JMS Studio & Gallery, Ltd.: Blog en-us (C) JMS Studio & Gallery, Ltd. (JMS Studio & Gallery, Ltd.) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:30:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:30:00 GMT JMS Studio & Gallery, Ltd.: Blog 117 120 Rochester NY Wedding Photography: Sean & Maggie While the day may have been cold the love that surrounded Sean and Maggie was palpable.  We could tell these two not only shared a special love between themselves but that they were also well loved by those that came to celebrate with them.  Their day started at the beautiful and intimate Westminster Chapel which seemed like the perfect location for them to say their sweetest vows.  The celebration was then moved to Casa Larga Vineyards where we were able to take a few more pictures of this fun wedding party and then have some alone time with the bride and groom before they joined the cocktail hour.  The service was excellent, the food delicious, the cake (by Cake Baby) was incredible, and the music (by DJ Storm) was energizing.  It's always so much fun to meet new friends and be part of something so special.  It really is part of what makes our job so rewarding.  As you scroll through the images of Sean and Maggie's day be sure when you get to the end that you leave this special couple some love in the comments. 

101JMS_4874101JMS_4874 103VVS_2744-Edit103VVS_2744-Edit 104JMS_4905-Edit104JMS_4905-Edit 107JMS_4918-Edit107JMS_4918-Edit 111JMS_4927-Edit111JMS_4927-Edit 112JMS_4931-Edit112JMS_4931-Edit 114JMS_4946114JMS_4946 115JMS_4966-Edit115JMS_4966-Edit 117JMS_4975-Edit117JMS_4975-Edit Such a beautiful dress!  Loved this train so much... (Bridal Belle) 118VVS_2813-Edit118VVS_2813-Edit 123JMS_5017-Edit123JMS_5017-Edit 125VVS_2834-Edit125VVS_2834-Edit This little flower girl was so excited and did such a great job! 126JMS_5034126JMS_5034 127JMS_5040127JMS_5040 128JMS_5101128JMS_5101 131JMS_5115131JMS_5115 132JMS_5116132JMS_5116 134JMS_5125134JMS_5125 135JMS_5135135JMS_5135 137JMS_5164137JMS_5164 138VVS_2897138VVS_2897 141JMS_5215141JMS_5215 142VVS_2940142VVS_2940 143JMS_5279143JMS_5279 144JMS_5321-Edit144JMS_5321-Edit Such a fun wedding party!  145JMS_5369-Edit145JMS_5369-Edit 146JMS_5377-Edit146JMS_5377-Edit 147JMS_5385-Edit147JMS_5385-Edit 148JMS_5398-Edit148JMS_5398-Edit 150JMS_5418-Edit150JMS_5418-Edit 151JMS_5427-Edit151JMS_5427-Edit 157JMS_5480-Edit157JMS_5480-Edit These beautiful flowers by Bloomers 159JMS_5498-Edit159JMS_5498-Edit 160JMS_5502-Edit160JMS_5502-Edit 162JMS_5522-Edit162JMS_5522-Edit 164JMS_5535-Edit164JMS_5535-Edit 165JMS_5553-Edit165JMS_5553-Edit 166VVS_2973-Edit166VVS_2973-Edit 168VVS_3013-Edit168VVS_3013-Edit 169JMS_5594-Edit169JMS_5594-Edit 171JMS_5601-Edit171JMS_5601-Edit 174VVS_3029174VVS_3029 176VVS_3064176VVS_3064 177JMS_5691-Edit177JMS_5691-Edit 178JMS_5709-Edit178JMS_5709-Edit 183JMS_5783-Edit183JMS_5783-Edit 184JMS_5809-Edit184JMS_5809-Edit 186JMS_5822-Edit186JMS_5822-Edit 187JMS_5835-Edit187JMS_5835-Edit 188VVS_3276-Edit188VVS_3276-Edit 189JMS_5881189JMS_5881 190JMS_5898190JMS_5898 191JMS_5963191JMS_5963 194JMS_6052194JMS_6052 195JMS_6110195JMS_6110

Sean and Maggie!  We are so glad you found us and gave us the honor of being part of your most special day! Thank you! We know your future holds much love and laughter for you! 

Please leave the lovely couple some love in the comments below!

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Buffalo, NY Wedding Photograhy, Samuel's Grande Manor: Matt & Cassie What a sweet fall wedding at Samuel's Grande Manor!  Matt and Cassie are so in love and it showed in all their pictures!  These two are a perfect blend of sweetness, excitement, and easygoing.  The day was started with a "First Look", which we love so much!  We consider it a true honor to bear witness to couples as they see each other for those first moments on their special day.  Emotions are raw and uninhibited and it is very beautiful to see.  Cassie and Matt were no exception!  Their moment was sweet, touching, and full of love.  Boy, do we just have the best job or what!? :) We then had time to photograph their wedding party before the ceremony started.  The wedding was emotional and included a lovely sand ceremony that included Matt's son who was also part of the wedding party. We love to see ceremonies where the families are included and brought closer.  The celebration moved inside and the delicious dinner was served followed by the incredible Paula's Donuts for dessert.  Be sure to check out the awesome heart shaped donut wedding "cake".  That was a first for us and we loved it! After dinner everyone had a great time with dancing and some of the little ones really had some great dance moves!  Enjoy their day as you scroll through their images and be sure to leave them some love at the end in the comments. 

100VVS_1580100VVS_1580 101JMS_1998101JMS_1998 102VVS_1603102VVS_1603 103JMS_2043103JMS_2043 104VVS_1615104VVS_1615 105JMS_2064105JMS_2064 106VVS_1627-Edit106VVS_1627-Edit 107VVS_1670-Edit107VVS_1670-Edit 108VVS_1678-Edit108VVS_1678-Edit 109JMS_2143-Edit109JMS_2143-Edit 110JMS_2149-Edit110JMS_2149-Edit The flowers were just stunning, as always, from Bush Hill Florists 111JMS_2168-Edit111JMS_2168-Edit 112JMS_2172-Edit112JMS_2172-Edit 113JMS_2194113JMS_2194 114JMS_2202114JMS_2202 115JMS_2205115JMS_2205 116VVS_1712116VVS_1712 117VVS_1724117VVS_1724 118JMS_2260118JMS_2260 119VVS_1795119VVS_1795 120JMS_2271-Edit120JMS_2271-Edit 121VVS_1828-Edit121VVS_1828-Edit 122JMS_2302-Edit122JMS_2302-Edit 124JMS_2324-Edit124JMS_2324-Edit 125JMS_2332-Edit125JMS_2332-Edit 126JMS_2353-Edit126JMS_2353-Edit Such a great group of people to get to spend the day with! 128JMS_2373-Edit128JMS_2373-Edit 129JMS_2389129JMS_2389 130JMS_2400-Edit130JMS_2400-Edit 131JMS_2411131JMS_2411 132VVS_1918132VVS_1918 133JMS_2425133JMS_2425 134JMS_2439134JMS_2439 This is that awesome donut wedding cake I talked about... pretty "sweet", right? :) 135JMS_2488135JMS_2488 136VVS_1957136VVS_1957 137VVS_1965137VVS_1965 138JMS_2541138JMS_2541 139JMS_2550139JMS_2550 140JMS_2567140JMS_2567 141JMS_2579141JMS_2579 142JMS_2679142JMS_2679 143JMS_2711143JMS_2711 144JMS_2716144JMS_2716 146JMS_2737146JMS_2737 147JMS_2751147JMS_2751 148VVS_2134148VVS_2134 149VVS_2148149VVS_2148 150VVS_2156150VVS_2156 151VVS_2168151VVS_2168 152VVS_2175152VVS_2175 Beautifully hand crafted box. 153JMS_2842153JMS_2842 Baked Alaska in a "ring of fire" 154JMS_2933154JMS_2933 155JMS_2949155JMS_2949 156JMS_2988156JMS_2988 157JMS_3027157JMS_3027 158JMS_3060158JMS_3060

Cassie and Matt, we so enjoyed our day with you!  We wish you tons of love and laughter over the coming years and a life filled with sweetness :)  Thank you for choosing us to be part of it!

Be sure to leave the couple some love in the comments below.

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Albany, NY Wedding Photography, 90 State Events: Stephen & Sarah What a great time we had traveling to our state's capitol to partake in Sarah and Stephen's special day! They say opposites attract... Jeff and I are perfect examples of that, but Sarah and Stephen are too.  He is shy and quiet, she is outgoing and not as quiet... a fact that was stated many times through out the day by friends and family :) They met each other while attending SUNY Geneseo and love blossomed as they gained their education. We started out at the lovely Renaissance Hotel photographing both sides of the wedding party.  The wedding was down the street at the most gorgeous Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception....such a beautiful church!  We then went to the Empire State Plaza and had some fun with a most wonderful wedding party, getting some great images incorporating some cool architecture and a fun "I Love NY" sign.  Such a great time, and all before we even started the reception!  90 State Events is a spectacular place for a reception!  The history of the building goes back to being a home for Martin Van Buren (once Governor of NYS) before it became the home to the National Savings bank for 125 years and then later converted to the awesome event space it is now. You can't beat the beauty of this historic space! The food was great, the party was fun, but most of all, you could tell that Sarah and Stephen were well loved and loved each other.  Some of their friends are from our local area as well as their florist (Simply Em Productions) who went to school with them and was happy to travel to Albany to not only deliver the stunning flower arrangements, but to of course, attend her friends wedding. We hope you enjoy scrolling through their most beautiful day.  We enjoyed our time with them very much!  Be sure to leave the couple some love in the comments below.  

100VVS_0813100VVS_0813 101JMS_0243101JMS_0243 102JMS_0267102JMS_0267 When the music moves ya.... 103JMS_0279103JMS_0279 104JMS_0323104JMS_0323 105JMS_0335105JMS_0335 106VVS_0838106VVS_0838 Just beautiful flowers by Simply Em Productions in Lockport. 107JMS_0355-Edit107JMS_0355-Edit 108JMS_0362108JMS_0362 109VVS_0842109VVS_0842 110VVS_0846110VVS_0846 112VVS_0862112VVS_0862 113JMS_0436113JMS_0436 114VVS_0913114VVS_0913 115VVS_0922-Edit115VVS_0922-Edit This was her mom's veil.  Love it when heirlooms are incorporated into the day. 116JMS_0465-Edit116JMS_0465-Edit 117VVS_0937-Edit117VVS_0937-Edit 119VVS_0959119VVS_0959 120VVS_0966120VVS_0966 121VVS_0977121VVS_0977 122VVS_1012122VVS_1012 123JMS_0641123JMS_0641 124JMS_0653124JMS_0653 125VVS_1037125VVS_1037 127JMS_0682127JMS_0682 129JMS_0718129JMS_0718 130JMS_0723130JMS_0723 131JMS_0730131JMS_0730 132JMS_0852132JMS_0852 134JMS_0935-Edit134JMS_0935-Edit 135JMS_0960-Edit135JMS_0960-Edit Such a great wedding party to work with! 136JMS_0969-Edit136JMS_0969-Edit 137JMS_0979-Edit137JMS_0979-Edit 138JMS_0989-Edit138JMS_0989-Edit 139JMS_1010-Edit139JMS_1010-Edit 140JMS_1020-Edit140JMS_1020-Edit 141JMS_1027-Edit141JMS_1027-Edit 142JMS_1056-Edit142JMS_1056-Edit 143JMS_1057-Edit143JMS_1057-Edit This was the finale to a great rendition of Build Me Up Buttercup.  I told you they were fun :) 144JMS_1069-Edit144JMS_1069-Edit 146VVS_1119146VVS_1119 147VVS_1122147VVS_1122 152VVS_1140152VVS_1140 153JMS_1201153JMS_1201 They did a sweet ballroom dance.... well done you two! 154JMS_1206154JMS_1206 155JMS_1288155JMS_1288 156VVS_1329156VVS_1329 157JMS_1433157JMS_1433 158VVS_1455158VVS_1455 159JMS_1488159JMS_1488 160JMS_1528-Edit160JMS_1528-Edit 161JMS_1546-Edit161JMS_1546-Edit 162JMS_1565-Edit162JMS_1565-Edit 163JMS_1570163JMS_1570 164JMS_1583164JMS_1583                            Thank you so much Sarah and Stephen for giving us the opportunity to photograph your beautiful wedding day.  We know you have so much love ahead of you!  

Please feel free to leave the couple some love in the comments below.

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Perry, NY Wedding Photography, Normandie Orchards: Mason & Shayna Mason and Shayna were so excited about their day and the anticipation of their "First Look".  They adore each other and it showed!  When you look through their images you will see that look of devotion every time they were looking at each other.  Such a sweet pair!  Their first look was at the home of a friend and we did the wedding party pictures there as well.  We then moved on to Normandie Orchards for their beautiful ceremony and once there, Andie takes care of all the details and coordinating so the couple doesn't have to worry about a thing.  Service at this venue is exceptional!  Soon after the ceremony, a delicious dinner was served by Vasile's Catering and not long after that the party got to rolling with DJ Jickster.  We love working with Dave and he knows how to keep the party in high gear and the dance floor full.  Before we left we were able to scoot out and get some wonderful sunset images of these two love birds.  We cannot express how much we loved photographing these two.  We felt like we were amongst family as we had done wedding, family,and  senior pictures of many of their family and friends. This is one of the many blessings we get to experience after all our years of doing photography.... Being connected to so many :)  As you scroll through their pictures be sure to leave some love for these two in the comment section below.  

