Perry, NY Wedding Photography, Normandie Orchards: Mason & Shayna

October 10, 2019  •  1 Comment

Mason and Shayna were so excited about their day and the anticipation of their "First Look".  They adore each other and it showed!  When you look through their images you will see that look of devotion every time they were looking at each other.  Such a sweet pair!  Their first look was at the home of a friend and we did the wedding party pictures there as well.  We then moved on to Normandie Orchards for their beautiful ceremony and once there, Andie takes care of all the details and coordinating so the couple doesn't have to worry about a thing.  Service at this venue is exceptional!  Soon after the ceremony, a delicious dinner was served by Vasile's Catering and not long after that the party got to rolling with DJ Jickster.  We love working with Dave and he knows how to keep the party in high gear and the dance floor full.  Before we left we were able to scoot out and get some wonderful sunset images of these two love birds.  We cannot express how much we loved photographing these two.  We felt like we were amongst family as we had done wedding, family,and  senior pictures of many of their family and friends. This is one of the many blessings we get to experience after all our years of doing photography.... Being connected to so many :)  As you scroll through their pictures be sure to leave some love for these two in the comment section below.  

100JMS_8549100JMS_8549 Mason had such a nervous excitement for his day.  Dad was there to help make sure he was "put together".  101JMS_8574101JMS_8574 102JMS_8593102JMS_8593 105VVS_0011105VVS_0011 106JMS_8651106JMS_8651 107VVS_0021107VVS_0021 108JMS_8668108JMS_8668 109VVS_0028109VVS_0028 110JMS_8732-Edit110JMS_8732-Edit 111JMS_8750-Edit111JMS_8750-Edit Mom always ready to lend a hand. 113VVS_0074-Edit113VVS_0074-Edit 114VVS_0077-Edit114VVS_0077-Edit 115VVS_0106115VVS_0106 These stunning flowers were from Bush Hill Florist, they always do amazing work! 116VVS_0108116VVS_0108 117VVS_0118-Edit117VVS_0118-Edit 118JMS_8866-Edit118JMS_8866-Edit 119JMS_8872-Edit119JMS_8872-Edit 120VVS_0136-Edit120VVS_0136-Edit 121VVS_0142-Edit121VVS_0142-Edit 122VVS_0149-Edit122VVS_0149-Edit 123JMS_8902-Edit123JMS_8902-Edit 124JMS_8932-Edit124JMS_8932-Edit 125VVS_0208-Edit125VVS_0208-Edit 126VVS_0218-Edit126VVS_0218-Edit 127JMS_8972-Edit127JMS_8972-Edit 128JMS_8999-Edit128JMS_8999-Edit 129JMS_9030-Edit129JMS_9030-Edit We have photographed four of these 6 ladies weddings :) 130JMS_9034-Edit130JMS_9034-Edit 131JMS_9043-Edit131JMS_9043-Edit This next series of 4 pictures are so funny.  A veil shot gone wrong, but the ladies were so cute! 132JMS_9084-Edit132JMS_9084-Edit 133JMS_9085-Edit133JMS_9085-Edit 134JMS_9086-Edit134JMS_9086-Edit 135JMS_9087-Edit135JMS_9087-Edit 136JMS_9094-Edit136JMS_9094-Edit 137VVS_0236137VVS_0236 The venue was just stunning! 138JMS_9117138JMS_9117 139JMS_9120139JMS_9120 140JMS_9123140JMS_9123 141VVS_0319141VVS_0319 Dad waiting to escort his "little girl" to the man of her dreams... 142JMS_9199142JMS_9199 143JMS_9203143JMS_9203 144JMS_9220144JMS_9220 145JMS_9232145JMS_9232 146VVS_0369146VVS_0369 They wrote their own vows.... that always makes a ceremony so personal 147JMS_9277147JMS_9277 148JMS_9288148JMS_9288 149VVS_0389149VVS_0389 Beautiful cake by "The Cake Place" in Avon.  150VVS_0394150VVS_0394 151JMS_9546151JMS_9546 152JMS_9558-Edit152JMS_9558-Edit 153VVS_0517-Edit153VVS_0517-Edit 154VVS_0547154VVS_0547 155JMS_9606155JMS_9606 156JMS_9645156JMS_9645 157JMS_9663-Edit157JMS_9663-Edit 158JMS_9672-Edit158JMS_9672-Edit 159JMS_9675-Edit159JMS_9675-Edit 160VVS_0641160VVS_0641 161JMS_9706161JMS_9706 Dave Jickster from 97 Rock is one of our favorite DJ's to work with! 162JMS_9748162JMS_9748 163JMS_9786163JMS_9786 164JMS_9810164JMS_9810 165JMS_9816165JMS_9816 166JMS_9875166JMS_9875 167JMS_9884167JMS_9884 The bouquet and garter throw were quite intentional in their intent, but this little guy was quick... and excited he had beat Jake out :) 168VVS_0727168VVS_0727 169JMS_9922169JMS_9922 170JMS_9933170JMS_9933 171JMS_9960-Edit171JMS_9960-Edit Thank you so much Mason and Shayna for allowing us to photograph your love for one another! It was truly our pleasure and we hope you enjoy the years and years of love, laughter, and happiness that is headed your way. 

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Michelle Maines(non-registered)
Absolutely perfect! Wishing many years of love to a young lady I’ve known for years and the man that makes her so happy!
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