Castile, NY Maple Walnut Farms Wedding Photography: Mike and Erin

July 20, 2018  •  6 Comments

What a wonderful day Mike and Erin had!  As always, Maple Walnut Farms made a perfect backdrop for this couple to begin their married journey together.  Although there was a thunderstorm that made an appearance it came with almost perfect timing, just as everyone was getting ready to settle in for a great meal by Forest Hill Catering.  We were so glad we were able to go out after the storm and get some really beautiful sunset images!  The sky was perfect and the love these two have for one another showed perfectly as well.  Enjoy your scroll through the images and be sure to leave the bride and groom well wishes at the end :) 101JMS_1270-47870101JMS_1270-47870 102JMS_1299-47874102JMS_1299-47874 Love these unique bouquets by Erie Way Flowers 103VVS_2481-47876103VVS_2481-47876 104JMS_1358-47880104JMS_1358-47880 105JMS_1379-47883105JMS_1379-47883 106JMS_1400-47887106JMS_1400-47887 107JMS_1503-47895107JMS_1503-47895 This was the absolute perfect dress for a hot summer's day and Erin wore it beautifully!! (Bella You Bridal) 108JMS_1516-47901108JMS_1516-47901 109VVS_2565-47909109VVS_2565-47909 110VVS_2570-47910110VVS_2570-47910 Love to capture those great selfie moments :) 111VVS_2576-47911111VVS_2576-47911 And this cute little man was so good all day, but he just was not going to smile (even after we put the camera down which is usually when all kids decide to smile) :) 112JMS_1713-47923112JMS_1713-47923 113VVS_2634-47926113VVS_2634-47926 114JMS_1740-47927114JMS_1740-47927 115VVS_2645-47928115VVS_2645-47928 116JMS_1752-47929116JMS_1752-47929 117JMS_1764-47931117JMS_1764-47931 118JMS_1774-47936118JMS_1774-47936 119VVS_2672-47938119VVS_2672-47938 120JMS_1842-47939120JMS_1842-47939 121JMS_1883-47944121JMS_1883-47944 What a great wedding party!  They were so easy to work with. 122JMS_1911-47952122JMS_1911-47952 123JMS_1922-47956123JMS_1922-47956 124JMS_1963-47961124JMS_1963-47961 And an escape for some alone time.... well almost alone ;) 125VVS_2712-47965125VVS_2712-47965 126JMS_2004-47972126JMS_2004-47972 100VVS_2456-47867100VVS_2456-47867 127JMS_2082-47976127JMS_2082-47976 128VVS_2823-47977128VVS_2823-47977 130JMS_2210-47981130JMS_2210-47981 Dinner..... 131JMS_2219-47983131JMS_2219-47983 .....and dessert.  The cake was a delicious carrot cake! Yummm!! 132VVS_2960-47984132VVS_2960-47984 133VVS_3034-47814133VVS_3034-47814 134JMS_2338-47817134JMS_2338-47817 135JMS_2353-47821135JMS_2353-47821 138JMS_2410-47825138JMS_2410-47825 139JMS_2416-47828139JMS_2416-47828 What a beautiful ending to a perfect day...

Thank you Mike and Erin for allowing us the privilege of being part of your very special day!  We wish you many, many, many years of love, laughter and happiness!


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Sandy Vowles(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures I want 1 of each. You guys look so good together!
Beth Erbelding(non-registered)
Beautiful photo of your wedding. Such wonderful memories.
Karen Danielecki(non-registered)
Oh my what beautiful pictures :)
Deb Fogg(non-registered)
BEAUTIFUL PICTURE'S! Oh Garen you are such a character!❤️
Crystal Leddon(non-registered)
Simply stunning!
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