Cody & Muriel's Bristol Harbour Wedding

July 12, 2019  •  1 Comment

What a great day! Filled with fun, family & friends. The day started with us getting photos of Cody and the guys as they were getting ready at the Mountainside Lodge, a beautiful three story overlooking Canandiagua Lake. We had to rush to get to the door as a thunderstorm decided to let loose just as we arrived. It turns out this would be the worst of the rain and the rest of the days weather would cooperate nicely. It was just a short distance from the lodge to the Bristol Harbour Lodge & Golf Club where we would meet Muriel and her ladies for some getting ready photos and to set up the couples for their first look prior to their ceremony. We can't say enough about the staff at Bristol Harbour, they went above and beyond to see to it Cody & Muriel and all the guest were well taken care of and nothing was left to chance. They also worked with us to see that we were taken care of and we truly appreciate that, this venue is absolutely beautiful and so are the people that work there. Cody & Muriel's ceremony was heartfelt and beautiful, full of laughter and tears of joy. The celebration that followed was held in the ballroom at Bristol and was complete with great food, music and lots of dancing! As a final image we were able to get a sunset shot on the golf course which was the perfect way to complete a perfect day. We want to thank Cody & Muriel for choosing us to be part of their day and we wish them the very best for their future together! Please don't hesitate to leave some words of love and well wishes in the comments.

We also have to acknowledge the vendors that contributed to making this day extra special:

Bristol Harbour Lodge & Golf Club

DJ- H&H Entertainment

Cake & Deserts- Shauna Anderson at The Village Tavern

Flowers- Bradley James Design

Dress- Stella's Bridal

Tuxedos- Mens Warehouse

Rings- Jareds


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101JMS_8643101JMS_8643 102JMS_8665102JMS_8665 103JMS_8692103JMS_8692 104JMS_8705104JMS_8705 105JMS_8716105JMS_8716 106JMS_8720106JMS_8720 107JMS_8737107JMS_8737 Love this little personnel touch that Bristol Harbour does for their brides 108JMS_8748108JMS_8748 109JMS_8751109JMS_8751 110JMS_8771110JMS_8771 111JMS_8777111JMS_8777 112VVS_3878112VVS_3878 113JMS_8796113JMS_8796 114JMS_8802114JMS_8802 115JMS_8828115JMS_8828 116JMS_8836116JMS_8836 117JMS_8867117JMS_8867 Cody is all ready to meet his bride 118JMS_8871118JMS_8871 119JMS_8873119JMS_8873 121JMS_8877121JMS_8877 122VVS_3892122VVS_3892 123JMS_8880123JMS_8880 124JMS_8893124JMS_8893 125JMS_8900-Edit-2125JMS_8900-Edit-2 126JMS_8903-Edit126JMS_8903-Edit 127JMS_8914-Edit127JMS_8914-Edit 128JMS_8985-Edit128JMS_8985-Edit 129JMS_8987-Edit129JMS_8987-Edit This wedding party was an absolute riot 130JMS_8994-Edit130JMS_8994-Edit 131JMS_9001-Edit131JMS_9001-Edit 132JMS_9021-Edit132JMS_9021-Edit 133JMS_9027-Edit133JMS_9027-Edit Grooms special request 134JMS_9028-Edit134JMS_9028-Edit Girl are ready! 136VVS_3940136VVS_3940 137JMS_9077137JMS_9077 138VVS_3954138VVS_3954 139JMS_9153139JMS_9153 140JMS_9160140JMS_9160 141JMS_9170141JMS_9170 Love the emotion, what a beautiful moment. 142JMS_9172142JMS_9172 143VVS_3962143VVS_3962 Ceremony overlooking the lake....breathtaking. 144JMS_9185144JMS_9185 145JMS_9217145JMS_9217 146JMS_9239146JMS_9239 The officiant is Muriels cousin Will, he got his certification just so he could marry them. Love this family! 147JMS_9241147JMS_9241 148JMS_9256148JMS_9256 149JMS_9268149JMS_9268 150JMS_9315150JMS_9315 151JMS_9323-Edit151JMS_9323-Edit 152JMS_9329-Edit152JMS_9329-Edit 154JMS_9336-Edit154JMS_9336-Edit 155JMS_9340-Edit155JMS_9340-Edit Always that one guy with the polaroid :) 156JMS_9348-Edit156JMS_9348-Edit 157JMS_9476157JMS_9476 158JMS_9477158JMS_9477 159JMS_9491159JMS_9491 160JMS_9500160JMS_9500 Emotional parent dances 161JMS_9673161JMS_9673 162JMS_9702162JMS_9702 163JMS_9706163JMS_9706 Dad cut loose and brings the moves, what a great celebration 164JMS_9725164JMS_9725 165VVS_4292165VVS_4292 166VVS_4298166VVS_4298 167JMS_9798167JMS_9798 168JMS_9814168JMS_9814 169VVS_4305169VVS_4305 170JMS_9829170JMS_9829 171VVS_4312171VVS_4312 172JMS_9885172JMS_9885 Last shot before we had to head out, beautiful sunset and a great time for the couple to take a walk before heading back to the party. 173JMS_9935-Edit173JMS_9935-Edit 174JMS_9936-Edit174JMS_9936-Edit We wish Cody & Muriel the very best, you guys are awesome!


Helen Perry(non-registered)
Beautiful couple and beautiful photos.xo
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