Warsaw, NY Wedding photography: Nick and Krissy

October 13, 2017  •  6 Comments

Nick and Krissy had a wonderfully warm (you might even call it hot) fall wedding day!  This couple chose to have a "First Look" at Krissy's grandma's property, which allowed them the opportunity to have a beautiful intimate meeting prior to the wedding ceremony.  After that time with each other we got some photos of the wedding party and then went to the Warsaw Legion Hall to have the ceremony and reception.  Love the hall, it is such a blank slate and every couple does something so different with it to make it their own.  Good times and good food (provided by the Amber Lantern) were had by all and the Jickster kept everyone out on the floor.  Cheers to you our friends!  May you celebrate many, many years of love and laughter together!  As you scroll through the images, be sure to leave the couple a comment or two at the end.  100_VVS8995100_VVS8995 106_JMS2874106_JMS2874 108_JMS2881108_JMS2881 109_JMS2896109_JMS2896 Loved the color of these roses by Warsaw Greenhouse 110_JMS2898110_JMS2898 This little girl is just the cutest!  She is like a 20 year old trapped in a 2 year old body! 112_JMS2915112_JMS2915 114_JMS2922114_JMS2922 117_JMS2947117_JMS2947 123_JMS2984123_JMS2984 124_JMS3005-45133124_JMS3005-45133 128_JMS3026-45135128_JMS3026-45135 This dress was amazingly beautiful! Perfect for the beautiful bride! 129_JMS3029-45136129_JMS3029-45136 133_JMS3050-45140133_JMS3050-45140 We love the anticipation of the "First Looks"  Such a sweet moment.. 135_JMS3058-45141135_JMS3058-45141 138_JMS3063-45144138_JMS3063-45144 141_JMS3074-45147141_JMS3074-45147 145_JMS3108-45150145_JMS3108-45150 148_JMS3118-45153148_JMS3118-45153 155_VVS9102-45159155_VVS9102-45159 161_JMS3174-45164161_JMS3174-45164 162_JMS3175-45165162_JMS3175-45165 163_JMS3179-45166163_JMS3179-45166 171_JMS3215-45173171_JMS3215-45173 Friends... 178_JMS3232-45179178_JMS3232-45179 179_JMS3242-45180179_JMS3242-45180 182_VVS9112182_VVS9112 And on to the wedding venue... 184_JMS3247184_JMS3247 185_JMS3253185_JMS3253 That is a whole lot of Deee-licious cupcakes, by Jessica Tyrpa 186_JMS3255186_JMS3255 194_JMS3333194_JMS3333 195_VVS9138195_VVS9138 196_JMS3344196_JMS3344 198_VVS9144198_VVS9144 199_JMS3367199_JMS3367 201_JMS3386201_JMS3386 202_VVS9174202_VVS9174 204_JMS3405204_JMS3405 205_VVS9189205_VVS9189 206_VVS9192206_VVS9192 207_JMS3530207_JMS3530 208_JMS3595208_JMS3595 211_VVS9262211_VVS9262 212_JMS3632212_JMS3632 215_JMS3654215_JMS3654 217_VVS9284217_VVS9284 218_JMS3679218_JMS3679 219_JMS3693219_JMS3693 222_JMS3740-45183222_JMS3740-45183 223_VVS9332223_VVS9332 227_JMS3799227_JMS3799 229_JMS3827229_JMS3827 231_JMS3858231_JMS3858 232_JMS3871232_JMS3871 One of most favorite DJs...  The Jickster :) 233_JMS3961233_JMS3961 235_JMS3990235_JMS3990 Thank you so much, Nick and Krissy, for letting us be part of your most beautiful day!  It was perfect! 

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The background where this wedding has done was great and attractive best for photos.
Cheryl Bookmiller(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures and such an amazing couple. This wedding by far was one of the best I have ever been at , the food, the entertainment , but most of all the love that was there was just palpable . Great day for sure .
Kathleen Donlon-Miller(non-registered)
Fabulous photos! Congrats to the couple!
Sandy Chamberlain Wylie(non-registered)
The pictures are just beautiful. Your venue looked great and looked like a lot of fun. Congrats kids
Cheryl Fagan(non-registered)
LOVE them all! Photos and bride and family!
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