Letchworth Park First Look, Gorgeous Country Wedding, Ben & Erin

September 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Ben and Erin started their wedding day with a "first look" at Letchworth State Park, we were able to secure a private area where Ben and Erin could meet and share a few precious moments together before their ceremony. The look on Ben's face was priceless as he gazed upon his beautiful bride in her gorgeous dress for the first time. After their meet up we were able to get their bridal and wedding party photos prior to the ceremony and although they had already met it most certainly did not detract from the emotional impact and beauty of the ceremony at Maple Walnut Farm overlooking the grand genesee valley and the Letchworth gorge. The celebration commenced with a delicious meal prepared and served by Partyman Catering and decorated with the exquisite  arrangements from Bush Hill Florists. The cake and cupcakes were perfectly prepared and arranged by The Cake Place, and Stellar Entertainment kept the guest engaged and entertained. Ben & Erin had all the details planned perfectly from the arrangement of handmade furniture to the firepit and smores just outside. Please take a look at their photos and send some love and well wish to this awesome couple!

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100_JMS6715-44824100_JMS6715-44824 102_JMS6739-44805102_JMS6739-44805 103_JMS6749-44806103_JMS6749-44806 104_JMS6764104_JMS6764 106_JMS6793106_JMS6793 108_VVS6568108_VVS6568 109_VVS6577109_VVS6577 111_JMS6857-44825111_JMS6857-44825 Dress is amazing! 114_JMS6876-44826114_JMS6876-44826 They wrote letters to each other that they would read just before they met. 117_JMS6888117_JMS6888 119_VVS6594119_VVS6594 This is where they are reading their letters, love the looks on their faces. 120_JMS6895120_JMS6895 121_JMS6896121_JMS6896 122_JMS6903122_JMS6903 125_VVS6612125_VVS6612 Here comes the bride 123_JMS6910123_JMS6910 Ben could hardly wait and his love for Erin was clear. 127_VVS6619127_VVS6619 128_JMS6917128_JMS6917 130_JMS6923130_JMS6923 132_VVS6638132_VVS6638 133_VVS6651-44830133_VVS6651-44830 136_JMS6949-44809136_JMS6949-44809 137_JMS6956137_JMS6956 138_JMS6967-44810138_JMS6967-44810 141_JMS6972141_JMS6972 142_JMS6975-44811142_JMS6975-44811 146_JMS6992146_JMS6992 148_JMS6996-44814148_JMS6996-44814 150_JMS7003-44816150_JMS7003-44816 The dress was perfect for Erin, absolutely stunning 153_JMS7004153_JMS7004 154_JMS7008154_JMS7008 156_JMS7016156_JMS7016 157_JMS7026157_JMS7026 160_JMS7042160_JMS7042 162_JMS7062162_JMS7062 158_JMS7034158_JMS7034 163_JMS7066163_JMS7066 166_JMS7085166_JMS7085 167_JMS7094167_JMS7094 168_JMS7098-44836168_JMS7098-44836 172_VVS6687172_VVS6687 coolest details everywhere 173_VVS6689173_VVS6689 171_VVS6685171_VVS6685 179_VVS6697179_VVS6697 176_JMS7111176_JMS7111 Firepit with smores all ready to go. 180_JMS7121180_JMS7121 184_VVS6706184_VVS6706 182_JMS7130182_JMS7130 186_JMS7149186_JMS7149 183_JMS7136183_JMS7136 Furniture was handmade and arranged perfectly for lounging and enjoying the party. 187_JMS7155187_JMS7155 190_VVS6738190_VVS6738 191_VVS6751191_VVS6751 192_JMS7210192_JMS7210 Harleigh wasn't to sure about the puffy dress. 193_JMS7213193_JMS7213 194_JMS7216194_JMS7216 198_JMS7237198_JMS7237 195_JMS7230195_JMS7230 197_VVS6776197_VVS6776 200_JMS7240200_JMS7240 202_JMS7271202_JMS7271 203_JMS7285203_JMS7285 205_JMS7319205_JMS7319 206_JMS7328206_JMS7328 209_JMS7346209_JMS7346 211_JMS7372-44820211_JMS7372-44820 212_JMS7373212_JMS7373 213_JMS7377-44821213_JMS7377-44821 214_JMS7382-44822214_JMS7382-44822 217_JMS7524217_JMS7524 219_VVS6878219_VVS6878 220_VVS6898220_VVS6898 223_JMS7602223_JMS7602 224_JMS7605-44840224_JMS7605-44840 228_JMS7613228_JMS7613 231_VVS6962231_VVS6962 235_JMS7717235_JMS7717 237_JMS7745237_JMS7745 232_JMS7692232_JMS7692 Great DJ's 238_JMS7753238_JMS7753



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