100JMS_8549100JMS_8549 Mason had such a nervous excitement for his day.  Dad was there to help make sure he was "put together".  101JMS_8574101JMS_8574 102JMS_8593102JMS_8593 105VVS_0011105VVS_0011 106JMS_8651106JMS_8651 107VVS_0021107VVS_0021 108JMS_8668108JMS_8668 109VVS_0028109VVS_0028 110JMS_8732-Edit110JMS_8732-Edit 111JMS_8750-Edit111JMS_8750-Edit Mom always ready to lend a hand. 113VVS_0074-Edit113VVS_0074-Edit 114VVS_0077-Edit114VVS_0077-Edit 115VVS_0106115VVS_0106 These stunning flowers were from Bush Hill Florist, they always do amazing work! 116VVS_0108116VVS_0108 117VVS_0118-Edit117VVS_0118-Edit 118JMS_8866-Edit118JMS_8866-Edit 119JMS_8872-Edit119JMS_8872-Edit 120VVS_0136-Edit120VVS_0136-Edit 121VVS_0142-Edit121VVS_0142-Edit 122VVS_0149-Edit122VVS_0149-Edit 123JMS_8902-Edit123JMS_8902-Edit 124JMS_8932-Edit124JMS_8932-Edit 125VVS_0208-Edit125VVS_0208-Edit 126VVS_0218-Edit126VVS_0218-Edit 127JMS_8972-Edit127JMS_8972-Edit 128JMS_8999-Edit128JMS_8999-Edit 129JMS_9030-Edit129JMS_9030-Edit We have photographed four of these 6 ladies weddings :) 130JMS_9034-Edit130JMS_9034-Edit 131JMS_9043-Edit131JMS_9043-Edit This next series of 4 pictures are so funny.  A veil shot gone wrong, but the ladies were so cute! 132JMS_9084-Edit132JMS_9084-Edit 133JMS_9085-Edit133JMS_9085-Edit 134JMS_9086-Edit134JMS_9086-Edit 135JMS_9087-Edit135JMS_9087-Edit 136JMS_9094-Edit136JMS_9094-Edit 137VVS_0236137VVS_0236 The venue was just stunning! 138JMS_9117138JMS_9117 139JMS_9120139JMS_9120 140JMS_9123140JMS_9123 141VVS_0319141VVS_0319 Dad waiting to escort his "little girl" to the man of her dreams... 142JMS_9199142JMS_9199 143JMS_9203143JMS_9203 144JMS_9220144JMS_9220 145JMS_9232145JMS_9232 146VVS_0369146VVS_0369 They wrote their own vows.... that always makes a ceremony so personal 147JMS_9277147JMS_9277 148JMS_9288148JMS_9288 149VVS_0389149VVS_0389 Beautiful cake by "The Cake Place" in Avon.  150VVS_0394150VVS_0394 151JMS_9546151JMS_9546 152JMS_9558-Edit152JMS_9558-Edit 153VVS_0517-Edit153VVS_0517-Edit 154VVS_0547154VVS_0547 155JMS_9606155JMS_9606 156JMS_9645156JMS_9645 157JMS_9663-Edit157JMS_9663-Edit 158JMS_9672-Edit158JMS_9672-Edit 159JMS_9675-Edit159JMS_9675-Edit 160VVS_0641160VVS_0641 161JMS_9706161JMS_9706 Dave Jickster from 97 Rock is one of our favorite DJ's to work with! 162JMS_9748162JMS_9748 163JMS_9786163JMS_9786 164JMS_9810164JMS_9810 165JMS_9816165JMS_9816 166JMS_9875166JMS_9875 167JMS_9884167JMS_9884 The bouquet and garter throw were quite intentional in their intent, but this little guy was quick... and excited he had beat Jake out :) 168VVS_0727168VVS_0727 169JMS_9922169JMS_9922 170JMS_9933170JMS_9933 171JMS_9960-Edit171JMS_9960-Edit Thank you so much Mason and Shayna for allowing us to photograph your love for one another! It was truly our pleasure and we hope you enjoy the years and years of love, laughter, and happiness that is headed your way. 

Please feel free to leave the couple some love in the comments below.

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Brockport NY Wedding Photography, Deerfield Country Club: Kevin and Casey Kevin and Casey's wedding was not your average wedding.  They have been together for 13 years, have two cute-as-can-be boys, and have built a beautiful life for themselves and their family. The wedding was about their family.  The boys had intricate parts in all facets of the day, and the rest of their family and friends (also considered their family) surrounded them to celebrate and rejoice.  The emotions of the boys were more than they could manage at times and spilled out unashamedly more than once as they watched their parents commit their love to one another.  It was truly the sweetest thing to see.  The day was a bit cold and dreary, but before it was over the sun broke through and brightened their ceremony.  Deerfield Country Club was an amazing venue providing great scenic backdrops for their "First Look" as well as their wedding ceremony, and their service was top notch.  Be sure to leave the couple some love when you have finished looking through their blog at the end in the comment section. Enjoy!  

100VVS_9189100VVS_9189 101JMS_6980101JMS_6980 The cuteness is just beginning... 102JMS_6983102JMS_6983 They loved their socks! 103JMS_6997103JMS_6997 104JMS_7020104JMS_7020 105JMS_7040105JMS_7040 106JMS_7044106JMS_7044 107JMS_7047107JMS_7047 108JMS_7073108JMS_7073 109JMS_7100109JMS_7100 110VVS_9237110VVS_9237 The beautiful flowers were done by a friend.  Great job Mary! 112JMS_7129-Edit112JMS_7129-Edit 113JMS_7132-Edit113JMS_7132-Edit 114VVS_9260-Edit114VVS_9260-Edit 115JMS_7168-Edit115JMS_7168-Edit 117JMS_7188-Edit117JMS_7188-Edit 118JMS_7213-Edit118JMS_7213-Edit And now the "First Look".  A time the couple gets to spend alone at the start of their day. (Well, almost alone ;) ) 119JMS_7220-Edit119JMS_7220-Edit 120JMS_7223-Edit120JMS_7223-Edit 121VVS_9362-Edit121VVS_9362-Edit 122VVS_9371-Edit122VVS_9371-Edit 123JMS_7259-Edit123JMS_7259-Edit 124JMS_7274-Edit124JMS_7274-Edit 125VVS_9412-Edit125VVS_9412-Edit 127JMS_7295-Edit127JMS_7295-Edit 128VVS_9418-Edit128VVS_9418-Edit A little Fireball to take the chill off. 129JMS_7316-Edit129JMS_7316-Edit 130JMS_7325130JMS_7325 The boys couldn't wait to get out to their mom and dad. 131JMS_7347-Edit131JMS_7347-Edit 132JMS_7356-Edit132JMS_7356-Edit 133JMS_7362-Edit133JMS_7362-Edit 135JMS_7388-Edit135JMS_7388-Edit 136JMS_7406-Edit136JMS_7406-Edit 137JMS_7434-Edit137JMS_7434-Edit 138JMS_7450-Edit138JMS_7450-Edit 139JMS_7452-Edit139JMS_7452-Edit 140JMS_7459-Edit140JMS_7459-Edit 141JMS_7467-Edit141JMS_7467-Edit And then there are those socks... 142VVS_9435142VVS_9435 143VVS_9440143VVS_9440 144VVS_9446144VVS_9446 145VVS_9451145VVS_9451 146JMS_7638146JMS_7638 147VVS_9552147VVS_9552 148JMS_7678148JMS_7678 149JMS_7691149JMS_7691 150JMS_7739150JMS_7739 151JMS_7770151JMS_7770 152JMS_7779152JMS_7779 153VVS_9611153VVS_9611 Notes to each other will be placed inside the box to be opened at a future anniversary.  Love this idea. 154VVS_9613154VVS_9613 Pretty cake and delicious sweets provided by Rachael B Cupcakes 155JMS_8144-Edit155JMS_8144-Edit 156JMS_8230156JMS_8230 157JMS_8250157JMS_8250 158JMS_8275158JMS_8275 159JMS_8305159JMS_8305 160JMS_8363160JMS_8363 161JMS_8390161JMS_8390 H&H Entertainment did a great job keeping the party rockin' 162JMS_8395162JMS_8395 163VVS_9924163VVS_9924 164VVS_9938164VVS_9938 165VVS_9964165VVS_9964 166JMS_8508-Edit166JMS_8508-Edit Thank you so much Kevin and Casey for allowing us to be part of your most beautiful day!  We enjoyed getting to know you and your sweet family and we wish for you all the best in the years to come.

Please feel free to leave the lovely couple some love in the comments below.

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Beautiful Backyard Wedding, Wyoming NY: Jon and Heather The impending rain that threatened the day, could not deter Jon and Heather from the total excitement they felt about each other and their long awaited day. This wedding day was symbolic of a new beginning, of blended pasts, and of a bright future bound tightly with love and faith.  Family and friends gathered at this beautiful property (of a close friend) to celebrate the union of two lives, two families.  Their day started with a First Look.  We have said it many times and will continue to do so, but First Looks are such a sweet and intimate time for couples to start their excitement filled day together.  We then did the wedding party pictures followed by their sentimental ceremony.  They wrote their own vows and that always makes the ceremony extra personal and sweet.  The party that followed was filled with good food (by 3 Legged Pig), good drinks, good sweets (by The Cake Place) and good fun (with HDB Productions and their photobooth).  Music was provided by Rose with R and R DJ.  Enjoy the scroll through their day.  Be sure to check out the best cake topper ever! So unique and cute! Totally loved it!  And be sure to leave the couple some love at the end in the comments. 

101VVS_8525101VVS_8525 102VVS_8535102VVS_8535 104JMS_5076104JMS_5076 105JMS_5102-Edit105JMS_5102-Edit 106JMS_5114-Edit106JMS_5114-Edit 107JMS_5125107JMS_5125 Loved the generosity of these young men (Heather's sons) and their willingness to enjoy the "robe shot" for their mom.  108JMS_5131108JMS_5131 110JMS_5153-Edit110JMS_5153-Edit 111JMS_5163-Edit111JMS_5163-Edit 113JMS_5187113JMS_5187 Heather made all the beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres herself! 114VVS_8597-Edit114VVS_8597-Edit 115JMS_5217115JMS_5217 117JMS_5249117JMS_5249 119JMS_5262-Edit119JMS_5262-Edit 120JMS_5266-Edit120JMS_5266-Edit 122JMS_5285-Edit122JMS_5285-Edit 123JMS_5291-Edit123JMS_5291-Edit 124VVS_8709124VVS_8709 126JMS_5307-Edit126JMS_5307-Edit 128JMS_5339-Edit128JMS_5339-Edit 130JMS_5347-Edit130JMS_5347-Edit 131JMS_5350-Edit131JMS_5350-Edit 134JMS_5377-Edit134JMS_5377-Edit 135JMS_5385-Edit135JMS_5385-Edit 136JMS_5394-Edit136JMS_5394-Edit 137JMS_5417-Edit137JMS_5417-Edit 139JMS_5444-Edit139JMS_5444-Edit 140JMS_5510-Edit140JMS_5510-Edit 142JMS_5528-Edit142JMS_5528-Edit 143JMS_5529-Edit143JMS_5529-Edit 145JMS_5539-Edit145JMS_5539-Edit 146VVS_8805146VVS_8805 147VVS_8823147VVS_8823 148VVS_8830148VVS_8830 149VVS_8836149VVS_8836 150JMS_5548150JMS_5548 151JMS_5601151JMS_5601 152JMS_5604152JMS_5604 153JMS_5623153JMS_5623 154JMS_5657154JMS_5657 155JMS_5666155JMS_5666 156JMS_5681156JMS_5681 157JMS_5686157JMS_5686 158JMS_5733-Edit158JMS_5733-Edit 159JMS_5783-Edit159JMS_5783-Edit 161JMS_5830161JMS_5830 162JMS_5833162JMS_5833 167VVS_9001167VVS_9001 168VVS_9015168VVS_9015 169JMS_5896169JMS_5896 171JMS_5934171JMS_5934 172JMS_5954172JMS_5954 174JMS_6031174JMS_6031 175JMS_6049175JMS_6049 176JMS_6062176JMS_6062 177JMS_6084177JMS_6084 178JMS_6140178JMS_6140 179JMS_6197179JMS_6197 180JMS_6208180JMS_6208 182JMS_6247182JMS_6247 183JMS_6265183JMS_6265 184JMS_6313-Edit-Edit184JMS_6313-Edit-Edit Thank you so much Jon and Heather for allowing us to be part of your truly special day!  We wish for you much love and happiness on the rest of your journey together!

Please feel free to leave the couple some love in the comments below.

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Livonia, NY Wedding Photography, Twin Silos: Missy and Adam Picture perfect day, seems the best way to describe Missy & Adams wedding at Twin Silos in Livonia, NY. The day started with Adam and his guys at their house and from there we traveled a short distance to meet Missy at Twin Silos as she was just finishing up her final preparations before meeting Adam for their "First Look". Missy was glowing with anticipation and the most genuine laughter and smiles while all her ladies helping in anyway they could. We had set up their "first look" the previous day at rehearsal and was able to take advantage of the beautiful weather and all the golden rod in full bloom (love this time of year). Following the first look and with all the wedding party photos complete the couple was ready to begin their ceremony attended by family and friends also enjoying the beauty of the day and glorious backdrop on Twin Silos. The details and preparation for Missy & Adams day was outstanding, the flower arrangements from Bush Hill Florist were outstanding, the food from Party Man Catering delicious, Dj Dan Fischer of Ultimate Entertainment keep the ceremony and celebration on track and rocking, the deserts from The Cake Place in Avon were delicious as always, and the Twin Silos staff was on hand to take care of all the Brides and Grooms needs.

We wish Missy & Adam the absolute best for their future together and if you would like you can love this awesome couple some love in the comments. Please check out our blog archives if you would like so see more of our work.

