Colt & Cheryl-Normandie Orchards Barn Wedding

June 20, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Colt & Cheryl, married on the 15th of June 2019, had a picture perfect day! We started the day with Colt and his guys getting ready at his parents beautiful home. This group was a riot to work with! They all were having fun and cracking jokes while still making sure Colt had all he needed and that details were taken care of. Although they razed each other, we could clearly see they were a tight bunch that look out for each other as well. From there, we traveled a short distance to Cheryl and her ladies. Laughter, tears and hugs filled the bridal suite at Normandie Orchards as they were putting on the finishing touches. Andie, (one of the owners and coordinator) was looking after details and seeing to it that the wedding party was well taken care of as she always does. Cheryl got to spend a special moment with her father and their very own "first look" prior to heading off to her intimate first look with Colt at Arnold and Sharon Dueppengiessers beautiful property. Their first moments together were filled with so much love and genuine affection!  Once they had their time together, we brought in the wedding party for some fun group images.  What a fun group! Back at Normandie Orchards, Colt & Cheryl's ceremony was absolutely stunning with a full house of family and friends and officiated by local celeb, Eric Kelly. Following the ceremony guests enjoyed some lawn games while socializing with a drink or two and at the end of the cocktail time, the rain decided to make an appearance and settle in for the rest of the evening. If it had the rain, the timing could not be more perfect as the couple was ready to be announced and the guests had found their way to their seats. Kramell's Catering served the most delicious country style BBQ! We have to say their BBQ is one of the best in the area and their service is top notch!  DJ Macy Paridise got the party rockin' and a large group of fun loving guests celebrated the night away with Colt & Cheryl always in the midst.

We have to give a shout out to some very awesome vendors: Special Occasion Hair Design of Rochester, Ashlins in Warsaw for the beautiful bridal party bouquets, guys suits from Macy's, dresses from Davids Bridal, and ice cream from Yummies in Warsaw, served up by Kramells Catering for the sundae bar..... Yum!!

Please send this most awesome couple your love and well wishes in the comments below and if you would like to see more of our recent images then check out our Blog Archives here.

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