Rustic Country Wedding, Castile, NY. Oakley & Becky

September 01, 2017  •  1 Comment

Picture perfect weather, beautiful country location overlooking the Letchworth valley, Wonderful group of friends and family, Children having fun, and a bride and groom that totally adore each other, what more could anyone ask for. How about instead of a receiving line following the ceremony you get served ice cream by the bride and groom (with help from the bridesmaids), we thought that to be the coolest ever (no pun intended). After a delicious meal served by Decisions Catering the guest moved to the barn where they got to participate in a old fashioned square dance. It was truly a glorious day filled with love, laughter, and fun! We are honored that Oakley & Becky chose us as their photographers and that we could take part in such beautiful wedding day. Please checkout all the photos that follow as words don't do justice to the beauty and details. If you are interested in seeing some more of our images please visit out blog Archives.

100_JMS5314100_JMS5314 301_JMS5345-44778301_JMS5345-44778 106_JMS5356106_JMS5356 110_JMS5387110_JMS5387 111_JMS5398111_JMS5398 112_JMS5401112_JMS5401 113_JMS5403113_JMS5403 302_JMS5406-44779302_JMS5406-44779 learning the tie with a great big smile. 117_JMS5448117_JMS5448 116_JMS5428116_JMS5428 119_JMS5439119_JMS5439 120_MG_0019120_MG_0019 124_JMS5476124_JMS5476 122_JMS5472122_JMS5472 127_VVS5984127_VVS5984 128_VVS5995128_VVS5995 130_JMS5507130_JMS5507 305_MG_0050-44782305_MG_0050-44782 133_MG_0051133_MG_0051 136_MG_0054136_MG_0054 307_JMS5572-44784307_JMS5572-44784 Guy loved his suspenders. 140_JMS5575140_JMS5575 141_JMS5589141_JMS5589 142_JMS5604142_JMS5604 143_JMS5613143_JMS5613 144_JMS5614144_JMS5614 148_JMS5651148_JMS5651 Barn wedding would not be complete without at least one photo with a pitch fork. 308_JMS5694-44797308_JMS5694-44797 311_JMS5697-44786311_JMS5697-44786 Just a few of the details. 151_VVS6034151_VVS6034 152_VVS6035152_VVS6035 153_VVS6040153_VVS6040 Poems on the tables were all written by the groom. 154_MG_0074154_MG_0074 155_VVS6047155_VVS6047 156_VVS6049156_VVS6049 157_VVS6053157_VVS6053 159_JMS5717159_JMS5717 160_MG_0112160_MG_0112 163_JMS5793163_JMS5793 165_JMS5804165_JMS5804 169_MG_0106169_MG_0106 171_MG_0123171_MG_0123 173_JMS5851173_JMS5851 175_JMS5857175_JMS5857 179_MG_0155179_MG_0155 183_MG_0113183_MG_0113 181_JMS5887181_JMS5887 185_JMS5889185_JMS5889 315_JMS5922-44790315_JMS5922-44790 192_JMS5946192_JMS5946 193_JMS5960193_JMS5960 Wedding party serving the guest :) 194_JMS5968194_JMS5968 316_JMS5973-44791316_JMS5973-44791 Besides ice cream there was milk and cookies. 197_JMS5985197_JMS5985 Love this blue diamond 199_JMS6026199_JMS6026 204_JMS6215204_JMS6215 205_JMS6231205_JMS6231 209_JMS6248209_JMS6248 210_JMS6266210_JMS6266 Let the square dancing begin! 212_JMS6298212_JMS6298 213_VVS6202213_VVS6202 216_JMS6387216_JMS6387 214_VVS6215214_VVS6215 215_JMS6356215_JMS6356 217_JMS6431217_JMS6431


Mary Lee Page(non-registered)
Wonderful photos of a very special couple on their wedding day!
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