100VVS_7594100VVS_7594 101JMS_2664101JMS_2664 Grandpa helping with the tie 102JMS_2683102JMS_2683 103JMS_2699103JMS_2699 104JMS_2730104JMS_2730 105JMS_2741105JMS_2741 106VVS_7638106VVS_7638 Beautiful those smiles 108VVS_7668-Edit108VVS_7668-Edit 109VVS_7686-Edit109VVS_7686-Edit 110VVS_7705-Edit110VVS_7705-Edit 111JMS_2817-Edit111JMS_2817-Edit 112JMS_2827112JMS_2827 Proud Mama 113JMS_2849-Edit113JMS_2849-Edit Ladies are all ready 114VVS_7733114VVS_7733 115JMS_2876115JMS_2876 116JMS_2885116JMS_2885 117VVS_7750117VVS_7750 118JMS_2891118JMS_2891 119JMS_2905119JMS_2905 120JMS_2908120JMS_2908 121JMS_2919-Edit121JMS_2919-Edit 122JMS_2933-Edit122JMS_2933-Edit 123JMS_2951-Edit123JMS_2951-Edit 124JMS_2958-Edit124JMS_2958-Edit 125JMS_2970-Edit125JMS_2970-Edit 126JMS_2974-Edit126JMS_2974-Edit 127JMS_2980-Edit127JMS_2980-Edit 128JMS_2987-Edit128JMS_2987-Edit 129JMS_2990-Edit129JMS_2990-Edit 130JMS_2997-Edit130JMS_2997-Edit 131JMS_3007-Edit131JMS_3007-Edit 132JMS_3041-Edit132JMS_3041-Edit 133JMS_3051-Edit133JMS_3051-Edit 134JMS_3117-Edit134JMS_3117-Edit 135JMS_3120-Edit135JMS_3120-Edit 136VVS_7803136VVS_7803 137VVS_7810137VVS_7810 138JMS_3142138JMS_3142 139JMS_3198139JMS_3198 140JMS_3212140JMS_3212 141JMS_3220141JMS_3220 142JMS_3226142JMS_3226 Adams brother officiated their ceremony making it extra special 143JMS_3248143JMS_3248 144JMS_3252144JMS_3252 145VVS_7878145VVS_7878 146JMS_3341146JMS_3341 Time to loosen those ties 147JMS_3344-Edit147JMS_3344-Edit 148JMS_3350-Edit148JMS_3350-Edit 149VVS_7890149VVS_7890 150JMS_3438150JMS_3438 151VVS_7897151VVS_7897 152JMS_3473152JMS_3473 153JMS_3478153JMS_3478 154JMS_3481154JMS_3481 155VVS_7992155VVS_7992 156JMS_3550156JMS_3550 157JMS_3565157JMS_3565 Cupcake perfection 158JMS_3570158JMS_3570 159JMS_3617159JMS_3617 Now that is a cheesecake station, delicious 160JMS_3657160JMS_3657 161JMS_3663161JMS_3663 162JMS_3666162JMS_3666 163JMS_3695-Edit163JMS_3695-Edit 164VVS_8149164VVS_8149 165JMS_3778165JMS_3778 166JMS_3794166JMS_3794 167JMS_3800167JMS_3800 168JMS_3813168JMS_3813


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Keuka Lake Wedding Photography, Heron Hill Winery: Colby & Lindsay The day could not have unfolded any better for this sweet couple!  Colby and Lindsay came to us from New Jersey.  They both fell in love with the Finger Lakes and surrounding wineries (which is why we did their engagement session at a winery ;) ) and knew they needed to have their wedding there.  Heron Hill Winery has a fantastic view as well as offering fantastic service, and it made a most beautiful place for their first look, wedding ceremony, and reception. Friends a family traveled from all over the country to come celebrate with them and celebrate they did.  This group knew how to party and have fun! Following the most delicious meal provided by Nolan's it took a whole two seconds to fill the dance floor with everyone having an awesome time dancing to the phenomenal sound of the band Atlas! Enjoy scrolling through their photos and don't forget to leave the couple some love in the comments as well.

100JMS_0583100JMS_0583 101VVS_6801101VVS_6801 102VVS_6808102VVS_6808 103JMS_0617103JMS_0617 104JMS_0664104JMS_0664 105VVS_6826105VVS_6826 106VVS_6833106VVS_6833 107VVS_6854-Edit107VVS_6854-Edit We loved that while dad was supposed to wait to see his daughter for the first time, he could not help wanting to witness the transformation from his daughter to bride. 108VVS_6872-Edit108VVS_6872-Edit 109VVS_6878-Edit109VVS_6878-Edit 110VVS_6891-Edit110VVS_6891-Edit 111JMS_0762111JMS_0762 112JMS_0787-Edit112JMS_0787-Edit 113JMS_0807113JMS_0807 114JMS_0828114JMS_0828 Just love the intimacy that "first looks" offer a couple.  Such a special time for them on their most special day. 115VVS_6924115VVS_6924 116JMS_0842116JMS_0842 The wedding party watches from quite a distance. 117JMS_0852-Edit117JMS_0852-Edit 118JMS_0862-Edit118JMS_0862-Edit 119JMS_0876-Edit119JMS_0876-Edit 120JMS_0901-Edit120JMS_0901-Edit 122JMS_0919-Edit122JMS_0919-Edit Great crew with a view :) 123JMS_0923-Edit123JMS_0923-Edit 124JMS_0949-Edit124JMS_0949-Edit 125JMS_0965-Edit125JMS_0965-Edit 128VVS_7007128VVS_7007 127VVS_6988127VVS_6988 129JMS_0997129JMS_0997 130JMS_1039130JMS_1039 131JMS_1046131JMS_1046 132VVS_7019132VVS_7019 133VVS_7024133VVS_7024 134VVS_7052-Edit134VVS_7052-Edit 135JMS_1120135JMS_1120 This is a salt ceremony.  It ancient times a covenant was formed when each person took a little salt from their pouch and put it in the other. This agreement could not be broken unless an individual could retrieve their own grains of salt.  Love how this relates to the wedding vows. 136JMS_1130136JMS_1130 137JMS_1333137JMS_1333 138JMS_1345138JMS_1345 139JMS_1357139JMS_1357 140JMS_1378140JMS_1378 141VVS_7187141VVS_7187 142JMS_1473142JMS_1473 143JMS_1593-Edit143JMS_1593-Edit 144JMS_1630144JMS_1630 145VVS_7260145VVS_7260 146JMS_1665146JMS_1665 147JMS_1715147JMS_1715 126VVS_6973126VVS_6973 148VVS_7265148VVS_7265 150JMS_1846150JMS_1846 151JMS_1967151JMS_1967 152JMS_1978152JMS_1978 153JMS_1983153JMS_1983 Congratulations Colby and Lindsay!  We know you have much, much, joy and love in your future!  We are so happy you gave us the honor of being part of your amazing day!

Be sure to leave them some love in the comments below.

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Buffalo, NY Wedding Photography, Templeton Landing: Paul and Ashley We had to travel through torrential rain on the morning of Paul and Ashley's wedding, but by the time we got to Embassy Suites in Buffalo, the rain had subsided, never to return that day.  It was a fun day that began with a First Look at Hotel Henry next to Buffalo State where these two first met at a rugby party.  Rugby is a big part of their lives and capturing an image of their wedding party in a huddle on the rugby field that conjoins Buffalo State and Hotel Henry was a priority.  We have added it to the images below so be sure to check it out.  From there we traveled to Templeton Landing where they had a lovely and sunny rooftop wedding and a fun reception with details of comics and candy (His childhood love of comics has spilled into their love of comic book movies and she loves candy).  One thing that was uniquely different about this reception and touched me deeply was the father and daughter dance.  Her song of choice was "To Sir with Love".  I cried to this song in the movie of long ago, and cried to it as she and her father danced to it.  I have never before heard of it being used for this purpose (and neither had the DJ), but it fit perfectly.  Enjoy the images below and be sure to leave the couple some love in the comment section that follows. 

A big shout out to the Ashley and Paul team of vendors that helped to make their day beautiful:

DJ - Her brother, A'don Allen DJ Services

Flowers - She made her own beautiful flowers

Bride's dress - New York Bride of Syracuse

Bridesmaid's dresses - David Bridal

Tuxes - Men's Warehouse

Cake - Cake Crazy

Groom's ring - Valhalla Wood Forge - (if you're looking for a unique wedding ring check them out!)

Rings - Jared's

Between these two sets of parents there is 82 years of marriage experience! Paul and Ashley, we thank you so much for having us be part of your beautiful day!  We wish for you a life filled with lots of love and laughter, which, knowing you two, won't be hard :) 

Please feel free to leave this lovely couple some love in the comment area below.

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Seneca Lake Wedding Photography, Belhurst Castle: Grayson and Bernadette What an amazing day!  We are so happy we were able to be part of Bernadette and Grayson's day at the lovely Belhurst Castle! The weather was just perfect, the setting was grand and this couple has such a deep love and respect for each other that capturing their adoration for each other was easy.  Even though their day held a curve ball or two, they kept their focus on what was important and never allowed there to be anything but happiness and love to enter their day. Their first look had a last minute location change but it was truly a beautiful moment just the same. The wedding party was awesome to work with and you could tell that they, too, had an incredible love and respect for these two.  Family came in from all over the world to celebrate with them and the ceremony included the Filipino traditions of the cord and veil and the ceremonial coins known as Arras.  These coins are traditionally given by the groom to the bride to symbolize his commitment to providing for the family, but in this ceremony Bernadette passed the coins back to Grayson representing their promise to build their future together.  Be sure to check out who delivered the coins to them when you scroll through the images.  The reception held many sentimental moments, especially with Bernadette's father's speech and during their dance.  He commented it was his contacts that were causing his eyes to tear up, but we're pretty sure it was something else ;)  Before we left, we were able to get down to the docks and get some really great moments at sunset.  Be sure to scroll to the end to check a few of them out and while you're there be sure to leave this lovely couple some love in the comments below.  We'd like to give a shout out to the other vendors that helped to make their day wonderful. 

The beautiful cake was by Simply Sweets

The lovely flowers were assembled by friends and family

DJ - Whirlin' Disc

Her stunning dress was from Heart to Heart Bridal

Tuxes were from Tuxedo Junction in Henrietta

































































































































104JMS_4873104JMS_4873 105VVS_5333105VVS_5333 Delivery from Grayson... 106VVS_5345106VVS_5345 108VVS_5352108VVS_5352 Those beautiful shoes were part of his gift. 111VVS_5365111VVS_5365 Caught this great moment when this beautiful momma looked up to see herself for the first time with hair and makeup done.  She looked great! 113JMS_4963113JMS_4963 What a great group of ladies! 114JMS_4967114JMS_4967 116VVS_5377116VVS_5377 117VVS_5385117VVS_5385 119VVS_5391119VVS_5391 121VVS_5405121VVS_5405 These rings were her Grandma's.... something old, something borrowed... 122VVS_5422122VVS_5422 125VVS_5442125VVS_5442 Love the moment when the bride puts that veil on.... it changes everything :) 127VVS_5454127VVS_5454 130JMS_5061-Edit130JMS_5061-Edit 133JMS_5084133JMS_5084 Whoo hoo!! One last touch up and it's time to send her off to see her soon to be husband.... 134JMS_5087134JMS_5087 135JMS_5104135JMS_5104 136VVS_5467136VVS_5467 137VVS_5470137VVS_5470 138JMS_5115138JMS_5115 139JMS_5118139JMS_5118 141VVS_5487141VVS_5487 142VVS_5496142VVS_5496 143JMS_5150-Edit143JMS_5150-Edit 144JMS_5155-Edit144JMS_5155-Edit 147JMS_5170-Edit147JMS_5170-Edit 149JMS_5180-Edit149JMS_5180-Edit Just beautiful! 150JMS_5181-Edit150JMS_5181-Edit 151JMS_5195-Edit151JMS_5195-Edit 154JMS_5222-Edit154JMS_5222-Edit 157JMS_5238-Edit157JMS_5238-Edit 158VVS_5556158VVS_5556 159VVS_5561159VVS_5561 Gotta catch that one last group selfie before heading down the isle :) 161VVS_5581161VVS_5581 162JMS_5349162JMS_5349 163JMS_5367163JMS_5367 164JMS_5382164JMS_5382 Layla did a great job carrying the Arras (coins).   165JMS_5422165JMS_5422 166JMS_5444166JMS_5444 167JMS_5577167JMS_5577   :) 169JMS_5604-Edit169JMS_5604-Edit 170JMS_5618-Edit170JMS_5618-Edit 171JMS_5629-Edit171JMS_5629-Edit 172JMS_5636-Edit172JMS_5636-Edit 174JMS_5725174JMS_5725 LLet the party begin! 175VVS_5840175VVS_5840 Here we caught those darn contacts acting up...








160VVS_5574160VVS_5574 178JMS_5937178JMS_5937 179JMS_5972179JMS_5972 180JMS_5991180JMS_5991 181JMS_5997181JMS_5997 182JMS_6010182JMS_6010 183JMS_6044183JMS_6044 184JMS_6090-Edit184JMS_6090-Edit 185JMS_6093-Edit185JMS_6093-Edit 187JMS_6105-Edit187JMS_6105-Edit 188JMS_6106-Edit188JMS_6106-Edit 189JMS_6114-Edit189JMS_6114-Edit 193JMS_6140193JMS_6140 194JMS_6168194JMS_6168 195JMS_6207195JMS_6207 197JMS_6250197JMS_6250 198JMS_6282198JMS_6282 199VVS_6143199VVS_6143 200JMS_6333200JMS_6333 201JMS_6366201JMS_6366 203JMS_6374203JMS_6374








Bernadette and Grayson,  We thank you so much for allowing us the honor of photographing your most beautiful day!  We enjoyed our time with you greatly and we know that your future holds much love and happiness for you!




Please leave this couple some love below in the comments :)




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Caledonia, NY Wedding Photography at Jerris Wadsworth Wedding Barn: Karter & Taylor Cannot begin to put into words what this day was like.  Karter was our first senior photo session many moons ago!  It was really him asking us to do prom pictures in the park that led to our yearly LCS prom event.  When Coach Mac led his LCS football team to the state championship and won, we were there! We photographed his mother's wedding and his baby brother when he was born.  For those of you who know Karter, you know what an awesome person he is.  To know he found his beautiful match in Taylor makes our hearts sing.  Such a sweet couple who's love for one another is very evident.  So much joy and love surrounded this day!  Coach Mac performed the ceremony and many of the "LCS champions" were in attendance (yes, we got that picture :) )  The day went just as it should have.  Beautiful weather, lots of love, lots of friends and family all at the most glorious Jerris Wadsworth Wedding Barn.  Totally great venue with wonderful service and lots of photo opportunities! We were totally honored to partake in their day.  Enjoy scrolling through the images and be sure to leave them some love in the comments below.  A big shout out to the awesome band of vendors that helped make their day awesome: Great food (incredible apple cornbread) and cake by Colby's, beautiful flowers were done by Erie Way Florist, DJ Tommy B kept the tunes flowing, Taylor's gorgeous dress from Silk Bridal, Hair by Leah Hagstrom, and Makeup by Nikki Rogers (The ladies looked great!)

