Buffalo, NY Wedding Photography at Samuel's Grande Manor: David and Keshia

July 31, 2019  •  11 Comments

David and Keshia's day was one that was filled with lots of emotion!  Friends and family circled close to celebrate the love and life these two share. Two of the cutest, most well behaved little ones kept everyone smiling.  The beautiful Samuel's Grande Manor was all decked out with everything purple, teal, gold and peacock!  It was truly stunning!  Wisteria draped down the arches that covered the isle and made for a most magnificent setting for the two to say their vows.  After the ceremony we were able to squeeze in a few family and wedding party pictures and then off to dinner and the party! We would love to give a shout out to the vendors that helped make the day come together:  Samuel's Grande Manor had fantastic food as well as service; Maureen's did an spectacular job with the flowers; the cake was done by Muscoreils and DJ Spin provided the music to keep the party moving.  We hope you enjoy the images as you scroll through their day and be sure to leave them some love in the comments below.

102VVS_4382102VVS_4382 103JMS_1568103JMS_1568 104JMS_1575104JMS_1575 105JMS_1595105JMS_1595 106JMS_1601106JMS_1601 These kids were just too cute!  They loved the camera and the camera loved them :) 107JMS_1610107JMS_1610 108JMS_1617108JMS_1617 109JMS_1640109JMS_1640 110JMS_1651110JMS_1651 111JMS_1662111JMS_1662 112VVS_4435112VVS_4435 Helping Momma on their big day! 113VVS_4444113VVS_4444 114JMS_1685-Edit114JMS_1685-Edit 115VVS_4459-Edit115VVS_4459-Edit 117VVS_4471-Edit117VVS_4471-Edit 118VVS_4477-Edit118VVS_4477-Edit 119JMS_1701-Edit119JMS_1701-Edit 120VVS_4495120VVS_4495 121JMS_1743121JMS_1743 122JMS_1748122JMS_1748 123JMS_1765123JMS_1765 124JMS_1769124JMS_1769 125JMS_1797125JMS_1797 126JMS_1802126JMS_1802 127JMS_1808127JMS_1808 128JMS_1816128JMS_1816 129JMS_1898129JMS_1898 130VVS_4587130VVS_4587 131JMS_2013131JMS_2013 132JMS_2039132JMS_2039 133JMS_2061133JMS_2061 134JMS_2086134JMS_2086 135VVS_4623135VVS_4623 136JMS_2101136JMS_2101 137JMS_2118137JMS_2118 138JMS_2129138JMS_2129 139VVS_4648139VVS_4648 140VVS_4651140VVS_4651 141JMS_2152141JMS_2152 142JMS_2226142JMS_2226 143JMS_2235143JMS_2235 145JMS_2240145JMS_2240 146JMS_2276146JMS_2276 148JMS_2293148JMS_2293 149VVS_4664149VVS_4664 150JMS_2396150JMS_2396 151VVS_4782151VVS_4782 152VVS_4794152VVS_4794 153JMS_2454153JMS_2454 154JMS_2467154JMS_2467 155JMS_2554-Edit155JMS_2554-Edit 157JMS_2561-Edit157JMS_2561-Edit Keshia and David we wish you all the best!  We thank you for allowing us to spend your beautiful day with you!

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Steelers Nation!!!(non-registered)
Beautiful Bride! You all look phenomenal! My David, Jackie's son has finally retired the Jersey. The transition from a boy to a man. Awesome!! I'm glad to see you didn't subject her to a Giants wedding. Lol! Congratulations to The Law's!!
Latasha Simmons(non-registered)
Beautiful wedding pictures kiesha you were absolutely stunning I wish you and your blessings on your union
Michelle Jones(non-registered)
I am so glad that I was apart of this Gorgeous Wedding! Everything was Simply Stunning! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Lawson
This wedding was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and congratulations on your union, may God bless you guys on your new chapter in life!!!
Keyona Brown(non-registered)
All of the shots were absolutely beautiful. Congratulations Mr & Mrs. Lawson
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