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Geneseo, NY Engagement Photography: Tom and Kate

August 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This cute couple wanted to make their engagement session all about a return to where they met.  While both attending SUNY at Geneseo, Kate and Tom met at Mama Mias, a local pizza shop.  Four years later, while on a wine tour, Tom proposed!  Relaxed and easy going, their wedding day is sure to be one focused on love and the joining of two hearts that are meant to be one.  We look forward to their very special day at The Rapids... we know it is the start of a life that will be filled with much joy and laughter.  Feel free to leave well wishes to this sweet couple in the comment section below. 100_JMS8744-41527100_JMS8744-41527 101_JMS8746-41528-41633101_JMS8746-41528-41633 105_JMS8770-41533105_JMS8770-41533 107_JMS8794-41536107_JMS8794-41536 108_JMS8799-41538108_JMS8799-41538 109_JMS8820-41540-41635109_JMS8820-41540-41635 113_JMS8849-41547-41638113_JMS8849-41547-41638 114_JMS8852-41548114_JMS8852-41548 115_JMS8858-41549115_JMS8858-41549 119_JMS8875-41555119_JMS8875-41555 120_JMS8882-41558120_JMS8882-41558 121_JMS8897-41560-41629121_JMS8897-41560-41629 122_JMS8904-41561-41630122_JMS8904-41561-41630 123_JMS8912-41562-41642123_JMS8912-41562-41642 124_JMS8923-41564124_JMS8923-41564 125_JMS8931-41565-41643125_JMS8931-41565-41643 128_JMS8947-41570-41645128_JMS8947-41570-41645 129_JMS8954-41571129_JMS8954-41571 133_VVS2058-41578133_VVS2058-41578 131_JMS8976-41576-41631131_JMS8976-41576-41631 135_JMS8987-41580135_JMS8987-41580 136_VVS2067-41581-41648136_VVS2067-41581-41648


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