Seneca Lake Wedding Photography at Ventosa Vineyards: Matt and Sabrina

October 15, 2018  •  4 Comments

At 6' 7" Matt certainly stands out in a crowd.  But it doesn't take long with him to know that he is most definitely a gentle, loving, giant, teddy bear.  This man has a heart large enough to match his physical stature, and you can see within moments of seeing Sabrina and him together the enormity of the love he has for his bride.  And while she may be small in comparison, her love for him is not.  Their day started out as hot and steamy and the skies threatened rain.  But by afternoon, when they had their first look out in the vineyard of Ventosa Vineyards, the breeze blew the heat away and we were just left with the soft winds of warm Autumn day.  They had loving friends and family to celebrate with, a most beautiful setting, and venue that excelled at taking care of their guests.  We escaped for a bit after the ceremony to go capture some beautiful sunset images.  We hope you will enjoy scrolling through them and when you get to the end, be sure to leave some love for this most awesome couple. 

100VVS_6492-Edit100VVS_6492-Edit 101JMS_7644-Edit101JMS_7644-Edit 102JMS_7647-Edit102JMS_7647-Edit There's always one that has to brag... lol 103JMS_7657-Edit103JMS_7657-Edit Brothers three 104JMS_7663-Edit104JMS_7663-Edit Why not a pizza toast??? 105JMS_7677-Edit105JMS_7677-Edit 106JMS_7696-Edit106JMS_7696-Edit 107VVS_6520-Edit107VVS_6520-Edit These incredible rings were bought at Kay Jewelers 108JMS_7721-Edit108JMS_7721-Edit 109JMS_7741-Edit109JMS_7741-Edit 110VVS_6573-Edit110VVS_6573-Edit 112VVS_6590-Edit112VVS_6590-Edit 111JMS_7801-Edit111JMS_7801-Edit 115VVS_6599-Edit115VVS_6599-Edit 117VVS_6603-Edit117VVS_6603-Edit 118VVS_6629-Edit118VVS_6629-Edit I always love it when the grooms have to check out the dress :) 119VVS_6643-Edit119VVS_6643-Edit 120JMS_7865-Edit120JMS_7865-Edit 123JMS_7887-Edit123JMS_7887-Edit 124JMS_7899-Edit124JMS_7899-Edit 125JMS_7923-Edit125JMS_7923-Edit Love it when siblings are so close that the bride has her brother stand with her on her big day.  126JMS_7940-Edit126JMS_7940-Edit 127JMS_7953-Edit127JMS_7953-Edit 128JMS_7966-Edit128JMS_7966-Edit 130JMS_7987-Edit130JMS_7987-Edit 131JMS_7995-Edit131JMS_7995-Edit 132VVS_6690-Edit132VVS_6690-Edit 133VVS_6695-Edit133VVS_6695-Edit And the waiting to walk down the isle begins... 134JMS_8102-Edit134JMS_8102-Edit 135JMS_8108-Edit135JMS_8108-Edit 136JMS_8123-Edit136JMS_8123-Edit 137JMS_8163-Edit137JMS_8163-Edit 138JMS_8167-Edit138JMS_8167-Edit 139JMS_8172-Edit139JMS_8172-Edit 140JMS_8177-Edit140JMS_8177-Edit First Mr and Mrs selfie at the end of the isle :) 141VVS_6765-Edit141VVS_6765-Edit Gorgeous flowers by Berry Vine Creations 142JMS_8284-Edit142JMS_8284-Edit 144JMS_8307-Edit144JMS_8307-Edit 145JMS_8317-Edit145JMS_8317-Edit 147JMS_8352-Edit147JMS_8352-Edit 149VVS_6768-Edit149VVS_6768-Edit 150JMS_8357-Edit150JMS_8357-Edit 152VVS_6784-Edit152VVS_6784-Edit 153VVS_6795-Edit153VVS_6795-Edit 154VVS_6802-Edit154VVS_6802-Edit Yummy and beautiful cakes by Gourmet Goodies 155JMS_8394-Edit155JMS_8394-Edit 156JMS_8418-Edit156JMS_8418-Edit 157JMS_8444-Edit157JMS_8444-Edit 158VVS_6863-Edit158VVS_6863-Edit 159JMS_8613-Edit159JMS_8613-Edit 160VVS_6899-Edit160VVS_6899-Edit 161JMS_8643-Edit161JMS_8643-Edit 162VVS_6928-Edit162VVS_6928-Edit 163VVS_6930-Edit163VVS_6930-Edit 164VVS_6933-Edit164VVS_6933-Edit 165JMS_8716-Edit165JMS_8716-Edit 166JMS_8750-Edit166JMS_8750-Edit Matt and Sabrina, we thank you for allowing us to be part of your most fabulous day!  May you be blessed with many, many, most awesome sunsets, friends and family to support you through the years and we know you already have a strong love to sustain you and keep you warm for at least the next 100 years or so.  :) 

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Kristin Mace(non-registered)
The gratitude I have for getting to share such a wonderful day with Sabrina and Matt filled my heart. I love both of you so much!! Your love inspires me. Cheers!!!
Merry (mom)(non-registered)
Love the pictures can't wait to see them all. There is a few I Already would like. The day was just beautiful
Mary E Dickinson(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple.. Thank you for letting me be there to enjoy your love .Love you both
Chris Brisbane(non-registered)
These photos are gorgeous. I can't wait to see the rest of them.
No comments posted.

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