  104JMS_2604104JMS_2604 105VVS_4854105VVS_4854 107JMS_2613107JMS_2613 The suits were tailored to be a custom fit, but not to bend over :) 108JMS_2621108JMS_2621 109JMS_2633109JMS_2633 111JMS_2646111JMS_2646 112JMS_2655112JMS_2655 113VVS_4855113VVS_4855 115JMS_2674115JMS_2674 119VVS_4874119VVS_4874 123JMS_2708123JMS_2708 126JMS_2738-Edit126JMS_2738-Edit 127VVS_4912-Edit127VVS_4912-Edit 129JMS_2759-Edit129JMS_2759-Edit 133JMS_2783-Edit133JMS_2783-Edit 137JMS_2802-Edit137JMS_2802-Edit 139JMS_2817139JMS_2817 141JMS_2825-Edit141JMS_2825-Edit 144VVS_4981-Edit144VVS_4981-Edit 145JMS_2839-Edit145JMS_2839-Edit 146JMS_2845-Edit146JMS_2845-Edit 147VVS_5025-Edit147VVS_5025-Edit 149JMS_2880-Edit149JMS_2880-Edit 150JMS_2907-Edit150JMS_2907-Edit 152JMS_2913-Edit152JMS_2913-Edit 153JMS_2923-Edit153JMS_2923-Edit 155JMS_2931-Edit155JMS_2931-Edit 156VVS_5066156VVS_5066 157JMS_2942157JMS_2942 158VVS_5076158VVS_5076 159JMS_2945159JMS_2945 160VVS_5078160VVS_5078 161JMS_2967161JMS_2967 162JMS_2984-Edit162JMS_2984-Edit 165JMS_3011-Edit165JMS_3011-Edit 167JMS_3054-Edit167JMS_3054-Edit 168VVS_5079168VVS_5079 169JMS_3095169JMS_3095 170VVS_5115170VVS_5115 171JMS_3171171JMS_3171 173JMS_3176173JMS_3176 174JMS_3184174JMS_3184 176JMS_3214176JMS_3214 177JMS_3229177JMS_3229 178JMS_3236178JMS_3236 180VVS_5221180VVS_5221 182JMS_3521182JMS_3521 183JMS_3531183JMS_3531 184VVS_5260184VVS_5260 A very special mother-son relationship... 185JMS_3561185JMS_3561 186JMS_3587186JMS_3587 187JMS_3623187JMS_3623 188JMS_3630188JMS_3630 190VVS_5302190VVS_5302 192JMS_3648192JMS_3648 And here's that pic of the "champions" 193VVS_5311193VVS_5311 194JMS_3672194JMS_3672 195JMS_3711-Edit195JMS_3711-Edit Last pics of the night...  196JMS_3717-Edit196JMS_3717-Edit 199JMS_3736-Edit199JMS_3736-Edit Thank you so much Karter and Taylor for allowing us the opportunity to share and witness your most beautiful day!  We know you will have many, many years filled with love and laughter ahead of you! 

Please be sure to leave some love for these two in the comments below!

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Buffalo, NY Wedding Photography at Samuel's Grande Manor: David and Keshia David and Keshia's day was one that was filled with lots of emotion!  Friends and family circled close to celebrate the love and life these two share. Two of the cutest, most well behaved little ones kept everyone smiling.  The beautiful Samuel's Grande Manor was all decked out with everything purple, teal, gold and peacock!  It was truly stunning!  Wisteria draped down the arches that covered the isle and made for a most magnificent setting for the two to say their vows.  After the ceremony we were able to squeeze in a few family and wedding party pictures and then off to dinner and the party! We would love to give a shout out to the vendors that helped make the day come together:  Samuel's Grande Manor had fantastic food as well as service; Maureen's did an spectacular job with the flowers; the cake was done by Muscoreils and DJ Spin provided the music to keep the party moving.  We hope you enjoy the images as you scroll through their day and be sure to leave them some love in the comments below.

102VVS_4382102VVS_4382 103JMS_1568103JMS_1568 104JMS_1575104JMS_1575 105JMS_1595105JMS_1595 106JMS_1601106JMS_1601 These kids were just too cute!  They loved the camera and the camera loved them :) 107JMS_1610107JMS_1610 108JMS_1617108JMS_1617 109JMS_1640109JMS_1640 110JMS_1651110JMS_1651 111JMS_1662111JMS_1662 112VVS_4435112VVS_4435 Helping Momma on their big day! 113VVS_4444113VVS_4444 114JMS_1685-Edit114JMS_1685-Edit 115VVS_4459-Edit115VVS_4459-Edit 117VVS_4471-Edit117VVS_4471-Edit 118VVS_4477-Edit118VVS_4477-Edit 119JMS_1701-Edit119JMS_1701-Edit 120VVS_4495120VVS_4495 121JMS_1743121JMS_1743 122JMS_1748122JMS_1748 123JMS_1765123JMS_1765 124JMS_1769124JMS_1769 125JMS_1797125JMS_1797 126JMS_1802126JMS_1802 127JMS_1808127JMS_1808 128JMS_1816128JMS_1816 129JMS_1898129JMS_1898 130VVS_4587130VVS_4587 131JMS_2013131JMS_2013 132JMS_2039132JMS_2039 133JMS_2061133JMS_2061 134JMS_2086134JMS_2086 135VVS_4623135VVS_4623 136JMS_2101136JMS_2101 137JMS_2118137JMS_2118 138JMS_2129138JMS_2129 139VVS_4648139VVS_4648 140VVS_4651140VVS_4651 141JMS_2152141JMS_2152 142JMS_2226142JMS_2226 143JMS_2235143JMS_2235 145JMS_2240145JMS_2240 146JMS_2276146JMS_2276 148JMS_2293148JMS_2293 149VVS_4664149VVS_4664 150JMS_2396150JMS_2396 151VVS_4782151VVS_4782 152VVS_4794152VVS_4794 153JMS_2454153JMS_2454 154JMS_2467154JMS_2467 155JMS_2554-Edit155JMS_2554-Edit 157JMS_2561-Edit157JMS_2561-Edit Keshia and David we wish you all the best!  We thank you for allowing us to spend your beautiful day with you!

Feel free to leave the couple some love in the comments below.

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Cody & Muriel's Bristol Harbour Wedding What a great day! Filled with fun, family & friends. The day started with us getting photos of Cody and the guys as they were getting ready at the Mountainside Lodge, a beautiful three story overlooking Canandiagua Lake. We had to rush to get to the door as a thunderstorm decided to let loose just as we arrived. It turns out this would be the worst of the rain and the rest of the days weather would cooperate nicely. It was just a short distance from the lodge to the Bristol Harbour Lodge & Golf Club where we would meet Muriel and her ladies for some getting ready photos and to set up the couples for their first look prior to their ceremony. We can't say enough about the staff at Bristol Harbour, they went above and beyond to see to it Cody & Muriel and all the guest were well taken care of and nothing was left to chance. They also worked with us to see that we were taken care of and we truly appreciate that, this venue is absolutely beautiful and so are the people that work there. Cody & Muriel's ceremony was heartfelt and beautiful, full of laughter and tears of joy. The celebration that followed was held in the ballroom at Bristol and was complete with great food, music and lots of dancing! As a final image we were able to get a sunset shot on the golf course which was the perfect way to complete a perfect day. We want to thank Cody & Muriel for choosing us to be part of their day and we wish them the very best for their future together! Please don't hesitate to leave some words of love and well wishes in the comments.

We also have to acknowledge the vendors that contributed to making this day extra special:

Bristol Harbour Lodge & Golf Club

DJ- H&H Entertainment

Cake & Deserts- Shauna Anderson at The Village Tavern

Flowers- Bradley James Design

Dress- Stella's Bridal

Tuxedos- Mens Warehouse

Rings- Jareds


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101JMS_8643101JMS_8643 102JMS_8665102JMS_8665 103JMS_8692103JMS_8692 104JMS_8705104JMS_8705 105JMS_8716105JMS_8716 106JMS_8720106JMS_8720 107JMS_8737107JMS_8737 Love this little personnel touch that Bristol Harbour does for their brides 108JMS_8748108JMS_8748 109JMS_8751109JMS_8751 110JMS_8771110JMS_8771 111JMS_8777111JMS_8777 112VVS_3878112VVS_3878 113JMS_8796113JMS_8796 114JMS_8802114JMS_8802 115JMS_8828115JMS_8828 116JMS_8836116JMS_8836 117JMS_8867117JMS_8867 Cody is all ready to meet his bride 118JMS_8871118JMS_8871 119JMS_8873119JMS_8873 121JMS_8877121JMS_8877 122VVS_3892122VVS_3892 123JMS_8880123JMS_8880 124JMS_8893124JMS_8893 125JMS_8900-Edit-2125JMS_8900-Edit-2 126JMS_8903-Edit126JMS_8903-Edit 127JMS_8914-Edit127JMS_8914-Edit 128JMS_8985-Edit128JMS_8985-Edit 129JMS_8987-Edit129JMS_8987-Edit This wedding party was an absolute riot 130JMS_8994-Edit130JMS_8994-Edit 131JMS_9001-Edit131JMS_9001-Edit 132JMS_9021-Edit132JMS_9021-Edit 133JMS_9027-Edit133JMS_9027-Edit Grooms special request 134JMS_9028-Edit134JMS_9028-Edit Girl are ready! 136VVS_3940136VVS_3940 137JMS_9077137JMS_9077 138VVS_3954138VVS_3954 139JMS_9153139JMS_9153 140JMS_9160140JMS_9160 141JMS_9170141JMS_9170 Love the emotion, what a beautiful moment. 142JMS_9172142JMS_9172 143VVS_3962143VVS_3962 Ceremony overlooking the lake....breathtaking. 144JMS_9185144JMS_9185 145JMS_9217145JMS_9217 146JMS_9239146JMS_9239 The officiant is Muriels cousin Will, he got his certification just so he could marry them. Love this family! 147JMS_9241147JMS_9241 148JMS_9256148JMS_9256 149JMS_9268149JMS_9268 150JMS_9315150JMS_9315 151JMS_9323-Edit151JMS_9323-Edit 152JMS_9329-Edit152JMS_9329-Edit 154JMS_9336-Edit154JMS_9336-Edit 155JMS_9340-Edit155JMS_9340-Edit Always that one guy with the polaroid :) 156JMS_9348-Edit156JMS_9348-Edit 157JMS_9476157JMS_9476 158JMS_9477158JMS_9477 159JMS_9491159JMS_9491 160JMS_9500160JMS_9500 Emotional parent dances 161JMS_9673161JMS_9673 162JMS_9702162JMS_9702 163JMS_9706163JMS_9706 Dad cut loose and brings the moves, what a great celebration 164JMS_9725164JMS_9725 165VVS_4292165VVS_4292 166VVS_4298166VVS_4298 167JMS_9798167JMS_9798 168JMS_9814168JMS_9814 169VVS_4305169VVS_4305 170JMS_9829170JMS_9829 171VVS_4312171VVS_4312 172JMS_9885172JMS_9885 Last shot before we had to head out, beautiful sunset and a great time for the couple to take a walk before heading back to the party. 173JMS_9935-Edit173JMS_9935-Edit 174JMS_9936-Edit174JMS_9936-Edit We wish Cody & Muriel the very best, you guys are awesome!

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Michael & Gabrielle, Avanti Mansion Wedding Michael & Gabrielle's day was absolutely beautiful! Surrounded by family and friends and hosted by the Avanti Mansion with their staff of professionals, what more could anyone ask for! The day started with the ladies getting makeup done in the bridal suit by the talented Kaylen Adams of Boutique Lab, all the ladies were having a great time and there was much anticipation & joy in the air. Michael and his guys arrived shortly after and they joked and had fun as they put on the finishing touches on the back patio, it was very apparent that all the wedding party was very close and emotions running high. Michael & Gabrielle's ceremony was held on the back terrace and was magnificent in every way, the bridal party and guests could not help but get caught up in the emotion that filled the air. With ceremony complete, the guests moved to the ball room for cocktails followed by a delicious meal prepared by the Avanti kitchen and served by their awesome staff. We have to also make a note of the beautiful centerpiece arrangements (and all the flowers) by Blossoms & Treasures, absolutely stunning! Gabrielle made her very own cake and it was also stunning! she is a professional baker and owner of Gabbie's Goodies, how cool is it that the bride makes her own cake! Michael & Gabrielle's celebration was jamming thanks to the talented "master of mix" DJ Wire, having no problem keeping people on the dance floor, partying in celebration of Michael & Gabrielle's glorious day.

Have to give a shout out to the Bridal Chateau for Gabrielle's stunning dress, hair by Sheltrice Rhodes, and rings from Vales Jewelers. Please feel free to leave Michael & Gabrielle some love in the comments and if you would like to see more of our work please check out our Archives here.

100JMS_7480100JMS_7480 101JMS_7490101JMS_7490 102VVS_3317102VVS_3317 103VVS_3331103VVS_3331 104JMS_7537104JMS_7537 105VVS_3364105VVS_3364 106VVS_3382106VVS_3382 107VVS_3393107VVS_3393 108VVS_3398108VVS_3398 109VVS_3404109VVS_3404 110JMS_7571110JMS_7571 111VVS_3422111VVS_3422 112VVS_3425112VVS_3425 113JMS_7632113JMS_7632 114VVS_3426114VVS_3426 Momma helping with the final touch 115JMS_7639115JMS_7639 117VVS_3438117VVS_3438 118JMS_7650118JMS_7650 119JMS_7655119JMS_7655 120VVS_3448120VVS_3448 121VVS_3451121VVS_3451 122VVS_3453122VVS_3453 123VVS_3457123VVS_3457 124VVS_3462124VVS_3462 Ceremony wait 125VVS_3468125VVS_3468 126VVS_3471126VVS_3471 127VVS_3473127VVS_3473 128VVS_3482128VVS_3482 129VVS_3508129VVS_3508 130VVS_3521130VVS_3521 131JMS_7800131JMS_7800 132VVS_3526132VVS_3526 133JMS_7819133JMS_7819 134JMS_7832134JMS_7832 135JMS_7854135JMS_7854 136JMS_7870136JMS_7870 137VVS_3560137VVS_3560 138JMS_7925138JMS_7925 139JMS_7987139JMS_7987 140JMS_8013140JMS_8013 141JMS_8033141JMS_8033 142JMS_8041142JMS_8041 143JMS_8042143JMS_8042 144JMS_8048144JMS_8048 145JMS_8071145JMS_8071 147JMS_8156147JMS_8156 148VVS_3697148VVS_3697 149VVS_3716149VVS_3716 150JMS_8198150JMS_8198 151JMS_8235151JMS_8235 152JMS_8239152JMS_8239 153JMS_8267153JMS_8267 154JMS_8306154JMS_8306 155JMS_8346155JMS_8346 156JMS_8371156JMS_8371 157JMS_8477157JMS_8477 158JMS_8488158JMS_8488 159JMS_8518159JMS_8518 160JMS_8528160JMS_8528 161JMS_8532161JMS_8532 162JMS_8538162JMS_8538 163JMS_8569163JMS_8569 164JMS_8581164JMS_8581

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Colt & Cheryl-Normandie Orchards Barn Wedding Colt & Cheryl, married on the 15th of June 2019, had a picture perfect day! We started the day with Colt and his guys getting ready at his parents beautiful home. This group was a riot to work with! They all were having fun and cracking jokes while still making sure Colt had all he needed and that details were taken care of. Although they razed each other, we could clearly see they were a tight bunch that look out for each other as well. From there, we traveled a short distance to Cheryl and her ladies. Laughter, tears and hugs filled the bridal suite at Normandie Orchards as they were putting on the finishing touches. Andie, (one of the owners and coordinator) was looking after details and seeing to it that the wedding party was well taken care of as she always does. Cheryl got to spend a special moment with her father and their very own "first look" prior to heading off to her intimate first look with Colt at Arnold and Sharon Dueppengiessers beautiful property. Their first moments together were filled with so much love and genuine affection!  Once they had their time together, we brought in the wedding party for some fun group images.  What a fun group! Back at Normandie Orchards, Colt & Cheryl's ceremony was absolutely stunning with a full house of family and friends and officiated by local celeb, Eric Kelly. Following the ceremony guests enjoyed some lawn games while socializing with a drink or two and at the end of the cocktail time, the rain decided to make an appearance and settle in for the rest of the evening. If it had the rain, the timing could not be more perfect as the couple was ready to be announced and the guests had found their way to their seats. Kramell's Catering served the most delicious country style BBQ! We have to say their BBQ is one of the best in the area and their service is top notch!  DJ Macy Paridise got the party rockin' and a large group of fun loving guests celebrated the night away with Colt & Cheryl always in the midst.

