Silver Springs, NY Beautiful Rustic Wedding: Josh and Stephanie

August 30, 2018  •  2 Comments

Such an amazing day filled with lots of sentimental moments, lots of family and friends and most definitely lots of love.  Josh and Stephanie booked us a couple years in advance for the coveted 8-18-18 wedding date.  They had lots of time to search out venues that would be perfect to host their large group of peeps.  With some thoughtful consideration they decided that there could be no better place to have it than at the family's homestead.  So a pond was dug and field was mowed and the most perfect venue was born.  The rustic alter was placed strategically to incorporate the most amazing vista and the hay bale pews made comfortable seating for all their guests.  Small hearts sewn into Stephanie's dress made from her grandparents clothes, butterflies released in memory of those no longer here, and a special surprise mother daughter dance were just a few of the touching moments that made this day so special.  We hope you enjoy looking through the images of the sweet day.  Be sure to scroll through their images to the end so you can leave them some love in the comments.   100JMS_7028-Edit100JMS_7028-Edit The day started with a treasure trove of memories... 101JMS_7033-Edit101JMS_7033-Edit 102JMS_7046-Edit102JMS_7046-Edit 103VVS_3824-Edit103VVS_3824-Edit 104JMS_7051-Edit104JMS_7051-Edit 106JMS_7069-Edit106JMS_7069-Edit 108JMS_7098-Edit108JMS_7098-Edit L 109JMS_7124-Edit109JMS_7124-Edit When she said yes to this dress, she knew what she was doing!  Absolutely stunning! (From Stella's Bridal Boutique) 112JMS_7141-Edit112JMS_7141-Edit Totally stunning bride as well! 113JMS_7154-Edit113JMS_7154-Edit A daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with, and love with all your heart... 114JMS_7163-Edit114JMS_7163-Edit Girlfriends are the spice of life! 115JMS_7173-Edit115JMS_7173-Edit

You can always count on Brian and Debbie Gross to create the most amazing and yummy cakes!

And you can always count on Bush Hill Florists to provide the most amazing flowers.  There were exquisite! 117VVS_3926-Edit117VVS_3926-Edit 118JMS_7229-Edit118JMS_7229-Edit This little guy did an awesome job all day long!  119JMS_7265-Edit119JMS_7265-Edit 121VVS_4043-Edit121VVS_4043-Edit

She was the most beautifully patient bride ever.... 122VVS_4063-Edit122VVS_4063-Edit 125JMS_7505-Edit125JMS_7505-Edit And here comes the bride... 126JMS_7515-Edit126JMS_7515-Edit 127JMS_7521-Edit127JMS_7521-Edit 128VVS_4121-Edit128VVS_4121-Edit 129JMS_7564-Edit129JMS_7564-Edit 130VVS_4136-Edit130VVS_4136-Edit 132JMS_7597-Edit132JMS_7597-Edit There was a butterfly released for each loved one who had passed on.  Such a sweet moment and opportunity to feel their presence. 133VVS_4177-Edit133VVS_4177-Edit 135JMS_7607-Edit135JMS_7607-Edit 136JMS_7617-Edit136JMS_7617-Edit

Greenaker is the last name so the theme from Green Acres was played as they left the alter and mom helped the wedding party surprise the bride and groom with some fitting hats :) 137JMS_7653-Edit137JMS_7653-Edit Such a cutie pie! 139JMS_7773-Edit139JMS_7773-Edit Some wedding party fun... 140JMS_7784-Edit140JMS_7784-Edit 141JMS_7795-Edit141JMS_7795-Edit 142JMS_7866-Edit142JMS_7866-Edit And then for some alone time... 144JMS_7882-Edit144JMS_7882-Edit 145JMS_7883-Edit145JMS_7883-Edit 148VVS_4223-Edit148VVS_4223-Edit 149VVS_4237-Edit149VVS_4237-Edit 150JMS_7941-Edit150JMS_7941-Edit 152JMS_7948-Edit152JMS_7948-Edit 155VVS_4355-Edit155VVS_4355-Edit 156JMS_8032-Edit156JMS_8032-Edit 157JMS_8041-Edit157JMS_8041-Edit 158JMS_8061-Edit158JMS_8061-Edit 159JMS_8154-Edit159JMS_8154-Edit 160VVS_4495-Edit160VVS_4495-Edit Dads hold our hands for a little while, but hold our hearts forever. 161JMS_8205-Edit161JMS_8205-Edit 162JMS_8211-Edit162JMS_8211-Edit This momma and daughter share such a close bond.  This was when Stephanie surprised her with a special dance. 163JMS_8281-Edit163JMS_8281-Edit 165JMS_8286-Edit165JMS_8286-Edit 168JMS_8303-Edit168JMS_8303-Edit As the music and laughter could be heard in the distance, Josh and Stephanie caught some alone time while we caught a glimpse from across the pond. 169JMS_8325-Edit169JMS_8325-Edit CJ Sound kept the party going! 171JMS_8452-Edit171JMS_8452-Edit 172JMS_8469-Edit172JMS_8469-Edit 173JMS_8526-Edit173JMS_8526-Edit Thank you so much, Stephanie and Josh, for allowing us to be part of your amazing day!  We wish only the best things for your future and know that it will hold much, much, love and laughter!

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Nana Antinore(non-registered)
Beautiful day. Love the pics. Beautiful bride and handsome groom. Love ya
Stephanie you made the most beautiful bride I have ever seen, and Josh you truly are a wonderful addition to our family. Love you both with all my heart and i know you both will have a long, loving marriage! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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