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Hidden Valley Wedding Photography: Brandon and Brittany

August 03, 2016  •  1 Comment

Brandon and Brittany tied the knot at the beautiful Hidden Valley in Varysburg, NY.  Their day was marked by so much love, fun and laughter....  Family and friends gathered to celebrate the day, and celebrate they did!  100_JMS7852-36509100_JMS7852-36509 101_JMS7867-36510101_JMS7867-36510 Something borrowed, something blue...... a treasure from someone very close. 102_JMS7880-36511102_JMS7880-36511 One happy bride! 103_JMS7892-36512103_JMS7892-36512 110_JMS7925-36517110_JMS7925-36517 111_JMS7928-36518111_JMS7928-36518 112_JMS7951-36519112_JMS7951-36519 The closest of friends stood by ready to offer Dad the support (and kleenex's) he needed to walk her down the isle to meet the "new man" in her life. 114_VVS3873-36521114_VVS3873-36521 Beautiful flowers by Bush Hill Florists 116_JMS8030-36523116_JMS8030-36523 Emotions ran high and tears flowed, but keeping makeup in tact is a priority :) 117_VVS3886-36524117_VVS3886-36524 119_VVS3891-36525-36596119_VVS3891-36525-36596 Such a beautiful bride! 121_JMS8050-36527121_JMS8050-36527 A groom that knew how to relax :) 122_JMS8057-36528122_JMS8057-36528 125_JMS8110-36530125_JMS8110-36530 126_JMS8142-36531126_JMS8142-36531 127_JMS8169-36532127_JMS8169-36532 128_JMS8218-36533128_JMS8218-36533 130_JMS8252-36535130_JMS8252-36535 131_VVS3910-36536131_VVS3910-36536 133_JMS8274-36538133_JMS8274-36538 134_JMS8282-36539134_JMS8282-36539 Never have we seen a bride giggle so much through her wedding :)  138_JMS8307-36543138_JMS8307-36543 139_JMS8310-36544139_JMS8310-36544 140_VVS3941-36545140_VVS3941-36545 141_JMS8345-36546141_JMS8345-36546 144_JMS8367-36548144_JMS8367-36548 146_JMS8377-36549-36597146_JMS8377-36549-36597 149_JMS8386-36552149_JMS8386-36552 150_JMS8392-36553150_JMS8392-36553 153_JMS8415-36555153_JMS8415-36555 157_JMS8432-36558157_JMS8432-36558 160_JMS8457-36560-36598160_JMS8457-36560-36598 162_JMS8467-36562162_JMS8467-36562 First Mr and Mrs selfies 164_JMS8480-36563-36599164_JMS8480-36563-36599 165_JMS8509-36564165_JMS8509-36564 167_JMS8568-36565167_JMS8568-36565 171_JMS8592-36568171_JMS8592-36568 175_JMS8744-36571175_JMS8744-36571 177_JMS8775-36573177_JMS8775-36573 182_JMS8844-36577182_JMS8844-36577 184_JMS8905-36579184_JMS8905-36579 This was a first!  Look who caught the bouquet!   185_JMS8908-36580185_JMS8908-36580 Yep, it was definitely a do over! 188_JMS9007-36583188_JMS9007-36583 The dance floor stayed full as the "The Jickster" rocked the house! 189_JMS9022-36584189_JMS9022-36584 190_JMS9064-36585190_JMS9064-36585 192_JMS9074-36587192_JMS9074-36587 193_JMS9108-36588193_JMS9108-36588 Thank you Brandon and Brittany for allowing us the honor of photographing your wonderful day!  We know you have many, many years filled with love and laughter ahead of you!  Please feel free to leave this fun couple a comment!


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Michelle Maines(non-registered)
Thank you Vonnie and Jeff for capturing beautiful and fun moments of a day so anticipated that went by so fast. Here's to a long a love-filled marriage to Brandon and Brittany Maines
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