Brockport NY Wedding Photography, Deerfield Country Club: Kevin and Casey

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Kevin and Casey's wedding was not your average wedding.  They have been together for 13 years, have two cute-as-can-be boys, and have built a beautiful life for themselves and their family. The wedding was about their family.  The boys had intricate parts in all facets of the day, and the rest of their family and friends (also considered their family) surrounded them to celebrate and rejoice.  The emotions of the boys were more than they could manage at times and spilled out unashamedly more than once as they watched their parents commit their love to one another.  It was truly the sweetest thing to see.  The day was a bit cold and dreary, but before it was over the sun broke through and brightened their ceremony.  Deerfield Country Club was an amazing venue providing great scenic backdrops for their "First Look" as well as their wedding ceremony, and their service was top notch.  Be sure to leave the couple some love when you have finished looking through their blog at the end in the comment section. Enjoy!  

100VVS_9189100VVS_9189 101JMS_6980101JMS_6980 The cuteness is just beginning... 102JMS_6983102JMS_6983 They loved their socks! 103JMS_6997103JMS_6997 104JMS_7020104JMS_7020 105JMS_7040105JMS_7040 106JMS_7044106JMS_7044 107JMS_7047107JMS_7047 108JMS_7073108JMS_7073 109JMS_7100109JMS_7100 110VVS_9237110VVS_9237 The beautiful flowers were done by a friend.  Great job Mary! 112JMS_7129-Edit112JMS_7129-Edit 113JMS_7132-Edit113JMS_7132-Edit 114VVS_9260-Edit114VVS_9260-Edit 115JMS_7168-Edit115JMS_7168-Edit 117JMS_7188-Edit117JMS_7188-Edit 118JMS_7213-Edit118JMS_7213-Edit And now the "First Look".  A time the couple gets to spend alone at the start of their day. (Well, almost alone ;) ) 119JMS_7220-Edit119JMS_7220-Edit 120JMS_7223-Edit120JMS_7223-Edit 121VVS_9362-Edit121VVS_9362-Edit 122VVS_9371-Edit122VVS_9371-Edit 123JMS_7259-Edit123JMS_7259-Edit 124JMS_7274-Edit124JMS_7274-Edit 125VVS_9412-Edit125VVS_9412-Edit 127JMS_7295-Edit127JMS_7295-Edit 128VVS_9418-Edit128VVS_9418-Edit A little Fireball to take the chill off. 129JMS_7316-Edit129JMS_7316-Edit 130JMS_7325130JMS_7325 The boys couldn't wait to get out to their mom and dad. 131JMS_7347-Edit131JMS_7347-Edit 132JMS_7356-Edit132JMS_7356-Edit 133JMS_7362-Edit133JMS_7362-Edit 135JMS_7388-Edit135JMS_7388-Edit 136JMS_7406-Edit136JMS_7406-Edit 137JMS_7434-Edit137JMS_7434-Edit 138JMS_7450-Edit138JMS_7450-Edit 139JMS_7452-Edit139JMS_7452-Edit 140JMS_7459-Edit140JMS_7459-Edit 141JMS_7467-Edit141JMS_7467-Edit And then there are those socks... 142VVS_9435142VVS_9435 143VVS_9440143VVS_9440 144VVS_9446144VVS_9446 145VVS_9451145VVS_9451 146JMS_7638146JMS_7638 147VVS_9552147VVS_9552 148JMS_7678148JMS_7678 149JMS_7691149JMS_7691 150JMS_7739150JMS_7739 151JMS_7770151JMS_7770 152JMS_7779152JMS_7779 153VVS_9611153VVS_9611 Notes to each other will be placed inside the box to be opened at a future anniversary.  Love this idea. 154VVS_9613154VVS_9613 Pretty cake and delicious sweets provided by Rachael B Cupcakes 155JMS_8144-Edit155JMS_8144-Edit 156JMS_8230156JMS_8230 157JMS_8250157JMS_8250 158JMS_8275158JMS_8275 159JMS_8305159JMS_8305 160JMS_8363160JMS_8363 161JMS_8390161JMS_8390 H&H Entertainment did a great job keeping the party rockin' 162JMS_8395162JMS_8395 163VVS_9924163VVS_9924 164VVS_9938164VVS_9938 165VVS_9964165VVS_9964 166JMS_8508-Edit166JMS_8508-Edit Thank you so much Kevin and Casey for allowing us to be part of your most beautiful day!  We enjoyed getting to know you and your sweet family and we wish for you all the best in the years to come.

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