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Glen Park, Williamsville Engagement...Andrew & Jordan

July 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

With their wedding only days away it is only fitting that we share Andrew & Jordan's engagement photos. Although we originally had another session location in mind, we chose to relocate due to the fact that it was a Columbus day and everyone (with good reason) was out enjoying the beautiful fall weather. We decided to head to the secluded Glen Park in the hamlet of Williamsville. Historic Glen Falls was the perfect backdrop for Andrew & Jordan, Andrew had proposed to Jordan while on a dinner date on the waterfront in Lewiston, so why not have water included in their session. In fact the couple told us that they love to have dinner on the waterfront and again it is truly appropriate that they are having their rooftop ceremony (and reception) at Templeton Landing on the Buffalo waterfront. Jordan & Andrew are a sincerely caring couple and there is no doubt that they were meant to be together, we are looking forward to their wedding and seeing some familiar faces, as we were also the photographers for Taylor & Lindsey's wedding, Jordan's sisters, so you can see why this family holds a special place in ours hearts. Jordan is Tom & Sherry's last daughter to be married and they are all truly amazing, we feel so very blessed to part of something so special. Be sure and check back next week when we will have some images of the wedding day to share, but until then send your love to this awesome couple as they prepare for their big day!

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