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High School Sweetheart Engagement

August 17, 2016  •  1 Comment

With Jay & Makenzie's August 27th wedding day just around the corner, we thought it would be fitting to share a few images from their engagement session. We have had the honor of knowing this couple and their families for some time, in fact we had the pleasure of photographing the couple for their senior prom and of course we had to include a couple of those in this post. Jay is now a soldier in the United States Army and just recently returned from a tour of duty in Africa. Both Jay & Makenzie come from homes that are devoted to their country, family, and friends so there is no doubt that their wedding day is going to be a most glorious event!

_JMS6688-Edit_JMS6688-Edit _JMS6706-Edit-25891_JMS6706-Edit-25891 _JMS6722-Edit_JMS6722-Edit _JMS6758-Edit_JMS6758-Edit _JMS6772-Edit_JMS6772-Edit _JMS6787-Edit_JMS6787-Edit _JMS6807-Edit_JMS6807-Edit _JMS6812-Edit_JMS6812-Edit _JMS6819-Edit_JMS6819-Edit _JMS6834-Edit_JMS6834-Edit _JMS6849-Edit_JMS6849-Edit _VVS7958-Edit_VVS7958-Edit _VVS7971-Edit_VVS7971-Edit _VVS7986-Edit_VVS7986-Edit _VVS8001-Edit-Edit_VVS8001-Edit-Edit Here is a couple from the prom day!

NIC-0066@JMS PHOTOGRAPHYNIC-0066@JMS PHOTOGRAPHY NIC-0133@JMS PHOTOGRAPHYNIC-0133@JMS PHOTOGRAPHY NIC-0139@JMS PHOTOGRAPHYNIC-0139@JMS PHOTOGRAPHY Please feel free to leave the couple a message and send them your love!

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Tracy McAllister(non-registered)
You guys have been so great for the past 7 years. I have so many pictures that you have taken of all my kids. Thank you isn't enough and I can't wait for the wedding. Jeff you know what I'm gonna ask no two Chins for me lol. So excited
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