Niagara Falls Wedding Photography, The Rapids Theater: Tom and Kate

August 11, 2017  •  2 Comments

Tom and Kate were relaxed and ready for fun through out their entire day at The Rapids Theater in Niagara Falls!  Cannot say enough about what a unique and beautiful venue it was and staff and service could not have been better! The day went on without a hitch and friends a family enjoyed themselves with wonderful music from CJ Sound and great food from Rich's Catering and Special Events!  We hope you enjoy taking a peak at their day and be sure and scroll to the bottom and leave the two newlyweds some love :) 101_JMS2726-44249-44379101_JMS2726-44249-44379 103_JMS2747-44250103_JMS2747-44250 109_VVS5090-44254-44382109_VVS5090-44254-44382 113_JMS2784-44257-44383113_JMS2784-44257-44383 115_JMS2787-44258115_JMS2787-44258 116_VVS5100-44259116_VVS5100-44259 118_VVS5104-44261118_VVS5104-44261 The bride's mom made these beautiful bouquets 119_VVS5112-44262119_VVS5112-44262 120_JMS2844-44263-44384120_JMS2844-44263-44384 122_JMS2850-44264122_JMS2850-44264 All glammed up for the day :) 126_JMS2880-44266126_JMS2880-44266 128_JMS2883-44230128_JMS2883-44230 A good friend named Mary Town did this amazing bridal bouquet!  Great job Mary! 131_JMS2900-44269131_JMS2900-44269 132_JMS2909-44270132_JMS2909-44270 133_JMS2911-44271133_JMS2911-44271 Sisters... love.. 134_JMS2914-44226134_JMS2914-44226 Bride and her mama :) 135_VVS5139-44272135_VVS5139-44272 136_VVS5144-44273136_VVS5144-44273 138_VVS5149-44275138_VVS5149-44275 139_JMS3002-44276139_JMS3002-44276 141_JMS3009-44278141_JMS3009-44278 143_JMS3024-44280143_JMS3024-44280 144_JMS3042-44281144_JMS3042-44281 145_VVS5212-44282145_VVS5212-44282 147_JMS3100-44284147_JMS3100-44284 149_JMS3113-44286149_JMS3113-44286 151_JMS3121-44288151_JMS3121-44288 153_JMS3127-44290153_JMS3127-44290 157_JMS3185-44294157_JMS3185-44294 158_JMS3192-44295158_JMS3192-44295 159_VVS5272-44296159_VVS5272-44296 160_JMS3221-44297160_JMS3221-44297 162_JMS3235-44299162_JMS3235-44299 Surprise!! 163_VVS5310-44219163_VVS5310-44219 166_JMS3266-44222166_JMS3266-44222 168_JMS3277-44224168_JMS3277-44224 Love it when couples really enjoy themselves during their first dance. 171_JMS3306-44302171_JMS3306-44302 172_JMS3316-44303172_JMS3316-44303 174_JMS3367-44305174_JMS3367-44305 LOVED the unique and beautiful wedding bands! And the diamond is a family heirloom.. 177_VVS5340-44361177_VVS5340-44361 180_JMS3437-44363180_JMS3437-44363 183_JMS3465-44366183_JMS3465-44366 184_JMS3469-44367184_JMS3469-44367 190_JMS3501-44373190_JMS3501-44373 193_JMS3540-44376193_JMS3540-44376 Jimmy from CJ Sound did a great job keeping the party going. 195_JMS3569-44377195_JMS3569-44377 Thank you, Kate and Tom, for allowing us to spend the day with you and to capture your day! We wish you many, many, years of happiness and laughter! 

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Carol Van Auken(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing this. It was a really fun time! Beautiful!
Jill Jackson(non-registered)
Kaitlyn and Tom... I enjoyed looking through your awesome wedding day pictures! I wish you forever happiness! <3
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