Albany, NY Wedding Photography, 90 State Events: Stephen & Sarah

October 17, 2019  •  2 Comments

What a great time we had traveling to our state's capitol to partake in Sarah and Stephen's special day! They say opposites attract... Jeff and I are perfect examples of that, but Sarah and Stephen are too.  He is shy and quiet, she is outgoing and not as quiet... a fact that was stated many times through out the day by friends and family :) They met each other while attending SUNY Geneseo and love blossomed as they gained their education. We started out at the lovely Renaissance Hotel photographing both sides of the wedding party.  The wedding was down the street at the most gorgeous Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception....such a beautiful church!  We then went to the Empire State Plaza and had some fun with a most wonderful wedding party, getting some great images incorporating some cool architecture and a fun "I Love NY" sign.  Such a great time, and all before we even started the reception!  90 State Events is a spectacular place for a reception!  The history of the building goes back to being a home for Martin Van Buren (once Governor of NYS) before it became the home to the National Savings bank for 125 years and then later converted to the awesome event space it is now. You can't beat the beauty of this historic space! The food was great, the party was fun, but most of all, you could tell that Sarah and Stephen were well loved and loved each other.  Some of their friends are from our local area as well as their florist (Simply Em Productions) who went to school with them and was happy to travel to Albany to not only deliver the stunning flower arrangements, but to of course, attend her friends wedding. We hope you enjoy scrolling through their most beautiful day.  We enjoyed our time with them very much!  Be sure to leave the couple some love in the comments below.  

100VVS_0813100VVS_0813 101JMS_0243101JMS_0243 102JMS_0267102JMS_0267 When the music moves ya.... 103JMS_0279103JMS_0279 104JMS_0323104JMS_0323 105JMS_0335105JMS_0335 106VVS_0838106VVS_0838 Just beautiful flowers by Simply Em Productions in Lockport. 107JMS_0355-Edit107JMS_0355-Edit 108JMS_0362108JMS_0362 109VVS_0842109VVS_0842 110VVS_0846110VVS_0846 112VVS_0862112VVS_0862 113JMS_0436113JMS_0436 114VVS_0913114VVS_0913 115VVS_0922-Edit115VVS_0922-Edit This was her mom's veil.  Love it when heirlooms are incorporated into the day. 116JMS_0465-Edit116JMS_0465-Edit 117VVS_0937-Edit117VVS_0937-Edit 119VVS_0959119VVS_0959 120VVS_0966120VVS_0966 121VVS_0977121VVS_0977 122VVS_1012122VVS_1012 123JMS_0641123JMS_0641 124JMS_0653124JMS_0653 125VVS_1037125VVS_1037 127JMS_0682127JMS_0682 129JMS_0718129JMS_0718 130JMS_0723130JMS_0723 131JMS_0730131JMS_0730 132JMS_0852132JMS_0852 134JMS_0935-Edit134JMS_0935-Edit 135JMS_0960-Edit135JMS_0960-Edit Such a great wedding party to work with! 136JMS_0969-Edit136JMS_0969-Edit 137JMS_0979-Edit137JMS_0979-Edit 138JMS_0989-Edit138JMS_0989-Edit 139JMS_1010-Edit139JMS_1010-Edit 140JMS_1020-Edit140JMS_1020-Edit 141JMS_1027-Edit141JMS_1027-Edit 142JMS_1056-Edit142JMS_1056-Edit 143JMS_1057-Edit143JMS_1057-Edit This was the finale to a great rendition of Build Me Up Buttercup.  I told you they were fun :) 144JMS_1069-Edit144JMS_1069-Edit 146VVS_1119146VVS_1119 147VVS_1122147VVS_1122 152VVS_1140152VVS_1140 153JMS_1201153JMS_1201 They did a sweet ballroom dance.... well done you two! 154JMS_1206154JMS_1206 155JMS_1288155JMS_1288 156VVS_1329156VVS_1329 157JMS_1433157JMS_1433 158VVS_1455158VVS_1455 159JMS_1488159JMS_1488 160JMS_1528-Edit160JMS_1528-Edit 161JMS_1546-Edit161JMS_1546-Edit 162JMS_1565-Edit162JMS_1565-Edit 163JMS_1570163JMS_1570 164JMS_1583164JMS_1583                            Thank you so much Sarah and Stephen for giving us the opportunity to photograph your beautiful wedding day.  We know you have so much love ahead of you!  

Please feel free to leave the couple some love in the comments below.

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Boss Tents(non-registered)
Nice Photo clicked thanks for sharing post .
Lee Linchuck(non-registered)
Oh so beautiful! It was such a wonderful weekend and you seem to have captured it perfectly! Love to the Bride and Groom!
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