Seneca Lake Wedding Photography, Belhurst Castle: Grayson and Bernadette

August 15, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

What an amazing day!  We are so happy we were able to be part of Bernadette and Grayson's day at the lovely Belhurst Castle! The weather was just perfect, the setting was grand and this couple has such a deep love and respect for each other that capturing their adoration for each other was easy.  Even though their day held a curve ball or two, they kept their focus on what was important and never allowed there to be anything but happiness and love to enter their day. Their first look had a last minute location change but it was truly a beautiful moment just the same. The wedding party was awesome to work with and you could tell that they, too, had an incredible love and respect for these two.  Family came in from all over the world to celebrate with them and the ceremony included the Filipino traditions of the cord and veil and the ceremonial coins known as Arras.  These coins are traditionally given by the groom to the bride to symbolize his commitment to providing for the family, but in this ceremony Bernadette passed the coins back to Grayson representing their promise to build their future together.  Be sure to check out who delivered the coins to them when you scroll through the images.  The reception held many sentimental moments, especially with Bernadette's father's speech and during their dance.  He commented it was his contacts that were causing his eyes to tear up, but we're pretty sure it was something else ;)  Before we left, we were able to get down to the docks and get some really great moments at sunset.  Be sure to scroll to the end to check a few of them out and while you're there be sure to leave this lovely couple some love in the comments below.  We'd like to give a shout out to the other vendors that helped to make their day wonderful. 

The beautiful cake was by Simply Sweets

The lovely flowers were assembled by friends and family

DJ - Whirlin' Disc

Her stunning dress was from Heart to Heart Bridal

Tuxes were from Tuxedo Junction in Henrietta

































































































































104JMS_4873104JMS_4873 105VVS_5333105VVS_5333 Delivery from Grayson... 106VVS_5345106VVS_5345 108VVS_5352108VVS_5352 Those beautiful shoes were part of his gift. 111VVS_5365111VVS_5365 Caught this great moment when this beautiful momma looked up to see herself for the first time with hair and makeup done.  She looked great! 113JMS_4963113JMS_4963 What a great group of ladies! 114JMS_4967114JMS_4967 116VVS_5377116VVS_5377 117VVS_5385117VVS_5385 119VVS_5391119VVS_5391 121VVS_5405121VVS_5405 These rings were her Grandma's.... something old, something borrowed... 122VVS_5422122VVS_5422 125VVS_5442125VVS_5442 Love the moment when the bride puts that veil on.... it changes everything :) 127VVS_5454127VVS_5454 130JMS_5061-Edit130JMS_5061-Edit 133JMS_5084133JMS_5084 Whoo hoo!! One last touch up and it's time to send her off to see her soon to be husband.... 134JMS_5087134JMS_5087 135JMS_5104135JMS_5104 136VVS_5467136VVS_5467 137VVS_5470137VVS_5470 138JMS_5115138JMS_5115 139JMS_5118139JMS_5118 141VVS_5487141VVS_5487 142VVS_5496142VVS_5496 143JMS_5150-Edit143JMS_5150-Edit 144JMS_5155-Edit144JMS_5155-Edit 147JMS_5170-Edit147JMS_5170-Edit 149JMS_5180-Edit149JMS_5180-Edit Just beautiful! 150JMS_5181-Edit150JMS_5181-Edit 151JMS_5195-Edit151JMS_5195-Edit 154JMS_5222-Edit154JMS_5222-Edit 157JMS_5238-Edit157JMS_5238-Edit 158VVS_5556158VVS_5556 159VVS_5561159VVS_5561 Gotta catch that one last group selfie before heading down the isle :) 161VVS_5581161VVS_5581 162JMS_5349162JMS_5349 163JMS_5367163JMS_5367 164JMS_5382164JMS_5382 Layla did a great job carrying the Arras (coins).   165JMS_5422165JMS_5422 166JMS_5444166JMS_5444 167JMS_5577167JMS_5577   :) 169JMS_5604-Edit169JMS_5604-Edit 170JMS_5618-Edit170JMS_5618-Edit 171JMS_5629-Edit171JMS_5629-Edit 172JMS_5636-Edit172JMS_5636-Edit 174JMS_5725174JMS_5725 LLet the party begin! 175VVS_5840175VVS_5840 Here we caught those darn contacts acting up...








160VVS_5574160VVS_5574 178JMS_5937178JMS_5937 179JMS_5972179JMS_5972 180JMS_5991180JMS_5991 181JMS_5997181JMS_5997 182JMS_6010182JMS_6010 183JMS_6044183JMS_6044 184JMS_6090-Edit184JMS_6090-Edit 185JMS_6093-Edit185JMS_6093-Edit 187JMS_6105-Edit187JMS_6105-Edit 188JMS_6106-Edit188JMS_6106-Edit 189JMS_6114-Edit189JMS_6114-Edit 193JMS_6140193JMS_6140 194JMS_6168194JMS_6168 195JMS_6207195JMS_6207 197JMS_6250197JMS_6250 198JMS_6282198JMS_6282 199VVS_6143199VVS_6143 200JMS_6333200JMS_6333 201JMS_6366201JMS_6366 203JMS_6374203JMS_6374








Bernadette and Grayson,  We thank you so much for allowing us the honor of photographing your most beautiful day!  We enjoyed our time with you greatly and we know that your future holds much love and happiness for you!




Please leave this couple some love below in the comments :)




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