Maple Walnut Farms, Castile, NY - Letchworth State Park: Josh and Ashley

September 30, 2017  •  1 Comment

We enjoy all of our JMS couples but every now and again we meet a couple that feels more like we have met friends.  This would be Josh and Ashley.  This couple had a beautiful day from start to finish.  An intimate first look started their day, followed by a limo ride to Letchworth State Park for photos with their wedding party, then back to Maple Walnut Farms in Castile for their most beautiful wedding ceremony and reception.  The day was hot, the setting was just amazing and you couldn't get any better people.  Ashley and Josh, we wish you many, many years of continued happiness!  Enjoy scrolling through their images and be sure to leave them some love at the end in comments.  Enjoy!

Delicious food provided by Decisions Catering 100_JMS9929100_JMS9929 102_VVS7608-44929102_VVS7608-44929 104_VVS7629104_VVS7629 107_VVS7639107_VVS7639 108_JMS9964-44930108_JMS9964-44930 110_VVS7661-44932110_VVS7661-44932 Such a pretty bride! 115_JMS0007-44934115_JMS0007-44934 117_JMS0019117_JMS0019 119_JMS0030119_JMS0030 120_JMS0034120_JMS0034 124_JMS0061124_JMS0061 Their "First Look" ceremony allowed them some time alone before their big day started.  125_JMS0067125_JMS0067 127_JMS0074127_JMS0074 129_JMS0112129_JMS0112 130_JMS0120130_JMS0120 131_JMS0123131_JMS0123 135_JMS0140-44936135_JMS0140-44936 137_JMS0150-44938137_JMS0150-44938 142_JMS0168-44942142_JMS0168-44942 143_JMS0171143_JMS0171 146_JMS0176146_JMS0176 148_JMS0187148_JMS0187 157_JMS0222-44949157_JMS0222-44949 158_JMS0228-44950158_JMS0228-44950 160_JMS0245-44952160_JMS0245-44952 161_JMS0291161_JMS0291 162_VVS7771162_VVS7771 164_VVS7775164_VVS7775 169_JMS0335169_JMS0335 171_JMS0374171_JMS0374 172_JMS0384172_JMS0384 173_VVS7815173_VVS7815 179_JMS0418179_JMS0418 Maple Walnut Farms is certainly an amazing place to speak your vows! 180_JMS0431180_JMS0431 182_JMS0437182_JMS0437 185_JMS0477185_JMS0477 190_JMS0540190_JMS0540 191_JMS0572191_JMS0572 192_JMS0587192_JMS0587 193_JMS0595193_JMS0595 194_JMS0615194_JMS0615 195_VVS7913195_VVS7913 196_JMS0621196_JMS0621 Josh was unprepared for the beautiful speech given by Brady.  Choked the whole crowd up, including me!  197_JMS0627197_JMS0627 200_JMS0643-44955200_JMS0643-44955 A bit of quiet time..... 202_JMS0658-44957-44958202_JMS0658-44957-44958 203_JMS0666-44953203_JMS0666-44953 205_JMS0683205_JMS0683 206_JMS0692206_JMS0692 210_VVS7967210_VVS7967 212_JMS0723212_JMS0723 215_JMS0754215_JMS0754 216_JMS0760216_JMS0760 217_JMS0776217_JMS0776 218_JMS0778218_JMS0778 219_JMS0783219_JMS0783 222_JMS0804222_JMS0804 224_JMS0828224_JMS0828 225_JMS0833225_JMS0833 Josh and Ashley, thank you so much for allowing us the honor of being part of your very special day!  We enjoyed every moment of it.... even if it was incredibly hot :) 


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