Seneca Lake Wedding Photography: Jeff and Ashley

September 28, 2018  •  1 Comment

What a beautiful, scenic day!  Ashley and Jeff are a relaxed, fun couple that had just that sort of wedding day.  Friends and family to support and surround them, and many laughs with a fun loving wedding party.  They started with a beautiful, intimate (somewhat.... there is an image you will see showing there were spectators :) ) "First Look".  Their ceremony was beautiful and officiated by Jeff's dad.  They had a twist on the sand ceremony... instead of sand they used glass crystals that once fired will create a piece of glass artwork for their home.  And then there was the most AMAZING sunset ever!  We had been waiting and watching and were worried that as the sun set we may lose the sky as it was just filling in with gray undefined clouds.  Then the horizon just rolled out the most dramatic sky!  The whole reception came out to the terrace to watch!  Be sure once you get to the end of the photos that you leave the couple with some words of love...  

  100JMS_4854-Edit100JMS_4854-Edit Love these shoes!!  And the dress (from Bonjulies) was pretty spectacular as well. 101JMS_4859-Edit101JMS_4859-Edit Really loved these rings as well. (Gustin's Gallery Goldsmiths) 102JMS_4892-Edit102JMS_4892-Edit The "Bride Tribe" :) 106JMS_4970-Edit106JMS_4970-Edit 107JMS_4978-Edit107JMS_4978-Edit 108JMS_5020-Edit108JMS_5020-Edit 109JMS_5034-Edit109JMS_5034-Edit 110JMS_5045-Edit110JMS_5045-Edit 111VVS_5899-Edit111VVS_5899-Edit 113VVS_5914-Edit113VVS_5914-Edit 114JMS_5073-Edit114JMS_5073-Edit When it came time for the first look, the bride tribe would not be left out!  They got as close as they could get to the action :) 115JMS_5089-Edit115JMS_5089-Edit 116JMS_5092-Edit116JMS_5092-Edit 117VVS_5939-Edit117VVS_5939-Edit 118VVS_5942-Edit118VVS_5942-Edit 119VVS_5978-Edit119VVS_5978-Edit 122JMS_5136-Edit122JMS_5136-Edit 124VVS_6000-Edit124VVS_6000-Edit 125JMS_5150-Edit125JMS_5150-Edit 128VVS_6062-Edit128VVS_6062-Edit 129JMS_5200-Edit129JMS_5200-Edit 130JMS_5213-Edit130JMS_5213-Edit 131JMS_5219-Edit131JMS_5219-Edit 132JMS_5226-Edit132JMS_5226-Edit Flowers were superb and really brought in the fall colors! (Buds N Blossoms) 133JMS_5240-Edit133JMS_5240-Edit 134JMS_5247-Edit134JMS_5247-Edit 136JMS_5272-Edit136JMS_5272-Edit 137VVS_6127-Edit137VVS_6127-Edit This is Iris... Jeff and Ashley's beautiful daughter.  She was determined she needed that water bottle to go down the isle!  138VVS_6129-Edit138VVS_6129-Edit 139JMS_5312-Edit139JMS_5312-Edit 140JMS_5320-Edit140JMS_5320-Edit What a beautiful view! 141VVS_6161-Edit141VVS_6161-Edit 142JMS_5379-Edit142JMS_5379-Edit 143JMS_5388-Edit143JMS_5388-Edit 144JMS_5402-Edit144JMS_5402-Edit 145JMS_5413-Edit145JMS_5413-Edit 146JMS_5417-Edit146JMS_5417-Edit 148JMS_5514-Edit148JMS_5514-Edit Why not have a toast while waiting for family to gather for pictures? 149JMS_5536-Edit149JMS_5536-Edit 103JMS_4904-Edit103JMS_4904-Edit 104VVS_5822-Edit104VVS_5822-Edit 105JMS_4908-Edit105JMS_4908-Edit 150VVS_6254-Edit150VVS_6254-Edit 151JMS_5609-Edit151JMS_5609-Edit 152JMS_5621-Edit152JMS_5621-Edit 154JMS_5708-Edit154JMS_5708-Edit Is this not the most amazing sky!! 155JMS_5716-Edit155JMS_5716-Edit 156JMS_5723-Edit156JMS_5723-Edit 157VVS_6325-Edit157VVS_6325-Edit 158VVS_6342-Edit158VVS_6342-Edit 159JMS_5815-Edit159JMS_5815-Edit 162JMS_5880-Edit162JMS_5880-Edit 163JMS_5904-Edit163JMS_5904-Edit DJ Jerry Karns (Prestige Worldwide Entertainment) is really the best!  Funny, creative and professional!  He gets our full recommendation!

147VVS_6215-Edit147VVS_6215-Edit This beautiful cake was done by a friend.  Great job Connie! 164VVS_6399-Edit164VVS_6399-Edit 165JMS_5984-Edit165JMS_5984-Edit 166JMS_6016-Edit166JMS_6016-Edit 167JMS_6062-Edit167JMS_6062-Edit Can't end a wedding night without a good cigar??  Hope none of these ladies got sick! 

Thank you Jeff and Ashley for allowing us to be part of your day!  We wish you all the best and know that you have a wonderful future ahead of you.  If you would like to leave Jeff and Ashley some love, please do so in the comments below.

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Elaine Vigil(non-registered)
WOW! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Nelson. Everything looked beautiful on your special day. I am glad the weather held out and agree 100% that the sunset was amazing and matched your colors well. Wishing you many years of wedded bliss. Thank you for sharing.
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