Livonia, NY Wedding Photography, Twin Silos: Missy and Adam

September 20, 2019  •  1 Comment

Picture perfect day, seems the best way to describe Missy & Adams wedding at Twin Silos in Livonia, NY. The day started with Adam and his guys at their house and from there we traveled a short distance to meet Missy at Twin Silos as she was just finishing up her final preparations before meeting Adam for their "First Look". Missy was glowing with anticipation and the most genuine laughter and smiles while all her ladies helping in anyway they could. We had set up their "first look" the previous day at rehearsal and was able to take advantage of the beautiful weather and all the golden rod in full bloom (love this time of year). Following the first look and with all the wedding party photos complete the couple was ready to begin their ceremony attended by family and friends also enjoying the beauty of the day and glorious backdrop on Twin Silos. The details and preparation for Missy & Adams day was outstanding, the flower arrangements from Bush Hill Florist were outstanding, the food from Party Man Catering delicious, Dj Dan Fischer of Ultimate Entertainment keep the ceremony and celebration on track and rocking, the deserts from The Cake Place in Avon were delicious as always, and the Twin Silos staff was on hand to take care of all the Brides and Grooms needs.

We wish Missy & Adam the absolute best for their future together and if you would like you can love this awesome couple some love in the comments. Please check out our blog archives if you would like so see more of our work.

100VVS_7594100VVS_7594 101JMS_2664101JMS_2664 Grandpa helping with the tie 102JMS_2683102JMS_2683 103JMS_2699103JMS_2699 104JMS_2730104JMS_2730 105JMS_2741105JMS_2741 106VVS_7638106VVS_7638 Beautiful those smiles 108VVS_7668-Edit108VVS_7668-Edit 109VVS_7686-Edit109VVS_7686-Edit 110VVS_7705-Edit110VVS_7705-Edit 111JMS_2817-Edit111JMS_2817-Edit 112JMS_2827112JMS_2827 Proud Mama 113JMS_2849-Edit113JMS_2849-Edit Ladies are all ready 114VVS_7733114VVS_7733 115JMS_2876115JMS_2876 116JMS_2885116JMS_2885 117VVS_7750117VVS_7750 118JMS_2891118JMS_2891 119JMS_2905119JMS_2905 120JMS_2908120JMS_2908 121JMS_2919-Edit121JMS_2919-Edit 122JMS_2933-Edit122JMS_2933-Edit 123JMS_2951-Edit123JMS_2951-Edit 124JMS_2958-Edit124JMS_2958-Edit 125JMS_2970-Edit125JMS_2970-Edit 126JMS_2974-Edit126JMS_2974-Edit 127JMS_2980-Edit127JMS_2980-Edit 128JMS_2987-Edit128JMS_2987-Edit 129JMS_2990-Edit129JMS_2990-Edit 130JMS_2997-Edit130JMS_2997-Edit 131JMS_3007-Edit131JMS_3007-Edit 132JMS_3041-Edit132JMS_3041-Edit 133JMS_3051-Edit133JMS_3051-Edit 134JMS_3117-Edit134JMS_3117-Edit 135JMS_3120-Edit135JMS_3120-Edit 136VVS_7803136VVS_7803 137VVS_7810137VVS_7810 138JMS_3142138JMS_3142 139JMS_3198139JMS_3198 140JMS_3212140JMS_3212 141JMS_3220141JMS_3220 142JMS_3226142JMS_3226 Adams brother officiated their ceremony making it extra special 143JMS_3248143JMS_3248 144JMS_3252144JMS_3252 145VVS_7878145VVS_7878 146JMS_3341146JMS_3341 Time to loosen those ties 147JMS_3344-Edit147JMS_3344-Edit 148JMS_3350-Edit148JMS_3350-Edit 149VVS_7890149VVS_7890 150JMS_3438150JMS_3438 151VVS_7897151VVS_7897 152JMS_3473152JMS_3473 153JMS_3478153JMS_3478 154JMS_3481154JMS_3481 155VVS_7992155VVS_7992 156JMS_3550156JMS_3550 157JMS_3565157JMS_3565 Cupcake perfection 158JMS_3570158JMS_3570 159JMS_3617159JMS_3617 Now that is a cheesecake station, delicious 160JMS_3657160JMS_3657 161JMS_3663161JMS_3663 162JMS_3666162JMS_3666 163JMS_3695-Edit163JMS_3695-Edit 164VVS_8149164VVS_8149 165JMS_3778165JMS_3778 166JMS_3794166JMS_3794 167JMS_3800167JMS_3800 168JMS_3813168JMS_3813



Elwyn and Debbie Roll(non-registered)
Beautiful! Congratulations Adam and Missy!
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