Buffalo Wedding Photography, Templeton Landing: Andrew and Jordan

July 20, 2017  •  1 Comment

During the toast, it was said that people who knew these two spotted that they had something special right from the start.  While we did not know them then, their special connection now is quite evident.  Andrew and Jordan's day was perfectly beautiful from beginning to end.  A roof top ceremony at Templeton Landing, some beautiful image opportunities at the Ellicott Square building, then down to the very windy water front, before returning back to Templeton Landing for a fun evening filled with great food, lots of sweets, and of course, great music offered by Mark with Phenomenon.  Jordan is one of three sisters.  We have had the honor of photographing each of the other sisters' weddings and this being the last of the three, we felt a little melancholy at leaving the reception.  We have so enjoyed getting to know this wonderful family over the years!  We love the Schrimmel ladies and each of the men they have chosen to marry are pretty awesome as well!  Thank you for allowing us to be part of this special time in your family's lives!  We look forward to seeing what the future holds for all of you.  Please leave this beautiful couple some love in the comment section when you are done enjoying their images. 102_JMS9206-43892102_JMS9206-43892 103_JMS9210-43893103_JMS9210-43893 104_VVS7163-43894104_VVS7163-43894 A really fun, great group of guys :) 107_VVS7169-43896107_VVS7169-43896 108_JMS9247-43897108_JMS9247-43897 A gift from his soon-to-be bride.... Cuff links with a picture of him and his dad on one and of course, a very special date :) 109_VVS4095-43898109_VVS4095-43898 Aren't those shoes awesome?? 110_JMS9261-43899-43987110_JMS9261-43899-43987 114_JMS9281-43879114_JMS9281-43879 117_JMS9303-43901117_JMS9303-43901 119_JMS9333-43881119_JMS9333-43881 120_JMS9342-43903120_JMS9342-43903 121_JMS9354-43882-43989121_JMS9354-43882-43989 123_JMS9361-43883123_JMS9361-43883 Beautiful indeed! 126_VVS4146-43886126_VVS4146-43886 129_JMS9387-43905129_JMS9387-43905 130_JMS9395-43887130_JMS9395-43887 Three beautiful sisters!   131_JMS9401-43906131_JMS9401-43906 And the first of the grandchildren!  Sweet and energetic Avery! 132_JMS9410-43907-43991132_JMS9410-43907-43991 This beautiful dress is from MA Carr in Orchard Park 134_JMS9427-43908134_JMS9427-43908 138_JMS9526-43912138_JMS9526-43912 What a gorgeous day for a rooftop wedding (At Templeton Landing) 139_JMS9535-43913139_JMS9535-43913 141_VVS4192-43915141_VVS4192-43915 142_JMS9550-43916142_JMS9550-43916 145_JMS9569-43919145_JMS9569-43919 146_JMS9603-43920146_JMS9603-43920 147_JMS9613-43921147_JMS9613-43921 148_JMS9708-43922-43980-43992148_JMS9708-43922-43980-43992 The architecture at Ellicott Street Square is amazing!   152_JMS9732-43925-43983152_JMS9732-43925-43983 153_JMS9753-43926-44002153_JMS9753-43926-44002 155_JMS9762-43927-43993155_JMS9762-43927-43993 159_JMS9780-43929159_JMS9780-43929 160_JMS9784-43930-43994160_JMS9784-43930-43994 163_JMS9796-43931-43998163_JMS9796-43931-43998 Can you tell it was a bit windy??? 165_JMS9804-43932165_JMS9804-43932 166_JMS9807-43933-43999166_JMS9807-43933-43999 168_JMS9817-43888168_JMS9817-43888 173_VVS4237-43938173_VVS4237-43938 Beautiful flowers by "Flowers by Johnny"  174_VVS4243-43939174_VVS4243-43939 175_JMS9853-43940175_JMS9853-43940 177_JMS9863-43942177_JMS9863-43942 179_VVS4281-43944179_VVS4281-43944 180_JMS9915-43945180_JMS9915-43945 181_JMS9933-43946181_JMS9933-43946 135_VVS4170-43909135_VVS4170-43909 182_VVS4288-43947182_VVS4288-43947 184_JMS9962-43949184_JMS9962-43949 185_JMS0020-43950185_JMS0020-43950 186_JMS0037-43889186_JMS0037-43889 And of course, couldn't miss a couple of sweet sunset shots back up on the roof. 187_JMS0043-43877187_JMS0043-43877 191_JMS0071-43953191_JMS0071-43953 192_JMS0077-43954-43996192_JMS0077-43954-43996 195_JMS0104-43956195_JMS0104-43956 196_JMS0118-43957196_JMS0118-43957 197_VVS4384-43958197_VVS4384-43958 198_JMS0144-43959198_JMS0144-43959 Reception fun! 201_JMS0182-43962201_JMS0182-43962 202_JMS0204-43963202_JMS0204-43963 Sweets... 206_JMS0230-43966206_JMS0230-43966 207_JMS0232-43967207_JMS0232-43967 208_JMS0234-43968208_JMS0234-43968 209_JMS0237-43969209_JMS0237-43969 210_JMS0250-43970210_JMS0250-43970 DJ Mark 213_JMS0343-43972213_JMS0343-43972 214_JMS0349-43973214_JMS0349-43973 :) 215_JMS0353-43974215_JMS0353-43974 216_JMS0375-43975216_JMS0375-43975 Tom and Sherri.... congratulations on the final "married in" addition to your family!  You raised 3 wonderful women whom have all chosen well :) 217_JMS0382-43976217_JMS0382-43976 And more sweets.... Yummmm.... Paula's Donuts! 218_JMS0389-43977218_JMS0389-43977 219_JMS0392-43978219_JMS0392-43978 220_JMS0398-43979220_JMS0398-43979 Thanks again Andrew and Jordan!  Please feel free to leave these two some love in the comments below. 

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Sheri Schrimmel(non-registered)
Love the pictures. Jeff and Vonnie captured the beauty, romance, love and fun! They have photographed all three of my daughters weddings and I highly recommend them. They are reliable, professional and seamlessly fit into the day. It was a pleasure having them be a part of our daughters special days!
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