Letchworth State Park Rainy First Look: Luis and Julia

November 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The plans were in place for a beautiful, intimate, Fall, first look for Julia and Luis.  As the day approached the forecast looked like there would be nothing but cold and rain that day.  In order to create a first look outside of the small church where the ceremony was being held and where the wedding party was going to get ready, we found a pavilion at Letchworth State Park that they were able to rent in order to have a "somewhat" outdoor first look.  Though a bit tense about the changes of her day, Julia made a most beautiful bride and had a wonderful day filled with lots of laughter and love!  Luis's quiet nature is a wonderful compliment to Julia's more outgoing and take charge personality and you could see through out the day how much their new family loves and supports each other.  Be sure to leave the couple some love in the comments when you get to the end.

100JMS_2819-Edit100JMS_2819-Edit 101JMS_2832-Edit101JMS_2832-Edit 103VVS_7815-Edit103VVS_7815-Edit Loved the foot jewelry but also loved that Julia created Luis's boutonniere with a picture of his mother attached.  104VVS_7819-Edit104VVS_7819-Edit 105VVS_7821-Edit105VVS_7821-Edit Finishing touches on the kiddos... 106VVS_7835-Edit106VVS_7835-Edit 107JMS_2900-Edit107JMS_2900-Edit 108VVS_7870-Edit108VVS_7870-Edit Buttons, buttons and more buttons.... 109VVS_7881-Edit109VVS_7881-Edit 110VVS_7906-Edit110VVS_7906-Edit 111JMS_2936-Edit111JMS_2936-Edit 113JMS_2967-Edit113JMS_2967-Edit 114JMS_2986-Edit114JMS_2986-Edit Luis waiting by the warm fire while his bride gets into place. 115VVS_7979-Edit115VVS_7979-Edit While you cannot see it in the picture the ground was covered in puddles she had to navigate to get to her man :) 116JMS_2993-Edit116JMS_2993-Edit 118JMS_2996-Edit118JMS_2996-Edit 119VVS_8001-Edit119VVS_8001-Edit 121VVS_8023-Edit121VVS_8023-Edit 123VVS_8057-Edit123VVS_8057-Edit 125VVS_8077-Edit125VVS_8077-Edit 127JMS_3074-Edit127JMS_3074-Edit 128VVS_8088-Edit128VVS_8088-Edit 129JMS_3083-Edit129JMS_3083-Edit 130JMS_3104-Edit130JMS_3104-Edit 131VVS_8100-Edit131VVS_8100-Edit This was grandma's veil that she had worn at her wedding.  Love when the family heirlooms become part of the new generations' memories! 132VVS_8108-Edit132VVS_8108-Edit 134VVS_8152-Edit134VVS_8152-Edit 135JMS_3170-Edit135JMS_3170-Edit 136JMS_3184-Edit136JMS_3184-Edit 137JMS_3200-Edit137JMS_3200-Edit 138JMS_3206-Edit138JMS_3206-Edit 140JMS_3345-Edit140JMS_3345-Edit 141VVS_8219-Edit141VVS_8219-Edit This shawl was made and used by her great grandmother! 142VVS_8234142VVS_8234 143VVS_8286-Edit143VVS_8286-Edit 144VVS_8293-Edit144VVS_8293-Edit 145JMS_3449-Edit145JMS_3449-Edit 146VVS_8385-Edit146VVS_8385-Edit 147JMS_3526-Edit147JMS_3526-Edit 148JMS_3600-Edit148JMS_3600-Edit 149JMS_3628-Edit149JMS_3628-Edit 150JMS_3653-Edit150JMS_3653-Edit Julia had a special dance with her grandpa, Luis had a special dance with his sister in honor of their mother, and then he sweetly danced with Julia's mom as well. 151JMS_3664-Edit151JMS_3664-Edit 152VVS_8554-Edit152VVS_8554-Edit 153JMS_3765-Edit153JMS_3765-Edit 154JMS_3781-Edit154JMS_3781-Edit 155JMS_3792-Edit155JMS_3792-Edit 156JMS_3794-Edit156JMS_3794-Edit 157VVS_8591-Edit157VVS_8591-Edit 158JMS_3863-Edit158JMS_3863-Edit 159JMS_3902-Edit159JMS_3902-Edit Crystal Sound got the party jumping! 160VVS_8641-Edit160VVS_8641-Edit 161JMS_3957-Edit161JMS_3957-Edit Julia and Luis, we thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your beautiful day!  We wish you lots of love and bright and joyful future with your wonderful family!

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