Buffalo NY, The Columns Wedding Photography: William and Stephanie

July 24, 2018  •  1 Comment

When we were first approached for a Monday wedding we were curious.  Once we had a chance to speak with Bill and Stephanie, it made perfect sense.  Buffalo was where they met and fell in love and it was going to be the focus of their most important day.  So a 716 theme it was!  (Area code for Buffalo and thus the 7-16-18 wedding day)  What a great day!  Good people, good weather, good food and fun! We started the day with a "First Look" at William's home, and then being the avid Buffalo Bills fans that they are, their day would not be complete without a good handshake from "Ralph" (Wilson.. historic founder of the Buffalo Bills).  Nice he could show up for their special day ;)  The ceremony and reception was held at the most beautiful Columns in Elma.  What a great place with amazing service and food that was five star! Just perfect!  A buffalo wedding cake, a foot ball toss instead of garter and bouquet.... their whole day had scatterings of the 716 theme.  Most excellent choice!  We had hoped to get some evening images in the courtyard while it was still evening but the last minute thunderstorm moved in and while it altered our timing, it did not stop us from getting a few really nice moments between these two before we left, but you'll have to scroll through to the end to see them :)   101JMS_2458-48014101JMS_2458-48014 Loved the Nikes instead of dress shoes! 102JMS_2502-48019102JMS_2502-48019 103JMS_2503-48020103JMS_2503-48020 104JMS_2523-48022104JMS_2523-48022 105VVS_3065-48024105VVS_3065-48024 106JMS_2553-48026106JMS_2553-48026 A little bling scattered throughout the day was perfect!  Can you believe the bride made these by herself? 107JMS_2579-48031107JMS_2579-48031 108VVS_3100-48034108VVS_3100-48034 109JMS_2601-48036109JMS_2601-48036 110JMS_2620-48039110JMS_2620-48039 111JMS_2643-48042111JMS_2643-48042 112JMS_2659-48046112JMS_2659-48046 113JMS_2666-48048113JMS_2666-48048 114VVS_3181-48051114VVS_3181-48051 115JMS_2701-48054115JMS_2701-48054 116JMS_2743-48062116JMS_2743-48062 117JMS_2777-48067117JMS_2777-48067 118JMS_2816-48002118JMS_2816-48002 119JMS_2822-48004119JMS_2822-48004 A handshake from Ralph was a great touch to their day! 120VVS_3208-48070120VVS_3208-48070 This was awesome!  The table centerpieces were different areas around Buffalo that had meaning to them.  And Dad, who is an artist, created this great canvas for them.  How unique! 121VVS_3219-48074121VVS_3219-48074 122VVS_3222-48076122VVS_3222-48076 And here is the Buffalo cake!  The cupcakes were sponge candy and logan berry.  Great job by Babycakes Cupcakery 123VVS_3225-48078123VVS_3225-48078 124JMS_2855-48081124JMS_2855-48081 125VVS_3252-48084125VVS_3252-48084 Pre-ceremony huddle 126VVS_3300-48091126VVS_3300-48091 127VVS_3317-48096127VVS_3317-48096 128JMS_2981-48097128JMS_2981-48097 129VVS_3347-48102129VVS_3347-48102 130JMS_3044-48109130JMS_3044-48109 131JMS_3049-48110131JMS_3049-48110 133JMS_3178-48114133JMS_3178-48114 134VVS_3463-48125134VVS_3463-48125 135VVS_3504-48128135VVS_3504-48128 138JMS_3452-48140138JMS_3452-48140 Nothing like a Daddy and Momma's love 139JMS_3460-48142139JMS_3460-48142 140JMS_3536-48146140JMS_3536-48146 Hmm... looks like someone is "flossing"   :)   141VVS_3672-48156141VVS_3672-48156 This was so cute!  The tossed footballs instead of garter and bouquets and the two who caught them had to do a dance off!  And could these two dance!! 142VVS_3697-48159142VVS_3697-48159 145JMS_3771-47992145JMS_3771-47992 143JMS_3746-48163143JMS_3746-48163 Thank you Bill and Stephanie for allowing us the honor of being part of your most excellent day.  We know there will be many, many years of love and happiness ahead of you!

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Karen Grierson(non-registered)
Beautiful bride, handsome groom and great venue! The day could not have been more perfect! So much fun! Vonnie and Jeff thank you so much for helping us capture this wonderful story!
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