Buffalo, NY Wedding Photography: Anthony and Julie

September 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

A wonderful day from beginning to end!  The day began for Julie at the home of her parents and it began for Anthony at his grandparents home with whom he lives.  Warm and inviting homes with warm and inviting people.  These were the places where their friends merged to offer their support and love for the upcoming day.  The ceremony took place at the beautiful St John the Baptist Church in Kenmore.  And even a limo with a flat tire could not keep a groom from his destiny!  Before the reception at Kotecki's Grandview Grove, we stopped by Albright Knox and the Japanese Gardens at Delaware Park to capture pictures of their wedding party and the two of them having a few quiet moments amongst the stone and trees. After the most delicious dinner, the DJ Rick Schmidt from Artistic Audio Entertainment got the party started and did a great job keeping people out on the floor.  We hope you enjoy the scroll through their images, and don't forget to leave a message for them at the end in the comments. :) 101JMS_1814-Edit101JMS_1814-Edit 102JMS_1836-Edit102JMS_1836-Edit A gift from his bride... 100JMS_1806-Edit100JMS_1806-Edit 103JMS_1853-Edit103JMS_1853-Edit 104VVS_4929-Edit104VVS_4929-Edit The purse was a gift from Anthony and the pearls were worn by her mother on her wedding day.  I love the little touches of love that get passed from one generation to another! 105VVS_4933-Edit105VVS_4933-Edit These most beautiful flowers were brought to you by Wegmans in Williamsville.  106VVS_4973-Edit106VVS_4973-Edit This incredible dress was from Bridal Chateau 107JMS_1926-Edit107JMS_1926-Edit 108VVS_5006-Edit108VVS_5006-Edit 110JMS_1934-Edit110JMS_1934-Edit 111JMS_1962-Edit111JMS_1962-Edit 112VVS_5065-Edit112VVS_5065-Edit A visit from her brother brought a rush of tears as she waited for her walk down the isle.  113VVS_5092-Edit113VVS_5092-Edit With dad on her arm and her love waiting for her, it was time.... 114JMS_2100-Edit114JMS_2100-Edit Such a pretty bride! 115JMS_2102-Edit115JMS_2102-Edit 116JMS_2174-Edit116JMS_2174-Edit 117JMS_2207-Edit117JMS_2207-Edit 118JMS_2269-Edit118JMS_2269-Edit 119JMS_2287-Edit119JMS_2287-Edit

And just like that, they're starting their married journey together. 120VVS_5210-Edit120VVS_5210-Edit 121JMS_2334-Edit121JMS_2334-Edit 122JMS_2369-Edit122JMS_2369-Edit 123JMS_2443-Edit123JMS_2443-Edit 125JMS_2456-Edit125JMS_2456-Edit 126JMS_2468-Edit126JMS_2468-Edit 127JMS_2473-Edit127JMS_2473-Edit 128JMS_2480-Edit128JMS_2480-Edit 129JMS_2514-Edit129JMS_2514-Edit 130JMS_2530-Edit130JMS_2530-Edit 132JMS_2562-Edit132JMS_2562-Edit 133JMS_2596-Edit133JMS_2596-Edit 135JMS_2606-Edit135JMS_2606-Edit 137JMS_2617-Edit137JMS_2617-Edit 138VVS_5276-Edit138VVS_5276-Edit 140JMS_2649-Edit140JMS_2649-Edit 142VVS_5303-Edit142VVS_5303-Edit 143JMS_2659-Edit143JMS_2659-Edit 144JMS_2668-Edit144JMS_2668-Edit Party time!! 145JMS_2822-Edit145JMS_2822-Edit The gorgeous Kotecki's Grandview Grove 146JMS_2840-Edit146JMS_2840-Edit 147JMS_2841-Edit147JMS_2841-Edit 148JMS_2869-Edit148JMS_2869-Edit 150JMS_2888-Edit150JMS_2888-Edit 151JMS_2953-Edit151JMS_2953-Edit 152VVS_5558-Edit152VVS_5558-Edit Lots of cookies :) 153JMS_3025-Edit153JMS_3025-Edit 154JMS_3034-Edit154JMS_3034-Edit 156JMS_3112-Edit156JMS_3112-Edit 157JMS_3120-Edit157JMS_3120-Edit 155JMS_3062-Edit155JMS_3062-Edit Thank you Anthony and Julie for allowing us the opportunity to be part of your wonderful day!  We know you have many years of love and laughter ahead of you! 

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