We have to give a shout out to some very awesome vendors: Special Occasion Hair Design of Rochester, Ashlins in Warsaw for the beautiful bridal party bouquets, guys suits from Macy's, dresses from Davids Bridal, and ice cream from Yummies in Warsaw, served up by Kramells Catering for the sundae bar..... Yum!!

Please send this most awesome couple your love and well wishes in the comments below and if you would like to see more of our recent images then check out our Blog Archives here.

100JMS_5946100JMS_5946 101VVS_2407101VVS_2407 102JMS_5956102JMS_5956 103JMS_5972103JMS_5972 106VVS_2449106VVS_2449 107JMS_6020107JMS_6020 108JMS_6030108JMS_6030 109VVS_2455109VVS_2455 110VVS_2459110VVS_2459 111VVS_2460-Edit111VVS_2460-Edit 112JMS_6054-Edit112JMS_6054-Edit 113VVS_2488-Edit113VVS_2488-Edit 114JMS_6082-Edit114JMS_6082-Edit 115JMS_6094-Edit115JMS_6094-Edit 116VVS_2522-Edit116VVS_2522-Edit 117VVS_2528-Edit117VVS_2528-Edit 118VVS_2532-Edit118VVS_2532-Edit 120JMS_6137-Edit120JMS_6137-Edit 121JMS_6139-Edit121JMS_6139-Edit 124JMS_6173124JMS_6173 125JMS_6208-Edit125JMS_6208-Edit 126JMS_6211-Edit126JMS_6211-Edit 128JMS_6228128JMS_6228 129JMS_6232129JMS_6232 131JMS_6240131JMS_6240 132JMS_6245132JMS_6245 133VVS_2643133VVS_2643 135JMS_6262135JMS_6262 136JMS_6277136JMS_6277 138JMS_6297-Edit138JMS_6297-Edit 139JMS_6300-Edit139JMS_6300-Edit 140VVS_2718-Edit140VVS_2718-Edit 141JMS_6329-Edit141JMS_6329-Edit 142VVS_2740-Edit142VVS_2740-Edit 143VVS_2749-Edit143VVS_2749-Edit 144JMS_6365-Edit144JMS_6365-Edit 145JMS_6411-Edit145JMS_6411-Edit 146JMS_6423-Edit146JMS_6423-Edit 147JMS_6432-Edit147JMS_6432-Edit 148JMS_6448-Edit148JMS_6448-Edit 149JMS_6454-Edit149JMS_6454-Edit 150JMS_6457150JMS_6457 152JMS_6498-Edit152JMS_6498-Edit 153JMS_6519153JMS_6519 155VVS_2845155VVS_2845 156JMS_6596156JMS_6596 157VVS_2857157VVS_2857 158VVS_2881158VVS_2881 159JMS_6642159JMS_6642 160VVS_2901160VVS_2901 161JMS_6665161JMS_6665 162JMS_6678162JMS_6678 163JMS_6770-Edit163JMS_6770-Edit 164JMS_6785-Edit164JMS_6785-Edit 165JMS_6787-Edit165JMS_6787-Edit 166VVS_2947166VVS_2947 167VVS_2949167VVS_2949 169JMS_6830169JMS_6830 172JMS_6930-Edit172JMS_6930-Edit 173JMS_6934-Edit173JMS_6934-Edit 174JMS_6972174JMS_6972 175JMS_6986175JMS_6986 177JMS_7081177JMS_7081 178VVS_3162178VVS_3162 180JMS_7111180JMS_7111 181JMS_7150181JMS_7150 182JMS_7208182JMS_7208 183JMS_7239183JMS_7239 If you would like to talk with us about your special day contact us here! (we travel)

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Grayson & Bernadetten, Greenlakes State Park, Couples Session Had a great time with Bernadette & Grayson at Green Lakes State Park, they were able to bring along their furbaby Leila to get in on some of the photo action. Green Lakes is a beautiful location! We had never visited it before but had seen photos so when Bernadette suggested it for their session we jumped at the chance. If you have never been, then we highly recommend a visit. We are looking forward to Bernadette and Grayson's August wedding at Belhurst Castle in Geneva NY so stay tuned for those images with this amazing couple!

100JMS_4118-Edit-Edit100JMS_4118-Edit-Edit 101VVS_5710-Edit101VVS_5710-Edit 102JMS_4139-Edit102JMS_4139-Edit 103JMS_4146-Edit103JMS_4146-Edit 104JMS_4163-Edit104JMS_4163-Edit 105JMS_4165-Edit105JMS_4165-Edit 106VVS_5724-Edit106VVS_5724-Edit 107JMS_4190-Edit107JMS_4190-Edit 108JMS_4205-Edit108JMS_4205-Edit 109JMS_4220-Edit109JMS_4220-Edit 110JMS_4227-Edit110JMS_4227-Edit 111JMS_4235-Edit111JMS_4235-Edit 112JMS_4242-Edit112JMS_4242-Edit 113JMS_4257-Edit113JMS_4257-Edit 114JMS_4259-Edit114JMS_4259-Edit 115VVS_5747-Edit115VVS_5747-Edit 116VVS_5777-Edit-Edit116VVS_5777-Edit-Edit 117JMS_4342-Edit-Edit117JMS_4342-Edit-Edit 118JMS_4353-Edit118JMS_4353-Edit 119VVS_5805-Edit119VVS_5805-Edit Check out more of our recent work in our Blog Archives



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Robert & Selena, Conesus Lake Wedding, Livonia NY Robert & Selena's wedding day was very intimate and heartfelt with a small group of close family and friends. The day started at Roberts grandparents lake house on the beautiful Conesus Lake in Livonia. We received a warm welcome from family as we photographed Robert in his final preparations, and of course we got photos of all the family as well. From there we traveled a short distance to the Rodeway Inn to photograph Selena as she prepared for the ceremony along with her mother, father and sister, this was a quiet and very beautiful moment. Robert & Selena's ceremony was at the gorgeous St Matthews Catholic Church in Livonia and was perfect in every way. Following the ceremony we grabbed some quick images at the St Matthew courtyard and then off to Vitale Park in Lakeville for some time with the bride and groom before heading to Beachcombers in Conesus for the celebration! We have to add that it is very apparent in the images how much love they share and we thank Robert and Selena for allowing us to be part of such a grand day!

Have to give a big shout out to all the staff at Beachcombers! you guys did and awesome job and the food was delicious and service top notch! and The Cake Place in Avon made another delicious cake! Please feel free to send some love to Robert and Selena and wish them the very best for you their future. If you would like to see more of our recent work check out our blog archives

100JMS_4975100JMS_4975 101VVS_1874101VVS_1874 102JMS_5013102JMS_5013 Grandpa 103JMS_5025103JMS_5025 These two are absolutely wonderful 104VVS_1907104VVS_1907 105JMS_5069105JMS_5069 Love love love these rings! 106VVS_1927106VVS_1927 107VVS_1932107VVS_1932 108JMS_5109108JMS_5109 109JMS_5114109JMS_5114 110JMS_5130110JMS_5130 111VVS_1958111VVS_1958 Father daughter time 113VVS_1995113VVS_1995 114JMS_5177114JMS_5177 115VVS_2015115VVS_2015 117VVS_2041117VVS_2041 118VVS_2077118VVS_2077 119JMS_5245119JMS_5245 120JMS_5250120JMS_5250 121JMS_5254121JMS_5254 122JMS_5256122JMS_5256 123JMS_5269123JMS_5269 124JMS_5273124JMS_5273 125JMS_5290125JMS_5290 126VVS_2092126VVS_2092 127JMS_5338127JMS_5338 128JMS_5358128JMS_5358 129JMS_5437129JMS_5437 Ringbearer doing all he could to stay still 130JMS_5440130JMS_5440 131JMS_5562131JMS_5562 132JMS_5579132JMS_5579 134JMS_5616134JMS_5616 135JMS_5620135JMS_5620 136VVS_2211136VVS_2211 137JMS_5637137JMS_5637 138VVS_2227138VVS_2227 139JMS_5650139JMS_5650 140JMS_5652-Edit140JMS_5652-Edit 141JMS_5659-Edit141JMS_5659-Edit 142JMS_5669-Edit142JMS_5669-Edit 143JMS_5677-Edit143JMS_5677-Edit 144JMS_5689144JMS_5689 145JMS_5706145JMS_5706 146JMS_5717146JMS_5717 147JMS_5748147JMS_5748 148JMS_5771148JMS_5771 149JMS_5773149JMS_5773 150JMS_5784150JMS_5784 151JMS_5812151JMS_5812 152VVS_2297152VVS_2297 153JMS_5833153JMS_5833 154JMS_5847154JMS_5847 155JMS_5861155JMS_5861 156VVS_2339156VVS_2339 157VVS_2341157VVS_2341 158JMS_5884158JMS_5884 Love this 159JMS_5889159JMS_5889 160JMS_5900160JMS_5900 Wrapped up with a couple lakeside photos before our exit 161JMS_5919161JMS_5919 162JMS_5929162JMS_5929 Congratulations Robert & Selena! We wish you the very best!

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Ben & Erica, Wadsworth Homestead Wedding, Geneseo NY, Beautiful spring day, historic mansion, wonderful couple with family and friends, what more could you ask for on a wedding day! Ben & Erica's day began with preparations in the beautiful Wadsworth Homestead in Geneseo, NY. What a gorgeous backdrop, it seemed to fit so perfectly for them, they are a quiet couple but with a great sense of style, it was as if they were truly meant for this moment in this location. The spacious upstairs accommodations made it possible for both bride and groom to get ready without the fear of seeing each other before their "first look" prior to the ceremony. We set Ben & Erica's first look up on the north side porch area where they could have a private time and see how glorious each other looked. Following the first look, we move around the grounds for some couple's images and then brought in the wedding party for some photos, we were even able to get some family photos prior to the ceremony which enabled the couple to attend their cocktail time with guest. The ceremony was brief but magnificent in every way, and took place on the west lawn with approximately 90 friends and family in attendance. For the cocktail hour, guest were able to mingle in the spacious downstairs of the mansion and were served drinks and appetizers by the awesome staff of the Caledonia Village Inn. Following cocktails guest settled into the party tent as Ben & Erica were announced and had their first dance as husband and wife. A delicious meal was prepared and served by the staff at the Caledonia Village Inn catering. The desert table was nothing short of spectacular with so many delicious offering prepared by The Cake Place in Avon NY. The party was rocking thanks to Encore Events featuring DJ Ray Tiano "Commissioner of Remixology", also have to send a big shout out to Envy Salon in Geneseo for the Hair & Makeup, flowers by Jody Rowcliff, rings from Heritage Jewelers, Brides dress from Heart to Heart Bridal in Webster NY, Bridesmaid dresses from Davids Bridal.

We were so fortunate to be the chosen photographers for Ben & Erica's wedding day (and engagement), we thank them and wish then the very best as they journey life together. Please check out their images and send the couple some love in the comments. If you would like to see more of our photography, please check our our blog archives here.

100VVS_1364100VVS_1364 101VVS_1366101VVS_1366 104JMS_3036104JMS_3036 105VVS_1371105VVS_1371 106VVS_1372106VVS_1372 107JMS_3041107JMS_3041 Suits were a gift from Ben to his groomsmen! How awesome is that! Ben purchased them from Bestfit Menswear in Marketplace Mall and they were tailored to perfection. 108JMS_3065108JMS_3065 109VVS_1384109VVS_1384 110JMS_3098110JMS_3098 112JMS_3112112JMS_3112 113JMS_3124113JMS_3124 114JMS_3129114JMS_3129 115JMS_3131115JMS_3131 117JMS_3140117JMS_3140 118JMS_3147118JMS_3147 119JMS_3158119JMS_3158 120VVS_1420120VVS_1420 121VVS_1425121VVS_1425 123JMS_3163123JMS_3163 124JMS_3182124JMS_3182 125JMS_3191125JMS_3191 126VVS_1433126VVS_1433 128JMS_3205128JMS_3205 129VVS_1441129VVS_1441 132VVS_1452132VVS_1452 135JMS_3221135JMS_3221 136VVS_1462136VVS_1462 138JMS_3236138JMS_3236 139VVS_1476139VVS_1476 140JMS_3242140JMS_3242 143JMS_3252143JMS_3252 144JMS_3258144JMS_3258 146VVS_1500146VVS_1500 147JMS_3276147JMS_3276 148VVS_1510148VVS_1510 149VVS_1513149VVS_1513 150JMS_3286150JMS_3286 152VVS_1533152VVS_1533 153JMS_3308153JMS_3308 154JMS_3330154JMS_3330 156VVS_1550156VVS_1550 157JMS_3356157JMS_3356 158JMS_3362158JMS_3362 159JMS_3369159JMS_3369 161JMS_3406161JMS_3406 163JMS_3424163JMS_3424 165JMS_3439165JMS_3439 166JMS_3443166JMS_3443 167JMS_3515167JMS_3515 168VVS_1627168VVS_1627 Groom with his lovely sisters and Niece 169VVS_1637169VVS_1637 170VVS_1645170VVS_1645 171JMS_3583171JMS_3583 172JMS_3599172JMS_3599 173VVS_1668173VVS_1668 175JMS_3653175JMS_3653 176JMS_3663176JMS_3663 177VVS_1690177VVS_1690 178VVS_1695178VVS_1695 179JMS_3816179JMS_3816 180VVS_1697180VVS_1697 181VVS_1769181VVS_1769 183JMS_3888183JMS_3888 184JMS_3900184JMS_3900 185JMS_3910185JMS_3910 186JMS_3921186JMS_3921 188JMS_3933188JMS_3933 Ben lost his mother in 2005, very touching dance with his sisters and father joining 189JMS_3943189JMS_3943 190JMS_3955190JMS_3955 191JMS_3972191JMS_3972 192JMS_4013192JMS_4013 193JMS_4069193JMS_4069 194JMS_4165194JMS_4165 195JMS_4197-Edit195JMS_4197-Edit Although the weather was perfect, we had clouds roll in for sunset but we did get some glorious blue hour evening images! 197JMS_4205-Edit197JMS_4205-Edit 198JMS_4210198JMS_4210 199VVS_1849199VVS_1849 Desert Table was spectacular! 200JMS_4241200JMS_4241 Can't wait till we get to photograph this couples wedding in November! 201VVS_1853201VVS_1853 202VVS_1865202VVS_1865

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Letchworth State Park Fall Engagement, Karter & Taylor Karter & Taylor are an absolute blast to photograph! We had a beautiful fall day at Letchworth and with that as a backdrop all it took was for Karter & Taylor to just be their playful loving selves and our cameras captured the moments. Also they brought along their pups to get in on the action and was clear the they were a very big part of the family. The wedding is coming up quickly and we are so looking forward to the day for many reasons, one of which is the fact that Karter was the very first senior we photographed and another is that we were the chosen photographers for his mothers wedding! We are so fortunate to know this wonderful family and there is no doubt that Karter & Taylors wedding day is going so special in many ways.

