Maple Walnut Farms Wedding Photography: Jared and Rachel

October 19, 2018  •  1 Comment

Every now and then you get a couple that is just plain fun!  They have fun with each other, fun with others, and fun in front of the camera.  Jared and Rachel had a day that, obviously, was filled with fun.  But go beyond the fun and what we saw was a deep admiration and love for one another as well as strong family ties.  They started their day with an intimate first look ceremony.  Their wedding ceremony was moved from the beautiful grounds of Maple Walnut Farms into their beautiful barn due to the cold temperatures.  Rachel was a real trooper though because despite the cold temperatures she persisted in pictures with no warm wrap around her.  But, then again, she did have some strong, warm arms wrapping around her most of the day ;)  Friends and family quickly helped the venue convert the barn from ceremony to reception and the rest of the day was filled with food, dancing, laughter, and ... you guessed it... fun!!  Be sure to scroll down to the end where you can leave them some love in the comments!

101VVS_7034-Edit101VVS_7034-Edit 100VVS_7032-Edit100VVS_7032-Edit These flowers were unique and stunning! Rachel said she took a picture into Erie Way Flowers and they created it perfectly. 102JMS_9720-Edit102JMS_9720-Edit 103JMS_9752-Edit103JMS_9752-Edit 104JMS_9755-Edit104JMS_9755-Edit 105JMS_9790-Edit105JMS_9790-Edit Brothers four. 106VVS_7067-Edit106VVS_7067-Edit This dress was so beautiful!  From Dalia's Bridal 108JMS_9798-Edit108JMS_9798-Edit 107VVS_7079-Edit107VVS_7079-Edit 109VVS_7097-Edit109VVS_7097-Edit 110JMS_9855-Edit110JMS_9855-Edit 111VVS_7116-Edit111VVS_7116-Edit Off to see her man.. she was sooo excited! 112JMS_9872-Edit112JMS_9872-Edit And so was he! 113JMS_9876-Edit113JMS_9876-Edit 115JMS_9883-Edit115JMS_9883-Edit 116VVS_7132-Edit116VVS_7132-Edit 117JMS_9901-Edit117JMS_9901-Edit 118JMS_9920-Edit118JMS_9920-Edit 124VVS_7203-Edit124VVS_7203-Edit 121VVS_7185-Edit121VVS_7185-Edit 120VVS_7182-Edit120VVS_7182-Edit 125JMS_9964-Edit125JMS_9964-Edit 126VVS_7233-Edit126VVS_7233-Edit 127JMS_9981-Edit127JMS_9981-Edit 128JMS_9998-Edit128JMS_9998-Edit 129JMS_0008-Edit129JMS_0008-Edit 130JMS_0027-Edit130JMS_0027-Edit 131JMS_0034-Edit131JMS_0034-Edit Loved that he did this... 132VVS_7276-Edit132VVS_7276-Edit 133JMS_0053-Edit133JMS_0053-Edit 134JMS_0088-Edit134JMS_0088-Edit 135JMS_0092-Edit135JMS_0092-Edit 136JMS_0107-Edit136JMS_0107-Edit 138JMS_0121-Edit138JMS_0121-Edit 139JMS_0139-Edit139JMS_0139-Edit 140JMS_0148-Edit140JMS_0148-Edit 141JMS_0172-Edit141JMS_0172-Edit Brothers 4 plus sis..  Really love that the whole family was in the wedding :) 142JMS_0182-Edit142JMS_0182-Edit 143JMS_0206-Edit143JMS_0206-Edit 144JMS_0243-Edit144JMS_0243-Edit 145VVS_7370-Edit145VVS_7370-Edit 147JMS_0294-Edit147JMS_0294-Edit 148VVS_7401-Edit148VVS_7401-Edit 149JMS_0387-Edit149JMS_0387-Edit 150JMS_0440-Edit150JMS_0440-Edit Loved the donuts and cider instead of wedding cake.  Donuts from Castile Cider Mill and Cider from Mayer Brothers 151JMS_0447-Edit151JMS_0447-Edit First dance fun... 152VVS_7457-Edit152VVS_7457-Edit and love... 153VVS_7495-Edit153VVS_7495-Edit and laughter... 154VVS_7502-Edit154VVS_7502-Edit and there was always a touch of romance :) 156JMS_0589-Edit156JMS_0589-Edit 157JMS_0598-Edit157JMS_0598-Edit 155JMS_0581-Edit155JMS_0581-Edit 158JMS_0638-Edit158JMS_0638-Edit 159JMS_0653-Edit159JMS_0653-Edit 160JMS_0678-Edit160JMS_0678-Edit 161JMS_0680-Edit161JMS_0680-Edit 162JMS_0693-Edit162JMS_0693-Edit 163JMS_0705-Edit163JMS_0705-Edit 165JMS_0739-Edit165JMS_0739-Edit DJ Ryan Bischof of Karma Sound Entertainment kept the dance floor hopping. 166JMS_0790-Edit166JMS_0790-Edit 167JMS_0802-Edit167JMS_0802-Edit Thank you Jared and Rachel for choosing us to capture your most perfect day!  We know you life will be filled with lots of love and laughter and fun! 

As always if you wish to leave the couple some love, please do in the comments below.

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Jo Emmett(non-registered)
Congrats!!!! Wish u both the best years of ur life filled with joy, surprises and lots of continuing love for each other. Lov Jo
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