Beautiful Backyard Wedding, Wyoming NY: Jon and Heather

October 03, 2019  •  3 Comments

The impending rain that threatened the day, could not deter Jon and Heather from the total excitement they felt about each other and their long awaited day. This wedding day was symbolic of a new beginning, of blended pasts, and of a bright future bound tightly with love and faith.  Family and friends gathered at this beautiful property (of a close friend) to celebrate the union of two lives, two families.  Their day started with a First Look.  We have said it many times and will continue to do so, but First Looks are such a sweet and intimate time for couples to start their excitement filled day together.  We then did the wedding party pictures followed by their sentimental ceremony.  They wrote their own vows and that always makes the ceremony extra personal and sweet.  The party that followed was filled with good food (by 3 Legged Pig), good drinks, good sweets (by The Cake Place) and good fun (with HDB Productions and their photobooth).  Music was provided by Rose with R and R DJ.  Enjoy the scroll through their day.  Be sure to check out the best cake topper ever! So unique and cute! Totally loved it!  And be sure to leave the couple some love at the end in the comments. 

101VVS_8525101VVS_8525 102VVS_8535102VVS_8535 104JMS_5076104JMS_5076 105JMS_5102-Edit105JMS_5102-Edit 106JMS_5114-Edit106JMS_5114-Edit 107JMS_5125107JMS_5125 Loved the generosity of these young men (Heather's sons) and their willingness to enjoy the "robe shot" for their mom.  108JMS_5131108JMS_5131 110JMS_5153-Edit110JMS_5153-Edit 111JMS_5163-Edit111JMS_5163-Edit 113JMS_5187113JMS_5187 Heather made all the beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres herself! 114VVS_8597-Edit114VVS_8597-Edit 115JMS_5217115JMS_5217 117JMS_5249117JMS_5249 119JMS_5262-Edit119JMS_5262-Edit 120JMS_5266-Edit120JMS_5266-Edit 122JMS_5285-Edit122JMS_5285-Edit 123JMS_5291-Edit123JMS_5291-Edit 124VVS_8709124VVS_8709 126JMS_5307-Edit126JMS_5307-Edit 128JMS_5339-Edit128JMS_5339-Edit 130JMS_5347-Edit130JMS_5347-Edit 131JMS_5350-Edit131JMS_5350-Edit 134JMS_5377-Edit134JMS_5377-Edit 135JMS_5385-Edit135JMS_5385-Edit 136JMS_5394-Edit136JMS_5394-Edit 137JMS_5417-Edit137JMS_5417-Edit 139JMS_5444-Edit139JMS_5444-Edit 140JMS_5510-Edit140JMS_5510-Edit 142JMS_5528-Edit142JMS_5528-Edit 143JMS_5529-Edit143JMS_5529-Edit 145JMS_5539-Edit145JMS_5539-Edit 146VVS_8805146VVS_8805 147VVS_8823147VVS_8823 148VVS_8830148VVS_8830 149VVS_8836149VVS_8836 150JMS_5548150JMS_5548 151JMS_5601151JMS_5601 152JMS_5604152JMS_5604 153JMS_5623153JMS_5623 154JMS_5657154JMS_5657 155JMS_5666155JMS_5666 156JMS_5681156JMS_5681 157JMS_5686157JMS_5686 158JMS_5733-Edit158JMS_5733-Edit 159JMS_5783-Edit159JMS_5783-Edit 161JMS_5830161JMS_5830 162JMS_5833162JMS_5833 167VVS_9001167VVS_9001 168VVS_9015168VVS_9015 169JMS_5896169JMS_5896 171JMS_5934171JMS_5934 172JMS_5954172JMS_5954 174JMS_6031174JMS_6031 175JMS_6049175JMS_6049 176JMS_6062176JMS_6062 177JMS_6084177JMS_6084 178JMS_6140178JMS_6140 179JMS_6197179JMS_6197 180JMS_6208180JMS_6208 182JMS_6247182JMS_6247 183JMS_6265183JMS_6265 184JMS_6313-Edit-Edit184JMS_6313-Edit-Edit Thank you so much Jon and Heather for allowing us to be part of your truly special day!  We wish for you much love and happiness on the rest of your journey together!

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Jonathan Edmunds(non-registered)
Thank Jeff and Vonnie for yet another masterpiece, we are so thankful for the memories you have captured for us and the friendship you provided us. We knew the moment we met you, that you would be our photographers. With love, Jon and Heather
Danice Valerio(non-registered)
Jon and Heather your wedding was beautiful, I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there. I wish you both many years of beautiful sunsets and exciting sunrises.
Welcome to the family! God Bless you both
Aunt D
Lane Pistello(non-registered)
New Beginnings...We have had our share...and wouldn't trade a single moment of our exceptional year...leading up to your beautiful wedding.
Looking forward to continuing this story with you Jon and Heather.
The words that convey our love to you are as old as time.
An all encompassing love.
God Bless you both.
Love ♡♡
Mom and dad
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