-Edit110VVS_6891-Edit 111JMS_0762111JMS_0762 112JMS_0787-Edit112JMS_0787-Edit 113JMS_0807113JMS_0807 114JMS_0828114JMS_0828 Just love the intimacy that "first looks" offer a couple.  Such a special time for them on their most special day. 115VVS_6924115VVS_6924 116JMS_0842116JMS_0842 The wedding party watches from quite a distance. 117JMS_0852-Edit117JMS_0852-Edit 118JMS_0862-Edit118JMS_0862-Edit 119JMS_0876-Edit119JMS_0876-Edit 120JMS_0901-Edit120JMS_0901-Edit 122JMS_0919-Edit122JMS_0919-Edit Great crew with a view :) 123JMS_0923-Edit123JMS_0923-Edit 124JMS_0949-Edit124JMS_0949-Edit 125JMS_0965-Edit125JMS_0965-Edit 128VVS_7007128VVS_7007 127VVS_6988127VVS_6988 129JMS_0997129JMS_0997 130JMS_1039130JMS_1039 131JMS_1046131JMS_1046 132VVS_7019132VVS_7019 133VVS_7024133VVS_7024 134VVS_7052-Edit134VVS_7052-Edit 135JMS_1120135JMS_1120 This is a salt ceremony.  It ancient times a covenant was formed when each person took a little salt from their pouch and put it in the other. This agreement could not be broken unless an individual could retrieve their own grains of salt.  Love how this relates to the wedding vows. 136JMS_1130136JMS_1130 137JMS_1333137JMS_1333 138JMS_1345138JMS_1345 139JMS_1357139JMS_1357 140JMS_1378140JMS_1378 141VVS_7187141VVS_7187 142JMS_1473142JMS_1473 143JMS_1593-Edit143JMS_1593-Edit 144JMS_1630144JMS_1630 145VVS_7260145VVS_7260 146JMS_1665146JMS_1665 147JMS_1715147JMS_1715 126VVS_6973126VVS_6973 148VVS_7265148VVS_7265 150JMS_1846150JMS_1846 151JMS_1967151JMS_1967 152JMS_1978152JMS_1978 153JMS_1983153JMS_1983 Congratulations Colby and Lindsay!  We know you have much, much, joy and love in your future!  We are so happy you gave us the honor of being part of your amazing day!

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