Rochester NY Wedding Photography: Sean & Maggie

November 09, 2019  •  2 Comments

While the day may have been cold the love that surrounded Sean and Maggie was palpable.  We could tell these two not only shared a special love between themselves but that they were also well loved by those that came to celebrate with them.  Their day started at the beautiful and intimate Westminster Chapel which seemed like the perfect location for them to say their sweetest vows.  The celebration was then moved to Casa Larga Vineyards where we were able to take a few more pictures of this fun wedding party and then have some alone time with the bride and groom before they joined the cocktail hour.  The service was excellent, the food delicious, the cake (by Cake Baby) was incredible, and the music (by DJ Storm) was energizing.  It's always so much fun to meet new friends and be part of something so special.  It really is part of what makes our job so rewarding.  As you scroll through the images of Sean and Maggie's day be sure when you get to the end that you leave this special couple some love in the comments. 

101JMS_4874101JMS_4874 103VVS_2744-Edit103VVS_2744-Edit 104JMS_4905-Edit104JMS_4905-Edit 107JMS_4918-Edit107JMS_4918-Edit 111JMS_4927-Edit111JMS_4927-Edit 112JMS_4931-Edit112JMS_4931-Edit 114JMS_4946114JMS_4946 115JMS_4966-Edit115JMS_4966-Edit 117JMS_4975-Edit117JMS_4975-Edit Such a beautiful dress!  Loved this train so much... (Bridal Belle) 118VVS_2813-Edit118VVS_2813-Edit 123JMS_5017-Edit123JMS_5017-Edit 125VVS_2834-Edit125VVS_2834-Edit This little flower girl was so excited and did such a great job! 126JMS_5034126JMS_5034 127JMS_5040127JMS_5040 128JMS_5101128JMS_5101 131JMS_5115131JMS_5115 132JMS_5116132JMS_5116 134JMS_5125134JMS_5125 135JMS_5135135JMS_5135 137JMS_5164137JMS_5164 138VVS_2897138VVS_2897 141JMS_5215141JMS_5215 142VVS_2940142VVS_2940 143JMS_5279143JMS_5279 144JMS_5321-Edit144JMS_5321-Edit Such a fun wedding party!  145JMS_5369-Edit145JMS_5369-Edit 146JMS_5377-Edit146JMS_5377-Edit 147JMS_5385-Edit147JMS_5385-Edit 148JMS_5398-Edit148JMS_5398-Edit 150JMS_5418-Edit150JMS_5418-Edit 151JMS_5427-Edit151JMS_5427-Edit 157JMS_5480-Edit157JMS_5480-Edit These beautiful flowers by Bloomers 159JMS_5498-Edit159JMS_5498-Edit 160JMS_5502-Edit160JMS_5502-Edit 162JMS_5522-Edit162JMS_5522-Edit 164JMS_5535-Edit164JMS_5535-Edit 165JMS_5553-Edit165JMS_5553-Edit 166VVS_2973-Edit166VVS_2973-Edit 168VVS_3013-Edit168VVS_3013-Edit 169JMS_5594-Edit169JMS_5594-Edit 171JMS_5601-Edit171JMS_5601-Edit 174VVS_3029174VVS_3029 176VVS_3064176VVS_3064 177JMS_5691-Edit177JMS_5691-Edit 178JMS_5709-Edit178JMS_5709-Edit 183JMS_5783-Edit183JMS_5783-Edit 184JMS_5809-Edit184JMS_5809-Edit 186JMS_5822-Edit186JMS_5822-Edit 187JMS_5835-Edit187JMS_5835-Edit 188VVS_3276-Edit188VVS_3276-Edit 189JMS_5881189JMS_5881 190JMS_5898190JMS_5898 191JMS_5963191JMS_5963 194JMS_6052194JMS_6052 195JMS_6110195JMS_6110

Sean and Maggie!  We are so glad you found us and gave us the honor of being part of your most special day! Thank you! We know your future holds much love and laughter for you! 

Please leave the lovely couple some love in the comments below!

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