Geneseo, NY Deer Run Winery Wedding Photography: Brian and Lisa

June 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The day may have dawned rainy and gloomy but I must say that this couple brought their own sunshine! Cannot really think of a sweeter couple!  They are both so full of joy, laughter, love and most of all love for each other.  Their day started at the Hampton and Quality Inn in Geneseo and then moved to the wonderful Deer Run Winery where their every need was tended to by the owners Scott and Marie.  They had chosen a "first look" to start their day together.  And yes, it did rain, but we were able to get out into the vineyard for this bit of intimate and fun time with them before we had to move under the tent for a few wedding party photos.  Thank you Party Man Catering for not only offering phenomenal service and food but for bearing with us while we hogged the tent for a bit.  You guys are awesome! The ceremony had to be moved under the tent but was still beautiful and full of joy and laughter as they shared their personally written vows with one another.  So loved them! After dinner the dancing ensued and so much fun!  The DJ Jerry Karns from Prestige Worldwide Entertainment did an awesome job at keeping everyone on the dance floor having a blast.  Before the evening was over the rain cleared and we were able to slip away with Brian and Lisa to get some great sunset images. So privileged to be part of such a great team of friends, family and vendors that helped to make their day perfect!  Enjoy looking through their images and be sure to leave them some love in the comments at the end. :) 101JMS_7573-47183101JMS_7573-47183 Loved the fine lace that wrapped her dress.  It was so pretty! (David's Bridal) 111JMS_7630-47190111JMS_7630-47190 115VVS_1992-47193115VVS_1992-47193 116JMS_7692-47194116JMS_7692-47194 Such a great wedding party!  Both the men and the ladies were fun and fabulous!! 132JMS_7753-47204132JMS_7753-47204 The men looked pretty great and the grooms tux looked sweet!  He picked all the details himself (Now that's a trusting bride) Men's Warehouse 135JMS_7760-47206135JMS_7760-47206 144JMS_7825-47167144JMS_7825-47167 So glad the rain let up enough for us to get out into the vineyard for the first look.  And just like they approach everything, it was filled with not only love but laughter as well. 146JMS_7832-47168146JMS_7832-47168 147VVS_2042-47169147VVS_2042-47169 154JMS_7864-47174154JMS_7864-47174 155JMS_7873-47175155JMS_7873-47175 161JMS_7906-47180161JMS_7906-47180 166JMS_7944-47212166JMS_7944-47212 178VVS_2166-47222178VVS_2166-47222 Loved that the flower girls were able to hold her dress up from the wet ground as she made her way to her waiting groom 179JMS_8059-47223179JMS_8059-47223 184VVS_2204-47228184VVS_2204-47228 189JMS_8159-47233189JMS_8159-47233 190JMS_8173-47234190JMS_8173-47234 192JMS_8253-47236192JMS_8253-47236 193JMS_8259-47237193JMS_8259-47237 195JMS_8277-47239-47300195JMS_8277-47239-47300 197JMS_8280-47240197JMS_8280-47240 206JMS_8358-47246-47298206JMS_8358-47246-47298 209JMS_8367-47248-47299209JMS_8367-47248-47299 Blog collageBlog collage The beautiful flowers were done by Genesee Valley Florists.  Loved the vibrant colors! 217JMS_8435-47256217JMS_8435-47256 The cake and cupcakes were from The Cake Place in Avon.  Their cakes are everywhere and always delicious as well as beautiful 218JMS_8459-47257218JMS_8459-47257 Did I mention they are a little sassy as well :) 221VVS_2370-47260221VVS_2370-47260 227VVS_2400-47265227VVS_2400-47265 228JMS_8582-47266228JMS_8582-47266 231JMS_8598-47268231JMS_8598-47268 233JMS_8713-47270233JMS_8713-47270 Everyone had a great time with this dance opportunity with funky hats provided by DJ 234JMS_8724-47271234JMS_8724-47271 236VVS_2423-47273236VVS_2423-47273 241VVS_2451-47279-47294241VVS_2451-47279-47294 247JMS_8877-47283-47287247JMS_8877-47283-47287 248JMS_8883-47275248JMS_8883-47275 249JMS_8890-47276249JMS_8890-47276 Thank you so much, Lisa and Brian, for letting us be a part of your amazing day!  it was truly wonderful and we know that whatever the future holds you will embrace it all!  Don't forget to leave a comment for the newly wedded couple!


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