Christmas Wedding, Leicester NY, Matt & Carrie

December 15, 2017  •  2 Comments

On the Ninth of December, 2017, Matt & Carrie officially became husband and wife. It was a perfect winter day, knowing that the winter months here in western New York can be unpredictable to say the least. Matt & Carrie are two absolutely beautiful people that are truly meant to be together, they both share a deep love for each other and care very much for those around them. Never before have we seen a couple so intent on making sure all their guest were looked after in every detail. The heartfelt ceremony was at the historic St Thomas in Leicester, NY and it was a full house of family and friends. After the ceremony we visited the Leicester memorial park for a few outdoor photos with the Christmas trees offering a beautiful backdrop, with temps in the 20's we did not stay long. The celebration was held at the Genesee River Restaurant and Reception Center in Mt Morris NY where guest were treated to delicious meal followed by deserts of every variety. Showcase Sounds of Fairport, NY provided the entertainment for guest to dance and be merry. The elegant (and delicious) cake was provided by Lucious Lori's of Mt Morris, and a huge kudos goes out to Tammy Tice from Dougs Flower Shoppe in Hornell, NY for going to extremes with not only the floral arrangements but all the details, check out the photos to see Tammy's creations, they are beautiful.

Please look through the images of Matt & Carrie's wedding day and be sure to send your love and well wishes to this truly wonderful couple. We thank Matt and Carrie for allowing us to be part of their wedding day and wish them the very best and brightest future together. If you would like to see more of our work check out our archive galleries....Enjoy!

100_JMS7224100_JMS7224 102_JMS7231102_JMS7231 Dueling Ties 105_JMS7261105_JMS7261 106_JMS7264106_JMS7264 107_JMS7266107_JMS7266 110_JMS7286110_JMS7286 111_JMS7297111_JMS7297 112_JMS7306112_JMS7306 113_JMS7312113_JMS7312 115_JMS7322115_JMS7322 116_VVS9529116_VVS9529 118_VVS9540118_VVS9540 119_JMS7338119_JMS7338 121_JMS7344121_JMS7344 123_JMS7350123_JMS7350 125_JMS7357125_JMS7357 127_JMS7365127_JMS7365 129_JMS7382129_JMS7382 130_JMS7386130_JMS7386 131_JMS7427131_JMS7427 132_JMS7509132_JMS7509 These two were just so cute and loved the little sleigh 133_JMS7515133_JMS7515 134_JMS7518134_JMS7518 135_JMS7520135_JMS7520 136_JMS7524136_JMS7524 137_VVS9568137_VVS9568 138_JMS7542138_JMS7542 139_JMS7544139_JMS7544 142_JMS7592142_JMS7592 143_JMS7610143_JMS7610 144_JMS7614144_JMS7614 145_JMS7629145_JMS7629 146_JMS7635146_JMS7635 148_JMS7640148_JMS7640 149_JMS7642149_JMS7642 150_JMS7649150_JMS7649 152_VVS9620152_VVS9620 153_JMS7671153_JMS7671 154_JMS7687154_JMS7687 155_JMS7757155_JMS7757 156_JMS7766156_JMS7766 157_JMS7782157_JMS7782 159_JMS7790159_JMS7790 158_JMS7785158_JMS7785 161_JMS7804161_JMS7804 160_JMS7798160_JMS7798 162_JMS7812162_JMS7812 163_JMS7820163_JMS7820 165_JMS7822165_JMS7822 The tree in the foreground is a memorial to Carrie's Grandfather 167_JMS7832167_JMS7832 169_JMS7839169_JMS7839 170_JMS7842170_JMS7842 173_JMS7849173_JMS7849 175_JMS7854175_JMS7854 176_JMS7877176_JMS7877 177_JMS7908177_JMS7908 178_JMS7918178_JMS7918 180_JMS7919180_JMS7919 181_JMS7932181_JMS7932 183_JMS7934183_JMS7934 Be sure to check out all the fabulous details 184_VVS9729184_VVS9729 185_JMS7972185_JMS7972 186_JMS7977186_JMS7977 187_VVS9737187_VVS9737 188_JMS7981188_JMS7981 189_VVS9740189_VVS9740 191_VVS9756191_VVS9756 192_VVS9759192_VVS9759 194_JMS8010194_JMS8010 195_VVS9763195_VVS9763 197_VVS9783197_VVS9783 199_JMS8038199_JMS8038 200_JMS8053200_JMS8053 202_VVS9801202_VVS9801 203_JMS8078203_JMS8078 This is just a sampling of the deserts that were available 204_VVS9814204_VVS9814 205_VVS9816205_VVS9816 206_VVS9818206_VVS9818 207_JMS8088207_JMS8088 208_JMS8090208_JMS8090 210_JMS8124210_JMS8124 211_JMS8145211_JMS8145 212_JMS8166212_JMS8166 213_JMS8175213_JMS8175 214_JMS8184214_JMS8184 215_JMS8186215_JMS8186 217_JMS8251217_JMS8251 Congratulations Matt & Carrie


Deb and Ron Trunzo(non-registered)
We are so very sorry we could not be at the wedding. The pictures are breathtaking! We are so very happy for Carrie and Matt.
Beautiful Beautiful Pictures! Thanks for sharing!
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