Buffalo, NY Wedding Photograhy, Samuel's Grande Manor: Matt & Cassie

October 25, 2019  •  4 Comments

What a sweet fall wedding at Samuel's Grande Manor!  Matt and Cassie are so in love and it showed in all their pictures!  These two are a perfect blend of sweetness, excitement, and easygoing.  The day was started with a "First Look", which we love so much!  We consider it a true honor to bear witness to couples as they see each other for those first moments on their special day.  Emotions are raw and uninhibited and it is very beautiful to see.  Cassie and Matt were no exception!  Their moment was sweet, touching, and full of love.  Boy, do we just have the best job or what!? :) We then had time to photograph their wedding party before the ceremony started.  The wedding was emotional and included a lovely sand ceremony that included Matt's son who was also part of the wedding party. We love to see ceremonies where the families are included and brought closer.  The celebration moved inside and the delicious dinner was served followed by the incredible Paula's Donuts for dessert.  Be sure to check out the awesome heart shaped donut wedding "cake".  That was a first for us and we loved it! After dinner everyone had a great time with dancing and some of the little ones really had some great dance moves!  Enjoy their day as you scroll through their images and be sure to leave them some love at the end in the comments. 

100VVS_1580100VVS_1580 101JMS_1998101JMS_1998 102VVS_1603102VVS_1603 103JMS_2043103JMS_2043 104VVS_1615104VVS_1615 105JMS_2064105JMS_2064 106VVS_1627-Edit106VVS_1627-Edit 107VVS_1670-Edit107VVS_1670-Edit 108VVS_1678-Edit108VVS_1678-Edit 109JMS_2143-Edit109JMS_2143-Edit 110JMS_2149-Edit110JMS_2149-Edit The flowers were just stunning, as always, from Bush Hill Florists 111JMS_2168-Edit111JMS_2168-Edit 112JMS_2172-Edit112JMS_2172-Edit 113JMS_2194113JMS_2194 114JMS_2202114JMS_2202 115JMS_2205115JMS_2205 116VVS_1712116VVS_1712 117VVS_1724117VVS_1724 118JMS_2260118JMS_2260 119VVS_1795119VVS_1795 120JMS_2271-Edit120JMS_2271-Edit 121VVS_1828-Edit121VVS_1828-Edit 122JMS_2302-Edit122JMS_2302-Edit 124JMS_2324-Edit124JMS_2324-Edit 125JMS_2332-Edit125JMS_2332-Edit 126JMS_2353-Edit126JMS_2353-Edit Such a great group of people to get to spend the day with! 128JMS_2373-Edit128JMS_2373-Edit 129JMS_2389129JMS_2389 130JMS_2400-Edit130JMS_2400-Edit 131JMS_2411131JMS_2411 132VVS_1918132VVS_1918 133JMS_2425133JMS_2425 134JMS_2439134JMS_2439 This is that awesome donut wedding cake I talked about... pretty "sweet", right? :) 135JMS_2488135JMS_2488 136VVS_1957136VVS_1957 137VVS_1965137VVS_1965 138JMS_2541138JMS_2541 139JMS_2550139JMS_2550 140JMS_2567140JMS_2567 141JMS_2579141JMS_2579 142JMS_2679142JMS_2679 143JMS_2711143JMS_2711 144JMS_2716144JMS_2716 146JMS_2737146JMS_2737 147JMS_2751147JMS_2751 148VVS_2134148VVS_2134 149VVS_2148149VVS_2148 150VVS_2156150VVS_2156 151VVS_2168151VVS_2168 152VVS_2175152VVS_2175 Beautifully hand crafted box. 153JMS_2842153JMS_2842 Baked Alaska in a "ring of fire" 154JMS_2933154JMS_2933 155JMS_2949155JMS_2949 156JMS_2988156JMS_2988 157JMS_3027157JMS_3027 158JMS_3060158JMS_3060

Cassie and Matt, we so enjoyed our day with you!  We wish you tons of love and laughter over the coming years and a life filled with sweetness :)  Thank you for choosing us to be part of it!

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The pictures are beautiful. You are wonderful family. I'm so happy for all of you.
Aunt Lisa and Uncle Dewy(non-registered)
Looks great! Had a good time and are so happy for you three!
LeAnne Harchar (Kocak)(non-registered)
Beautiful photos. I am so happy for all of you. God bless. Best wishes for happiness.
Julie Packer(non-registered)
Breathtaking and I'm speechless. So happy for you both and all the family members included. We got a good one to take in. Im proud to be a Mrs Packer with you!!! Love u both. Jules
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