Be sure to leave some love for the couple in the comments and if you would like to see more of our images check our our blog archive here.

100JMS_7029-Edit100JMS_7029-Edit 101JMS_7064-Edit101JMS_7064-Edit 102JMS_7078-Edit102JMS_7078-Edit 103JMS_7125-Edit103JMS_7125-Edit 104JMS_7135-Edit104JMS_7135-Edit 105JMS_7146-Edit105JMS_7146-Edit 106JMS_7155-Edit106JMS_7155-Edit 107VVS_6476-Edit107VVS_6476-Edit 108JMS_7175-Edit108JMS_7175-Edit 109JMS_7186-Edit109JMS_7186-Edit 110JMS_7192-Edit110JMS_7192-Edit 111JMS_7200-Edit111JMS_7200-Edit 112JMS_7223-Edit112JMS_7223-Edit 113JMS_7226-Edit113JMS_7226-Edit 114JMS_7235-Edit114JMS_7235-Edit 115JMS_7237-Edit115JMS_7237-Edit 116JMS_7256-Edit116JMS_7256-Edit 117JMS_7268-Edit117JMS_7268-Edit 118JMS_7276-Edit118JMS_7276-Edit 119JMS_7299-Edit119JMS_7299-Edit 120JMS_7316-Edit120JMS_7316-Edit 121JMS_7324-Edit121JMS_7324-Edit

Karter & Taylor Engagement

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Rochester Riverwalk Engagement-Colt & Cheryl With Colt & Cheryl's wedding rapidly approaching we just have to share their engagement photos from last summer! These two are absolutely amazing in front of the camera (and off camera)! They are so very charismatic with each other and the romance they share just explodes with every image. This is by no means an act but is, without doubt, Colt & Cheryl's true nature, the body language says it all. As you scroll thru the images it will become very apparent.

We started the session at the Rochester Genesee riverwalk at the Cornhill Landing with a champagne toast just playing around with some candids and of course grabbing camera aware portraits occasionally. From there we headed over to Hedonist Ice Cream for some more fun and delicious artisan ice cream. Absolutely cannot wait for Colt & Cheryl's wedding coming up in June at Normandy Orchards here in Perry, it is going to be a glorious day indeed! 

Please feel free to checkout all the images (and slideshow) and don't forget get to leave the couple some love and well wishes! If you would like to see more of our work please check out our Blog Archives....Enjoy!

VVS_4729-EditVVS_4729-Edit JMS_9077-EditJMS_9077-Edit VVS_4761-EditVVS_4761-Edit VVS_4737-EditVVS_4737-Edit JMS_9099-EditJMS_9099-Edit JMS_9119-EditJMS_9119-Edit JMS_9125-EditJMS_9125-Edit VVS_4777-EditVVS_4777-Edit JMS_9134-EditJMS_9134-Edit JMS_9156-EditJMS_9156-Edit VVS_4814-EditVVS_4814-Edit VVS_4818-EditVVS_4818-Edit JMS_9159-EditJMS_9159-Edit JMS_9161-EditJMS_9161-Edit JMS_9169-EditJMS_9169-Edit JMS_9187-EditJMS_9187-Edit JMS_9193-EditJMS_9193-Edit JMS_9204-EditJMS_9204-Edit JMS_9209-EditJMS_9209-Edit JMS_9228-EditJMS_9228-Edit JMS_9261-EditJMS_9261-Edit JMS_9270-EditJMS_9270-Edit JMS_9280-EditJMS_9280-Edit JMS_9298-EditJMS_9298-Edit JMS_9313-EditJMS_9313-Edit JMS_9317-EditJMS_9317-Edit JMS_9340-EditJMS_9340-Edit JMS_9348-EditJMS_9348-Edit

Colt & Cheryl Engagement

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Buffalo Wedding Photography Winter Wonderland: Cullen & Jamela Every now and then we get the privilege to photograph multiple weddings within the same family.  This would be the case with Jamela and Cullen.  Years ago we were honored to photograph Cullen's sister's wedding and have remained in touch with Karissa and Brandon ever since.  We loved how beautifully decorated the wedding and reception were, fulfilling Cullen and Jamela's dream of a winter wonderland wedding.  It was truly beautiful.  But beyond the beauty of the decorations was the beauty of family, faith, and friends that permeated every part of their wonderful day. We see much through the lens, and what we saw this day was two grounded, fun loving, deeply giving families come together to support the beginning of a new family.  Many moments through the day were marked with emotion including when Cullen gave his new daughter the keys to his heart during the ceremony.... such a tender moment!  

Cullen and Jamela's day felt very much like a fairy tale wedding.  One where the princess finds her prince charming.  They chose to start their magical day with a magical "First Look" where they had an intimate, personal, moment together before they began their day of ceremony and fun.  They did this at the Ellicott Square Building in downtown Buffalo.  What a beautiful piece of architecture and what a sweet time for these two and it really had the essence of a grand castle which was befitting the royal couple.  They then moved on to the Pentecostal Temple for the ceremony and then to the wonderfully decorated Main & Transit Firehall.  The yummy food was catered by Nadine Brown, DJ Hassan kept the party rolling, and the whole thing was coordinated by Angela Mosley who did a most wonderful job keeping everything moving smoothly. 

Please scroll through the images of their day and enjoy every moment as we did capturing it!  When you get to the end be sure to leave some love for the couple in the comments.  Cullen and Jamela, we are so happy for both of you!  You have so much love and fun ahead of you.  We wish you all the blessings your life can handle and we thank you for allowing us to capture your day. 

100JMS_8510-Edit100JMS_8510-Edit 101JMS_8521-Edit101JMS_8521-Edit 102JMS_8568-Edit102JMS_8568-Edit 103VVS_0217-Edit103VVS_0217-Edit This whole ensemble was just perfect and hung waiting for the princess to don them. 104JMS_8605-Edit104JMS_8605-Edit 105JMS_8626-Edit105JMS_8626-Edit Her ladies in waiting were looking darn good.... 106JMS_8632-Edit106JMS_8632-Edit And Jamela was the most relaxed bride we had ever seen. 107JMS_8638-Edit107JMS_8638-Edit Her bridesmaids kicked into action and were very attentive to her every need all day long.... great job ladies :) 108VVS_0225-Edit108VVS_0225-Edit 109JMS_8648-Edit109JMS_8648-Edit 110VVS_0248-Edit110VVS_0248-Edit 112JMS_8673-Edit112JMS_8673-Edit 113VVS_0260-Edit113VVS_0260-Edit 114JMS_8685-Edit114JMS_8685-Edit 115JMS_8692-Edit115JMS_8692-Edit 116VVS_0303-Edit116VVS_0303-Edit 118VVS_0311-Edit118VVS_0311-Edit 119JMS_8725-Edit119JMS_8725-Edit 120JMS_8750-Edit-Edit120JMS_8750-Edit-Edit Like I said.... royalty...

123VVS_0324-Edit123VVS_0324-Edit 121VVS_0319-Edit121VVS_0319-Edit 122JMS_8759-Edit122JMS_8759-Edit 124JMS_8784-Edit124JMS_8784-Edit This wedding party was such a great group to work with!  Thanks guys for making our job easy :)

126JMS_8804-Edit126JMS_8804-Edit 127JMS_8823-Edit127JMS_8823-Edit 128JMS_8835-Edit128JMS_8835-Edit 131VVS_0366-Edit131VVS_0366-Edit 132JMS_8943-Edit132JMS_8943-Edit Love the relationship these two have with their parents.  Cullen exchanged some "knowing" looks with his dad (who married them) as Jamela came down the isle, and you can tell that Jamela thinks the world of her dad in this one look. 133VVS_0377-Edit133VVS_0377-Edit 134JMS_8975-Edit134JMS_8975-Edit 135JMS_8993-Edit135JMS_8993-Edit 136JMS_9007-Edit136JMS_9007-Edit 137JMS_9013-Edit137JMS_9013-Edit 138JMS_9018-Edit138JMS_9018-Edit 139JMS_9032-Edit139JMS_9032-Edit 140JMS_9119-Edit140JMS_9119-Edit She loved her necklace the her Daddy gave her :) 141JMS_9129-Edit141JMS_9129-Edit 142JMS_9181-Edit142JMS_9181-Edit It's our wedding... and we're married... 145VVS_0440-Edit145VVS_0440-Edit 147VVS_0443-Edit147VVS_0443-Edit 148VVS_0450-Edit148VVS_0450-Edit   150VVS_0452-Edit150VVS_0452-Edit 152JMS_9198-Edit152JMS_9198-Edit 154VVS_0461-Edit154VVS_0461-Edit 155VVS_0521-Edit155VVS_0521-Edit 156VVS_0535-Edit156VVS_0535-Edit 157JMS_9307-Edit157JMS_9307-Edit EVERYONE wanted a picture of the couple on their thrones :) 158JMS_9418-Edit158JMS_9418-Edit 159VVS_0666-Edit159VVS_0666-Edit Love Grandpa dances... 160JMS_9457-Edit160JMS_9457-Edit 161JMS_9478-Edit161JMS_9478-Edit 164JMS_9524-Edit164JMS_9524-Edit 165VVS_0720-Edit165VVS_0720-Edit 166VVS_0724-Edit166VVS_0724-Edit 167JMS_9633-Edit167JMS_9633-Edit 168VVS_0746-Edit168VVS_0746-Edit 169VVS_0752-Edit169VVS_0752-Edit 170VVS_0771-Edit170VVS_0771-Edit 171VVS_0776-Edit171VVS_0776-Edit 172JMS_9673-Edit172JMS_9673-Edit 173JMS_9683-Edit173JMS_9683-Edit

What a great day!  Thank you again for trusting us to capture it! 

Please feel free to leave a message of love to the happy couple below.

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Rochester Wedding Photography: Dave & Darla's Snowstorm Wedding at St Joseph's Park Snowstorm, below freezing temperatures, and an outdoor wedding... three things we would never have wanted to mix.  That was until we had the privilege of bearing witness to, and capturing the sweetest wedding ceremony ever with the sweetest of couples!  Dave and Darla had put much thought into their winter wonderland wedding.  Their ceremony took place in downtown Rochester at St Joseph's, the city's oldest Catholic church. The only catch is that this church had been destroyed by fire in 1975 and all that is left are the beautiful stone walls, arches and high bell tower.  No walls, but lots of love from about 100 guests and a wonderfully large and fun wedding party, would keep them warm.  Lots of little surprises through out the day, including Darla showing up to her first look with Dave with no warm winter robe on, just her beautiful, trumpet style dress... BRRRRR.... and then walking down the isle to Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne while friends and family clapped in rhythm!  Hundreds of friends and family showed up at the Italian American Community Center to help them celebrate.  Beautiful setting, wonderful food, a great 80's band called Hall Pass and lots and lots of love made for a most perfect reception! Be sure to scroll through all the images to see all the different things they had for their day and then be sure to leave them a note of love in the comments.  "Many" years ago Jeff and I were married on the same date and we loved the idea of celebrating our anniversary with helping these two start their journey to their very own "many years" of love.  Thank you Dave and Darla for allowing us to share in your most amazing day!  We could not have found a better way to celebrate our own anniversary!

100JMS_7239-Edit100JMS_7239-Edit 101VVS_9302-Edit101VVS_9302-Edit 102JMS_7255-Edit102JMS_7255-Edit 103JMS_7293-Edit103JMS_7293-Edit HHandsome tuxes were from Incognito  104VVS_9353-Edit104VVS_9353-Edit 105JMS_7322-Edit105JMS_7322-Edit Great shoes that help to showcase this grooms unique personality and style. 106JMS_7348-Edit106JMS_7348-Edit 107JMS_7358-Edit107JMS_7358-Edit                                                 And LOVED these boots! 108JMS_7367-Edit108JMS_7367-Edit Her ring was a family heirloom and that cute material is her baby blanket which was put into a beautiful box and made part of the ceremony. Wedding rings were from Burke and Bannayan.  Dave and Darla give this company a 5 star for service!

