Woodlynn Hills Wedding Photography: Kris and Rachel

August 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It would be hard to wrap up in words the beauty, excitement and love that encompassed this wedding day.  Kris and Rachel are just meant to be together and it is just as simple as that.  The adoration these two have for one another is so evident!  You don't need to be in their presence long to witness it.  They chose to have a "First Look" prior to the wedding ceremony at Kris's grandfather's pond.  This gave them a very private moment to spend enjoying each other on this most very special day.  Woodlynn Hills provided a perfect backdrop for their wedding and reception, which was full of so many loving details. The food was fantastic as always, by Vasile's Catering!   Fun was had by all and we were even able to get some pretty sweet shots when they escaped for a few minutes alone at sunset. Be sure to leave the couple some love in the comments! 101_JMS0167-36709101_JMS0167-36709 102_JMS0194-36710102_JMS0194-36710 103_JMS0213-36711103_JMS0213-36711 105_JMS0261-36713105_JMS0261-36713 Such a pretty dress!! 106_VVS4183-36714106_VVS4183-36714 108_JMS0318-36716-36792108_JMS0318-36716-36792 110_VVS4211-36717110_VVS4211-36717 111_JMS0338-36718-36793111_JMS0338-36718-36793 117_JMS0347-36721-36800117_JMS0347-36721-36800 114_VVS4223-36719114_VVS4223-36719 121_JMS0388-36723121_JMS0388-36723 122_JMS0395-36724122_JMS0395-36724 Rachel was just so excited to have this moment alone together. 123_JMS0399-36725-36803123_JMS0399-36725-36803 125_VVS4269-36726125_VVS4269-36726 126_JMS0406-36727126_JMS0406-36727 127_JMS0423-36728-36819127_JMS0423-36728-36819 130_JMS0426-36729-36820130_JMS0426-36729-36820 132_JMS0444-36730132_JMS0444-36730 134_JMS0498-36732-36821134_JMS0498-36732-36821 138_JMS0517-36734138_JMS0517-36734 140_JMS0521-36735140_JMS0521-36735 144_JMS0582-36739-36818144_JMS0582-36739-36818 Beautiful view on top of the golf course just moments prior to the wedding 148_JMS0588-36741148_JMS0588-36741 This little guy could have been called "The Flash".. He was always zipping through the photos.  We actually caught him on film this time :) 150_JMS0597-36743150_JMS0597-36743 Marybeth Hardie put together these beautiful bouquets! 152_JMS0612-36745152_JMS0612-36745 153_JMS0620-36746153_JMS0620-36746 154_JMS0653-36747154_JMS0653-36747 And the wedding ceremony begins.... 155_JMS0662-36748155_JMS0662-36748 156_JMS0745-36749156_JMS0745-36749 This little girl was just adorable.  She loved her big Cinderella dress and loved playing the princess all day! 157_JMS0752-36750157_JMS0752-36750 Another couple of cutie pies. 158_JMS0765-36751158_JMS0765-36751 160_VVS4335-36753160_VVS4335-36753 161_JMS0792-36754161_JMS0792-36754 162_JMS0832-36755162_JMS0832-36755 163_JMS0838-36756163_JMS0838-36756 164_JMS0947-36757164_JMS0947-36757 165_JMS0961-36758165_JMS0961-36758 166_JMS0973-36759166_JMS0973-36759 169_JMS1188-36762169_JMS1188-36762 170_JMS1201-36763-36810170_JMS1201-36763-36810 172_JMS1211-36764172_JMS1211-36764 173_JMS1306-36765173_JMS1306-36765 174_VVS4518-36766174_VVS4518-36766 Cake was made by Taylor Robb.  Beautiful job Taylor! 107_JMS0292-36715107_JMS0292-36715 177_JMS1383-36769177_JMS1383-36769 Now there's a little girl who loves her daddy! 178_JMS1398-36770-36811178_JMS1398-36770-36811 180_VVS4580-36771180_VVS4580-36771 181_JMS1419-36772-36812181_JMS1419-36772-36812 183_VVS4591-36773-36813183_VVS4591-36773-36813 186_JMS1461-36774-geese186_JMS1461-36774-geese 188_JMS1479-36776-36816188_JMS1479-36776-36816 190_JMS1481-36777-36817190_JMS1481-36777-36817 193_JMS1502-36779193_JMS1502-36779 196_JMS1548-36782196_JMS1548-36782 199_JMS1589-36785199_JMS1589-36785 200_JMS1596-36786200_JMS1596-36786 203_JMS1656-36789203_JMS1656-36789 And Dave "The Jickster" kept the party hopping all night!!  204_JMS1671-36790204_JMS1671-36790 Kris and Rachel, we wish for you a life overflowing with love, health, and happiness!  You are a perfect match and we are so grateful you gave us the honor and privilege to photograph you most amazing day! 

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