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Warsaw, NY Wedding: Shawn and Teresa

September 23, 2017  •  1 Comment

Shawn and Teresa are a perfect match!  It doesn't take long to be in their presence to see that.  Their beautiful day was filled with faith, family and friends and the weather couldn't have been nicer!  The wedding took place at St. Michael's in Warsaw and the reception was at the Wyoming Village Hall with photos in between and Shawn's beautiful home.  The flowers were from Ash-lin's Elegant Rose, the Pretty cake was done by a family friend Donna Ilecki, the delicious food was from D & R Depot, and the music was provided by Extended Sound.  We hope you enjoy the images and be sure to leave the couple some love in the comments below.  100_JMS8399100_JMS8399 102_VVS7149102_VVS7149 104_JMS8415-44882104_JMS8415-44882 109_VVS7153-44884109_VVS7153-44884 110_JMS8446110_JMS8446 114_JMS8522114_JMS8522 115_JMS8526115_JMS8526 116_VVS7192116_VVS7192 118_JMS8539118_JMS8539 121_JMS8558121_JMS8558 122_JMS8563122_JMS8563 125_VVS7210125_VVS7210 126_JMS8663126_JMS8663 128_VVS7219128_VVS7219 129_JMS8670129_JMS8670 132_JMS8691132_JMS8691 134_JMS8743134_JMS8743 136_JMS8785136_JMS8785 137_VVS7268137_VVS7268 139_JMS8888139_JMS8888 141_JMS8960141_JMS8960 What a great ride! 142_JMS8975142_JMS8975 143_JMS8996143_JMS8996 148_JMS9049148_JMS9049 147_JMS9020-44889147_JMS9020-44889 146_JMS9016-44888146_JMS9016-44888 150_JMS9093-44902150_JMS9093-44902 152_JMS9098-44903152_JMS9098-44903 153_JMS9110-44904153_JMS9110-44904 160_JMS9147-44910160_JMS9147-44910 Stunning bride!  (Dress from Victoria's Bridal Shoppe) 164_JMS9157-44912164_JMS9157-44912 166_JMS9168-44914166_JMS9168-44914 169_VVS7275169_VVS7275 176_JMS9244176_JMS9244 177_VVS7321177_VVS7321 180_JMS9261180_JMS9261 182_JMS9282182_JMS9282 183_JMS9289183_JMS9289 184_JMS9301184_JMS9301 186_JMS9334186_JMS9334 189_JMS9357189_JMS9357 191_JMS9364191_JMS9364 194_JMS9379194_JMS9379 197_JMS9386197_JMS9386 202_JMS9429202_JMS9429 204_JMS9448204_JMS9448 205_JMS9453205_JMS9453 168_JMS9180-44915168_JMS9180-44915 Thank you Shawn and Teresa for letting us be part of your most beautiful day!  We wish you many blessings and know you will have many years filled with love and laughter :)


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Rich McCaffery(non-registered)
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L in every way!!! Congratulations!
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