200JMS_7388-Edit200JMS_7388-Edit Darla found this frog a few months prior to meeting Dave and the card that came with it said she would meet her prince charming in the coming year.  Guess it was right :)  And the small ring was a family heirloom as well in which she wore on her pinky finger.  109JMS_7434-Edit109JMS_7434-Edit This amazing dress was from Katherine Patricia's 110VVS_9433-Edit110VVS_9433-Edit 111JMS_7455-Edit111JMS_7455-Edit 112JMS_7471-Edit112JMS_7471-Edit 113JMS_7487-Edit113JMS_7487-Edit 114JMS_7510-Edit114JMS_7510-Edit It was such a cold day and yet Darla had wanted to go without her pretty warm robe so that she would be wearing something different down the isle.  Could not believe it when she came in with bear arms....  115JMS_7524-Edit115JMS_7524-Edit 117VVS_9456-Edit117VVS_9456-Edit So pretty! 118JMS_7530-Edit118JMS_7530-Edit 119VVS_9493-Edit119VVS_9493-Edit Gotta show him those boots! 120VVS_9533-Edit120VVS_9533-Edit And of course, Dave could not stand to see her bare arms in the cold and as any good gentleman would do, he gave her his coat. 121VVS_9537-Edit121VVS_9537-Edit 122_VVS7291-Edit122_VVS7291-Edit 123VVS_9551-Edit123VVS_9551-Edit 124_VVS7297-Edit124_VVS7297-Edit 125VVS_9571125VVS_9571 126_VVS7328-Edit126_VVS7328-Edit 127VVS_9630-Edit127VVS_9630-Edit And here comes the bride!  Remember that crazy train was her "wedding march" :) 128_VVS7361-Edit128_VVS7361-Edit Darla's cousin Kayla officiated the wedding. 129_VVS7366129_VVS7366 203VVS_9647203VVS_9647 And the ring warming ceremony was so sentimental.  The rings were passed around so each person in the wedding party and the parents could hold them and give a blessing or a wish for the couple over them.  LOVED this idea! 130VVS_9643130VVS_9643 131JMS_7665-Edit131JMS_7665-Edit 132VVS_9702-Edit132VVS_9702-Edit 133JMS_7718-Edit133JMS_7718-Edit 134JMS_7720-Edit134JMS_7720-Edit 201VVS_9719-Edit201VVS_9719-Edit Upon exiting the ceremony the news was there to interview them.  Their story has made the news, the papers and the radio :) 136_VVS7399-Edit136_VVS7399-Edit 137_VVS7402-Edit137_VVS7402-Edit Large wedding parties are not always easy but this group was fabulous to work with!!   138JMS_7768-Edit-Edit138JMS_7768-Edit-Edit After a quick outdoor picture of cold wedding party we were able to move indoors to the beautiful Monroe County Office Building.

Amazing architecture. 139JMS_7819-Edit139JMS_7819-Edit 140JMS_7836-Edit140JMS_7836-Edit 141JMS_7844-Edit141JMS_7844-Edit 142VVS_9727-Edit142VVS_9727-Edit Each table was set with a unique tea cup with chocolate kisses. 143VVS_9731-Edit143VVS_9731-Edit 144VVS_9735-Edit144VVS_9735-Edit Very unique bride and groom glasses. 145JMS_7975-Edit145JMS_7975-Edit 146JMS_7983-Edit146JMS_7983-Edit 147VVS_9864-Edit147VVS_9864-Edit 148JMS_8023-Edit148JMS_8023-Edit 149JMS_8037-Edit149JMS_8037-Edit 150VVS_9935-Edit150VVS_9935-Edit 151JMS_8082-Edit151JMS_8082-Edit 152JMS_8161-Edit152JMS_8161-Edit 153JMS_8206-Edit153JMS_8206-Edit 155VVS_0136-Edit155VVS_0136-Edit 156JMS_8315-Edit156JMS_8315-Edit 157JMS_8408-Edit157JMS_8408-Edit 158JMS_8418-Edit158JMS_8418-Edit Dave and Darla, we cannot thank you enough for allowing us to be part of your most amazing day!  It was awesome from beginning to end!  We wish you a lifetime of love and laughter! 

Please feel free to leave this couple some love in the comments below!

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Sunset Orchard Engagement with Dave & Darla Dave & Darla's engagement session took place at Kelly's Farm Market in Hilton, NY. It was a warm evening close to sunset and Dave & Darla were ready to go, we love sunsets but they never seem to last as long as you would like, even so, Dave & Darla managed beautifully, they are a fun loving couple that interact perfectly with each other. We truly enjoyed our time with them and are looking forward to their January 19 wedding! this day also holds a special meaning for us as it is also our anniversary! We are very fortunate to be able to spend it with an awesome couple on their wedding day :) Please check back in a couple weeks when we post the wedding day story, Dave & Darla have some really cool things planned at some beautiful locations! Until then send some love to them in the comments and if you would like to see more of our work check the archive blog here.....Enjoy

100JMS_6366-Edit100JMS_6366-Edit 105JMS_6377-Edit105JMS_6377-Edit 107JMS_6382-Edit107JMS_6382-Edit 108JMS_6385-Edit108JMS_6385-Edit

112JMS_6421-Edit112JMS_6421-Edit 114JMS_6429-Edit114JMS_6429-Edit 118JMS_6450-Edit118JMS_6450-Edit 122JMS_6457-Edit122JMS_6457-Edit 126JMS_6460-Edit126JMS_6460-Edit 130JMS_6485-Edit130JMS_6485-Edit 131JMS_6494-Edit131JMS_6494-Edit 133JMS_6498-Edit133JMS_6498-Edit 135JMS_6499-Edit135JMS_6499-Edit 136JMS_6505-Edit136JMS_6505-Edit 143JMS_6536-Edit143JMS_6536-Edit 145JMS_6546-Edit145JMS_6546-Edit 147JMS_6548-Edit147JMS_6548-Edit 150JMS_6550-Edit150JMS_6550-Edit 155JMS_6561-Edit155JMS_6561-Edit 157JMS_6565-Edit157JMS_6565-Edit 159JMS_6567-Edit159JMS_6567-Edit 160JMS_6573-Edit160JMS_6573-Edit 162JMS_6583-Edit162JMS_6583-Edit 164JMS_6590-Edit164JMS_6590-Edit 168JMS_6606-Edit168JMS_6606-Edit 171JMS_6608-Edit171JMS_6608-Edit 172JMS_6611-Edit172JMS_6611-Edit 176JMS_6629-Edit176JMS_6629-Edit

Darla & Dave Engagement


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Christmas Engagement at the Studio With a February wedding planned, Cullen and Jamela chose to come into our studio for their engagement session. They wanted to include Christmas and daughter Alani, with a focus on being a family, so glad they did, Alani is such a beautiful young lady that lights up the room with her smile. Of course we also did some romantic images as well as some fun ones, can't wait for their wedding! Please feel free to send the couple your love and wishes for a bright future and if you would like to see more of our engagements and weddings then checkout our archive blog posts.  We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and the best in the new year!

101JMS_6010101JMS_6010 102JMS_6012102JMS_6012 104JMS_6017104JMS_6017 107JMS_6029107JMS_6029 108JMS_6034108JMS_6034 109JMS_6035109JMS_6035 110JMS_6039110JMS_6039 112JMS_6057112JMS_6057 117JMS_6073117JMS_6073 119JMS_6076119JMS_6076 121JMS_6079121JMS_6079 123JMS_6084123JMS_6084 124JMS_6088124JMS_6088 126JMS_6092126JMS_6092 130JMS_6097-Edit130JMS_6097-Edit 131JMS_6102-Edit131JMS_6102-Edit 133JMS_6104-Edit133JMS_6104-Edit 136JMS_6111-Edit136JMS_6111-Edit 137JMS_6113-Edit137JMS_6113-Edit 138JMS_6119-Edit138JMS_6119-Edit 139JMS_6128-Edit139JMS_6128-Edit 141JMS_6130-Edit141JMS_6130-Edit 143JMS_6135-Edit143JMS_6135-Edit 146JMS_6139-Edit146JMS_6139-Edit

Cullen & Jamela Engagement

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Village Gate, Rochester NY, Engagement. Ben & Erica Due to a cold and rainy day Ben & Erica chose to have their engagement session at the Village Gate on North Goodman in Rochester. We are so glad they did! Village Gate is a old factory complex that was converted to house a variety of independent stores, restaurants, salons, & offices. It is located within the Neighborhood of the Arts and is a wonderful place to get those downtown feel images. Ben & Erica are self proclaimed quiet homebody types but when they got in front of our cameras their chemistry as a couple really shined and we had a blast. We are looking forward to Ben & Erica's May wedding at the Wadsworth Estates in Geneseo. Please feel free to leave the couple your love and well wishes in the comments and if you would like to see more of our work check out our Blog Archives.


102JMS_2404-Edit102JMS_2404-Edit 105JMS_2417-Edit105JMS_2417-Edit 107JMS_2424-Edit107JMS_2424-Edit 109JMS_2435-Edit109JMS_2435-Edit 111JMS_2436-Edit111JMS_2436-Edit 112JMS_2445-Edit112JMS_2445-Edit 115JMS_2449-Edit115JMS_2449-Edit 117JMS_2455-Edit117JMS_2455-Edit 119JMS_2459-Edit119JMS_2459-Edit 122JMS_2468-Edit122JMS_2468-Edit 123JMS_2472-Edit123JMS_2472-Edit 124JMS_2474-Edit124JMS_2474-Edit 126JMS_2475-Edit126JMS_2475-Edit 128JMS_2477-Edit128JMS_2477-Edit 130JMS_2481-Edit130JMS_2481-Edit 131JMS_2483-Edit131JMS_2483-Edit 133JMS_2489-Edit133JMS_2489-Edit 135JMS_2492-Edit135JMS_2492-Edit 137JMS_2501-Edit137JMS_2501-Edit 141JMS_2512-Edit-Edit141JMS_2512-Edit-Edit 145JMS_2527-Edit145JMS_2527-Edit 147JMS_2532-Edit147JMS_2532-Edit 149JMS_2538-Edit149JMS_2538-Edit 153JMS_2548-Edit153JMS_2548-Edit 156JMS_2560-Edit156JMS_2560-Edit 158JMS_2565-Edit158JMS_2565-Edit 161JMS_2571-Edit161JMS_2571-Edit 163JMS_2576-Edit163JMS_2576-Edit 167JMS_2587-Edit167JMS_2587-Edit 168JMS_2589-Edit168JMS_2589-Edit 170JMS_2591-Edit170JMS_2591-Edit 173JMS_2601-Edit173JMS_2601-Edit

Ben & Erica Engagement

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Keuka Lake Wedding Photography: Kristine and Brian Spending a few hours at Keuka Lake and Heron Hill is always a nice way to spend a Saturday.  Getting to witness two people joining their lives makes it a great day!  Kristine and Brian chose to do a private "First Look" prior to saying their vows in front of family and friends.  The day was cold, so the time outside was a bit short, but they had a beautiful place to get ready at the Manor House Estate.  The food (by Nolan's) was super yummy and the service provided by Heron Hill was, as always, simply wonderful.  Please enjoy looking through their images and be sure to leave them some love at the end in the comments. 


101VVS_8675-Edit101VVS_8675-Edit 102JMS_4014-Edit102JMS_4014-Edit 104VVS_8684-Edit104VVS_8684-Edit 105VVS_8702-Edit105VVS_8702-Edit This little girl was sooo good all evening and she was just the cutest! 106JMS_4035-Edit106JMS_4035-Edit 107VVS_8706-Edit107VVS_8706-Edit 108JMS_4040-Edit108JMS_4040-Edit 109VVS_8717-Edit109VVS_8717-Edit 110VVS_8723-Edit110VVS_8723-Edit 111JMS_4081-Edit111JMS_4081-Edit 112VVS_8743-Edit112VVS_8743-Edit 113VVS_8764-Edit113VVS_8764-Edit 114JMS_4104-Edit114JMS_4104-Edit 115VVS_8772-Edit115VVS_8772-Edit 116JMS_4114-Edit116JMS_4114-Edit 117VVS_8782-Edit117VVS_8782-Edit 118JMS_4120-Edit118JMS_4120-Edit 119JMS_4126-Edit119JMS_4126-Edit 120VVS_8814-Edit120VVS_8814-Edit 121JMS_4146-Edit121JMS_4146-Edit 122JMS_4153-Edit122JMS_4153-Edit 123JMS_4158-Edit123JMS_4158-Edit 124VVS_8842-Edit124VVS_8842-Edit 125VVS_8862-Edit125VVS_8862-Edit 126VVS_8866-Edit126VVS_8866-Edit 127VVS_8868-Edit127VVS_8868-Edit 128JMS_4214-Edit128JMS_4214-Edit 130VVS_8890-Edit130VVS_8890-Edit 132VVS_8911-Edit132VVS_8911-Edit 133VVS_8917-Edit133VVS_8917-Edit 134VVS_8919-Edit134VVS_8919-Edit 135VVS_8940-Edit135VVS_8940-Edit 136VVS_8952-Edit136VVS_8952-Edit 137VVS_8966-Edit137VVS_8966-Edit 138VVS_8988-Edit138VVS_8988-Edit 139JMS_4452-Edit139JMS_4452-Edit 140JMS_4511-Edit140JMS_4511-Edit I'm pretty sure she is checking out those very cool sneaks Kristine was wearing :) 141JMS_4521-Edit141JMS_4521-Edit 142JMS_4528-Edit142JMS_4528-Edit 143JMS_4585-Edit143JMS_4585-Edit Always a pleasure to work with the multi-talented and awesome DJ Jerry Karns.  He did a great job with the ceremony as well! 144VVS_9036-Edit144VVS_9036-Edit We wish you two the very best of futures filled with lots of love and laughter! 


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Letchworth State Park Rainy First Look: Luis and Julia The plans were in place for a beautiful, intimate, Fall, first look for Julia and Luis.  As the day approached the forecast looked like there would be nothing but cold and rain that day.  In order to create a first look outside of the small church where the ceremony was being held and where the wedding party was going to get ready, we found a pavilion at Letchworth State Park that they were able to rent in order to have a "somewhat" outdoor first look.  Though a bit tense about the changes of her day, Julia made a most beautiful bride and had a wonderful day filled with lots of laughter and love!  Luis's quiet nature is a wonderful compliment to Julia's more outgoing and take charge personality and you could see through out the day how much their new family loves and supports each other.  Be sure to leave the couple some love in the comments when you get to the end.

