Medina and Pearl Street Grill Wedding Photography: Pete & LeAnn

May 03, 2018  •  1 Comment

While the day may have been overcast, rainy, and cold, the love and friendship these two hold for one another kept everyone warm and happy.  Pete and LeAnn started their day with their closest friends.  Pete got ready at a friend's beautiful home and LeAnn prepared for her day at the very sheik Hart House Hotel in Medina.  The wedding took place at the First Baptist Church across the street and then we moved on to the Ellicott Square Building where we were able to gather and have some fun with the wedding party. Thank goodness LeAnn had decided on a fabulous backup plan for inclement weather! What a great place for indoor photos! Just around the corner the party was already getting started at the fabulous Pearl Street Grill & Brewery.  (We checked the place out and had dinner there Friday night and they have the BEST chicken fingers and fries!) If you have ever drove the 190 and seen the building with all the beautiful pink hanging flower baskets cascading around the outside of the building, this is it! Of course our cold spring prevented them from having them out hanging yet but it was still a great place to celebrate! Thank you LeAnn and Peter for allowing us the privilege of capturing your most beautiful day! 

Other participants making the day wonderful: 

Videographer: Morgan Joanna Films - (It was so great to work with you!)

DJ: Whirling Disc Sound

105JMS_0506105JMS_0506 108JMS_0551108JMS_0551 110JMS_0573110JMS_0573 112JMS_0585112JMS_0585 114JMS_0594114JMS_0594 115JMS_0603115JMS_0603 116VVS_0915116VVS_0915 118VVS_0919118VVS_0919 Flowers: By Julie Hess (Friend of bride) and Creekside Floral 103JMS_0475103JMS_0475 This beautiful wedding dress was found at Stella's Bridal Boutique 119JMS_0628119JMS_0628 Ahhhh.. the wonderful gift of friendship! 124JMS_0634-46327124JMS_0634-46327 126VVS_0957126VVS_0957 132JMS_0654132JMS_0654 136VVS_0973-46329136VVS_0973-46329 138VVS_0979-46330138VVS_0979-46330 141VVS_0985-46331141VVS_0985-46331 145JMS_0676145JMS_0676 146JMS_0683146JMS_0683 148JMS_0699148JMS_0699 Loved these multi-colored bridesmaids dresses they found at Blissets Specialty Shop 153JMS_0719153JMS_0719 A remembrance of LeAnn's dad 155VVS_1000155VVS_1000 157JMS_0746157JMS_0746 Waiting for the ceremony :) 158VVS_1013158VVS_1013 159VVS_1019159VVS_1019 Let's do this! 163JMS_0820163JMS_0820 168JMS_0827168JMS_0827 172JMS_0844172JMS_0844 173JMS_0854173JMS_0854 175JMS_0875175JMS_0875 176JMS_0886176JMS_0886 179JMS_0903179JMS_0903 Pete gave her a beautiful ring committing himself to her as well.  She had a very hard time controlling her emotions. Such a sweet moment! 182JMS_0917182JMS_0917 185JMS_0930185JMS_0930 186JMS_0935186JMS_0935 194JMS_1106194JMS_1106 So glad she booked this!  What a stunning backdrop for wedding photos! 196JMS_1113196JMS_1113 208JMS_1188-46325208JMS_1188-46325 214JMS_1200214JMS_1200 217JMS_1220217JMS_1220 219JMS_1223219JMS_1223 222VVS_1075222VVS_1075 This cute cake was created by Patti Woodworth (Friend) 223VVS_1078223VVS_1078 224JMS_1234224JMS_1234 228JMS_1318228JMS_1318 229JMS_1321229JMS_1321 233JMS_1345233JMS_1345 234VVS_1170234VVS_1170 235JMS_1408235JMS_1408 238JMS_1442238JMS_1442 Love this shot of these adorable little girls!  Savannah is taking her job very seriously! 240VVS_1236240VVS_1236 245VVS_1253245VVS_1253 246JMS_1502246JMS_1502 247JMS_1524247JMS_1524 250JMS_1572250JMS_1572 251JMS_1591251JMS_1591 256JMS_1658256JMS_1658

Thank you so much, Pete and LeAnn (and Savannah) for allowing us to be part of your beautiful day!  We wish you the very best! 

Please feel free to leave the lovely couple a comment below :)

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Chris Buongiorne(non-registered)
Stunning photography of such a beautiful day - thank you for sharing!
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