100JMS_2819-Edit100JMS_2819-Edit 101JMS_2832-Edit101JMS_2832-Edit 103VVS_7815-Edit103VVS_7815-Edit Loved the foot jewelry but also loved that Julia created Luis's boutonniere with a picture of his mother attached.  104VVS_7819-Edit104VVS_7819-Edit 105VVS_7821-Edit105VVS_7821-Edit Finishing touches on the kiddos... 106VVS_7835-Edit106VVS_7835-Edit 107JMS_2900-Edit107JMS_2900-Edit 108VVS_7870-Edit108VVS_7870-Edit Buttons, buttons and more buttons.... 109VVS_7881-Edit109VVS_7881-Edit 110VVS_7906-Edit110VVS_7906-Edit 111JMS_2936-Edit111JMS_2936-Edit 113JMS_2967-Edit113JMS_2967-Edit 114JMS_2986-Edit114JMS_2986-Edit Luis waiting by the warm fire while his bride gets into place. 115VVS_7979-Edit115VVS_7979-Edit While you cannot see it in the picture the ground was covered in puddles she had to navigate to get to her man :) 116JMS_2993-Edit116JMS_2993-Edit 118JMS_2996-Edit118JMS_2996-Edit 119VVS_8001-Edit119VVS_8001-Edit 121VVS_8023-Edit121VVS_8023-Edit 123VVS_8057-Edit123VVS_8057-Edit 125VVS_8077-Edit125VVS_8077-Edit 127JMS_3074-Edit127JMS_3074-Edit 128VVS_8088-Edit128VVS_8088-Edit 129JMS_3083-Edit129JMS_3083-Edit 130JMS_3104-Edit130JMS_3104-Edit 131VVS_8100-Edit131VVS_8100-Edit This was grandma's veil that she had worn at her wedding.  Love when the family heirlooms become part of the new generations' memories! 132VVS_8108-Edit132VVS_8108-Edit 134VVS_8152-Edit134VVS_8152-Edit 135JMS_3170-Edit135JMS_3170-Edit 136JMS_3184-Edit136JMS_3184-Edit 137JMS_3200-Edit137JMS_3200-Edit 138JMS_3206-Edit138JMS_3206-Edit 140JMS_3345-Edit140JMS_3345-Edit 141VVS_8219-Edit141VVS_8219-Edit This shawl was made and used by her great grandmother! 142VVS_8234142VVS_8234 143VVS_8286-Edit143VVS_8286-Edit 144VVS_8293-Edit144VVS_8293-Edit 145JMS_3449-Edit145JMS_3449-Edit 146VVS_8385-Edit146VVS_8385-Edit 147JMS_3526-Edit147JMS_3526-Edit 148JMS_3600-Edit148JMS_3600-Edit 149JMS_3628-Edit149JMS_3628-Edit 150JMS_3653-Edit150JMS_3653-Edit Julia had a special dance with her grandpa, Luis had a special dance with his sister in honor of their mother, and then he sweetly danced with Julia's mom as well. 151JMS_3664-Edit151JMS_3664-Edit 152VVS_8554-Edit152VVS_8554-Edit 153JMS_3765-Edit153JMS_3765-Edit 154JMS_3781-Edit154JMS_3781-Edit 155JMS_3792-Edit155JMS_3792-Edit 156JMS_3794-Edit156JMS_3794-Edit 157VVS_8591-Edit157VVS_8591-Edit 158JMS_3863-Edit158JMS_3863-Edit 159JMS_3902-Edit159JMS_3902-Edit Crystal Sound got the party jumping! 160VVS_8641-Edit160VVS_8641-Edit 161JMS_3957-Edit161JMS_3957-Edit Julia and Luis, we thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your beautiful day!  We wish you lots of love and bright and joyful future with your wonderful family!

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Maple Walnut Farms Wedding Photography: Jared and Rachel Every now and then you get a couple that is just plain fun!  They have fun with each other, fun with others, and fun in front of the camera.  Jared and Rachel had a day that, obviously, was filled with fun.  But go beyond the fun and what we saw was a deep admiration and love for one another as well as strong family ties.  They started their day with an intimate first look ceremony.  Their wedding ceremony was moved from the beautiful grounds of Maple Walnut Farms into their beautiful barn due to the cold temperatures.  Rachel was a real trooper though because despite the cold temperatures she persisted in pictures with no warm wrap around her.  But, then again, she did have some strong, warm arms wrapping around her most of the day ;)  Friends and family quickly helped the venue convert the barn from ceremony to reception and the rest of the day was filled with food, dancing, laughter, and ... you guessed it... fun!!  Be sure to scroll down to the end where you can leave them some love in the comments!

101VVS_7034-Edit101VVS_7034-Edit 100VVS_7032-Edit100VVS_7032-Edit These flowers were unique and stunning! Rachel said she took a picture into Erie Way Flowers and they created it perfectly. 102JMS_9720-Edit102JMS_9720-Edit 103JMS_9752-Edit103JMS_9752-Edit 104JMS_9755-Edit104JMS_9755-Edit 105JMS_9790-Edit105JMS_9790-Edit Brothers four. 106VVS_7067-Edit106VVS_7067-Edit This dress was so beautiful!  From Dalia's Bridal 108JMS_9798-Edit108JMS_9798-Edit 107VVS_7079-Edit107VVS_7079-Edit 109VVS_7097-Edit109VVS_7097-Edit 110JMS_9855-Edit110JMS_9855-Edit 111VVS_7116-Edit111VVS_7116-Edit Off to see her man.. she was sooo excited! 112JMS_9872-Edit112JMS_9872-Edit And so was he! 113JMS_9876-Edit113JMS_9876-Edit 115JMS_9883-Edit115JMS_9883-Edit 116VVS_7132-Edit116VVS_7132-Edit 117JMS_9901-Edit117JMS_9901-Edit 118JMS_9920-Edit118JMS_9920-Edit 124VVS_7203-Edit124VVS_7203-Edit 121VVS_7185-Edit121VVS_7185-Edit 120VVS_7182-Edit120VVS_7182-Edit 125JMS_9964-Edit125JMS_9964-Edit 126VVS_7233-Edit126VVS_7233-Edit 127JMS_9981-Edit127JMS_9981-Edit 128JMS_9998-Edit128JMS_9998-Edit 129JMS_0008-Edit129JMS_0008-Edit 130JMS_0027-Edit130JMS_0027-Edit 131JMS_0034-Edit131JMS_0034-Edit Loved that he did this... 132VVS_7276-Edit132VVS_7276-Edit 133JMS_0053-Edit133JMS_0053-Edit 134JMS_0088-Edit134JMS_0088-Edit 135JMS_0092-Edit135JMS_0092-Edit 136JMS_0107-Edit136JMS_0107-Edit 138JMS_0121-Edit138JMS_0121-Edit 139JMS_0139-Edit139JMS_0139-Edit 140JMS_0148-Edit140JMS_0148-Edit 141JMS_0172-Edit141JMS_0172-Edit Brothers 4 plus sis..  Really love that the whole family was in the wedding :) 142JMS_0182-Edit142JMS_0182-Edit 143JMS_0206-Edit143JMS_0206-Edit 144JMS_0243-Edit144JMS_0243-Edit 145VVS_7370-Edit145VVS_7370-Edit 147JMS_0294-Edit147JMS_0294-Edit 148VVS_7401-Edit148VVS_7401-Edit 149JMS_0387-Edit149JMS_0387-Edit 150JMS_0440-Edit150JMS_0440-Edit Loved the donuts and cider instead of wedding cake.  Donuts from Castile Cider Mill and Cider from Mayer Brothers 151JMS_0447-Edit151JMS_0447-Edit First dance fun... 152VVS_7457-Edit152VVS_7457-Edit and love... 153VVS_7495-Edit153VVS_7495-Edit and laughter... 154VVS_7502-Edit154VVS_7502-Edit and there was always a touch of romance :) 156JMS_0589-Edit156JMS_0589-Edit 157JMS_0598-Edit157JMS_0598-Edit 155JMS_0581-Edit155JMS_0581-Edit 158JMS_0638-Edit158JMS_0638-Edit 159JMS_0653-Edit159JMS_0653-Edit 160JMS_0678-Edit160JMS_0678-Edit 161JMS_0680-Edit161JMS_0680-Edit 162JMS_0693-Edit162JMS_0693-Edit 163JMS_0705-Edit163JMS_0705-Edit 165JMS_0739-Edit165JMS_0739-Edit DJ Ryan Bischof of Karma Sound Entertainment kept the dance floor hopping. 166JMS_0790-Edit166JMS_0790-Edit 167JMS_0802-Edit167JMS_0802-Edit Thank you Jared and Rachel for choosing us to capture your most perfect day!  We know you life will be filled with lots of love and laughter and fun! 

As always if you wish to leave the couple some love, please do in the comments below.

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Seneca Lake Wedding Photography at Ventosa Vineyards: Matt and Sabrina At 6' 7" Matt certainly stands out in a crowd.  But it doesn't take long with him to know that he is most definitely a gentle, loving, giant, teddy bear.  This man has a heart large enough to match his physical stature, and you can see within moments of seeing Sabrina and him together the enormity of the love he has for his bride.  And while she may be small in comparison, her love for him is not.  Their day started out as hot and steamy and the skies threatened rain.  But by afternoon, when they had their first look out in the vineyard of Ventosa Vineyards, the breeze blew the heat away and we were just left with the soft winds of warm Autumn day.  They had loving friends and family to celebrate with, a most beautiful setting, and venue that excelled at taking care of their guests.  We escaped for a bit after the ceremony to go capture some beautiful sunset images.  We hope you will enjoy scrolling through them and when you get to the end, be sure to leave some love for this most awesome couple. 

100VVS_6492-Edit100VVS_6492-Edit 101JMS_7644-Edit101JMS_7644-Edit 102JMS_7647-Edit102JMS_7647-Edit There's always one that has to brag... lol 103JMS_7657-Edit103JMS_7657-Edit Brothers three 104JMS_7663-Edit104JMS_7663-Edit Why not a pizza toast??? 105JMS_7677-Edit105JMS_7677-Edit 106JMS_7696-Edit106JMS_7696-Edit 107VVS_6520-Edit107VVS_6520-Edit These incredible rings were bought at Kay Jewelers 108JMS_7721-Edit108JMS_7721-Edit 109JMS_7741-Edit109JMS_7741-Edit 110VVS_6573-Edit110VVS_6573-Edit 112VVS_6590-Edit112VVS_6590-Edit 111JMS_7801-Edit111JMS_7801-Edit 115VVS_6599-Edit115VVS_6599-Edit 117VVS_6603-Edit117VVS_6603-Edit 118VVS_6629-Edit118VVS_6629-Edit I always love it when the grooms have to check out the dress :) 119VVS_6643-Edit119VVS_6643-Edit 120JMS_7865-Edit120JMS_7865-Edit 123JMS_7887-Edit123JMS_7887-Edit 124JMS_7899-Edit124JMS_7899-Edit 125JMS_7923-Edit125JMS_7923-Edit Love it when siblings are so close that the bride has her brother stand with her on her big day.  126JMS_7940-Edit126JMS_7940-Edit 127JMS_7953-Edit127JMS_7953-Edit 128JMS_7966-Edit128JMS_7966-Edit 130JMS_7987-Edit130JMS_7987-Edit 131JMS_7995-Edit131JMS_7995-Edit 132VVS_6690-Edit132VVS_6690-Edit 133VVS_6695-Edit133VVS_6695-Edit And the waiting to walk down the isle begins... 134JMS_8102-Edit134JMS_8102-Edit 135JMS_8108-Edit135JMS_8108-Edit 136JMS_8123-Edit136JMS_8123-Edit 137JMS_8163-Edit137JMS_8163-Edit 138JMS_8167-Edit138JMS_8167-Edit 139JMS_8172-Edit139JMS_8172-Edit 140JMS_8177-Edit140JMS_8177-Edit First Mr and Mrs selfie at the end of the isle :) 141VVS_6765-Edit141VVS_6765-Edit Gorgeous flowers by Berry Vine Creations 142JMS_8284-Edit142JMS_8284-Edit 144JMS_8307-Edit144JMS_8307-Edit 145JMS_8317-Edit145JMS_8317-Edit 147JMS_8352-Edit147JMS_8352-Edit 149VVS_6768-Edit149VVS_6768-Edit 150JMS_8357-Edit150JMS_8357-Edit 152VVS_6784-Edit152VVS_6784-Edit 153VVS_6795-Edit153VVS_6795-Edit 154VVS_6802-Edit154VVS_6802-Edit Yummy and beautiful cakes by Gourmet Goodies 155JMS_8394-Edit155JMS_8394-Edit 156JMS_8418-Edit156JMS_8418-Edit 157JMS_8444-Edit157JMS_8444-Edit 158VVS_6863-Edit158VVS_6863-Edit 159JMS_8613-Edit159JMS_8613-Edit 160VVS_6899-Edit160VVS_6899-Edit 161JMS_8643-Edit161JMS_8643-Edit 162VVS_6928-Edit162VVS_6928-Edit 163VVS_6930-Edit163VVS_6930-Edit 164VVS_6933-Edit164VVS_6933-Edit 165JMS_8716-Edit165JMS_8716-Edit 166JMS_8750-Edit166JMS_8750-Edit Matt and Sabrina, we thank you for allowing us to be part of your most fabulous day!  May you be blessed with many, many, most awesome sunsets, friends and family to support you through the years and we know you already have a strong love to sustain you and keep you warm for at least the next 100 years or so.  :) 

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Seneca Lake Wedding Photography: Jeff and Ashley What a beautiful, scenic day!  Ashley and Jeff are a relaxed, fun couple that had just that sort of wedding day.  Friends and family to support and surround them, and many laughs with a fun loving wedding party.  They started with a beautiful, intimate (somewhat.... there is an image you will see showing there were spectators :) ) "First Look".  Their ceremony was beautiful and officiated by Jeff's dad.  They had a twist on the sand ceremony... instead of sand they used glass crystals that once fired will create a piece of glass artwork for their home.  And then there was the most AMAZING sunset ever!  We had been waiting and watching and were worried that as the sun set we may lose the sky as it was just filling in with gray undefined clouds.  Then the horizon just rolled out the most dramatic sky!  The whole reception came out to the terrace to watch!  Be sure once you get to the end of the photos that you leave the couple with some words of love...  

  100JMS_4854-Edit100JMS_4854-Edit Love these shoes!!  And the dress (from Bonjulies) was pretty spectacular as well. 101JMS_4859-Edit101JMS_4859-Edit Really loved these rings as well. (Gustin's Gallery Goldsmiths) 102JMS_4892-Edit102JMS_4892-Edit The "Bride Tribe" :) 106JMS_4970-Edit106JMS_4970-Edit 107JMS_4978-Edit107JMS_4978-Edit 108JMS_5020-Edit108JMS_5020-Edit 109JMS_5034-Edit109JMS_5034-Edit 110JMS_5045-Edit110JMS_5045-Edit 111VVS_5899-Edit111VVS_5899-Edit 113VVS_5914-Edit113VVS_5914-Edit 114JMS_5073-Edit114JMS_5073-Edit When it came time for the first look, the bride tribe would not be left out!  They got as close as they could get to the action :) 115JMS_5089-Edit115JMS_5089-Edit 116JMS_5092-Edit116JMS_5092-Edit<