Deer Run Winery Wedding Photography: Jay and Makenzie

September 01, 2016  •  1 Comment

A warm summer day, a couple who have loved each other since high school, a beautiful setting at Deer Run Winery, and family and friends galore.  This was Jay and Makenzie's wedding day.  Be sure to scroll through the images until the end where you will find a surprise photo :) 102_JMS4148-37388102_JMS4148-37388 103_JMS4165-37389103_JMS4165-37389 Mom is always there to help :) 104_JMS4184-37390104_JMS4184-37390 107_JMS4206-37391-37508107_JMS4206-37391-37508 110_JMS4230-37393-37509110_JMS4230-37393-37509 116_JMS4334-37398-37510116_JMS4334-37398-37510 117_JMS4346-37399117_JMS4346-37399 121_JMS4382-37402121_JMS4382-37402 124_VVS4832-37404-37512124_VVS4832-37404-37512 So pretty! 126_VVS4835-37405-37501126_VVS4835-37405-37501 128_JMS4447-37407128_JMS4447-37407 129_VVS4851-37408129_VVS4851-37408 130_JMS4463-37409130_JMS4463-37409 Loved the "handshake" 132_JMS4481-37411132_JMS4481-37411 133_JMS4491-37412133_JMS4491-37412 135_JMS4527-37414135_JMS4527-37414 136_VVS4892-37415136_VVS4892-37415 137_JMS4548-37416137_JMS4548-37416 Jay's sister Sami, a United States Marine, could not be there in person but she made her appearance many times through out the day.  She was missed, but ever present. 140_JMS4615-37419140_JMS4615-37419 Family retake.  This is an image that happened years ago....Replay!  What beautiful women they have all turned out to be! 142_JMS4637-37421142_JMS4637-37421 146_JMS4662-37423-37502146_JMS4662-37423-37502 147_JMS4675-37424147_JMS4675-37424 149_JMS4684-37426149_JMS4684-37426 153_JMS4701-37428-37504153_JMS4701-37428-37504 154_JMS4707-37429154_JMS4707-37429 And off to the vineyard for some alone time... 157_JMS4714-37430-37505157_JMS4714-37430-37505 158_JMS4717-37431158_JMS4717-37431 159_JMS4729-37432159_JMS4729-37432 161_JMS4733-37433-37506161_JMS4733-37433-37506 164_JMS4744-37435-37516164_JMS4744-37435-37516 166_JMS4749-37436-37517166_JMS4749-37436-37517 These two look like they belong with this car! 170_JMS4760-37438-37500170_JMS4760-37438-37500 172_JMS4769-37439-37519172_JMS4769-37439-37519 175_JMS4774-37441-37520175_JMS4774-37441-37520 113_JMS4296-37396113_JMS4296-37396 So many beautiful decorations at the reception! 114_VVS4785-37397114_VVS4785-37397 176_JMS4797-37442176_JMS4797-37442 177_VVS4945-37443177_VVS4945-37443 179_JMS4831-37444-37521179_JMS4831-37444-37521 183_JMS4878-37447183_JMS4878-37447 185_JMS4914-37449185_JMS4914-37449 Sweetness surrounded the day and this table had enough to satisfy any sweet tooth 187_JMS4966-37451187_JMS4966-37451 191_JMS4988-37453-37524191_JMS4988-37453-37524 Their dance started off soft and sweet and then broke out... 192_JMS5016-37454192_JMS5016-37454 Daddy knows how to dance! 194_JMS5065-37456194_JMS5065-37456 195_JMS5076-37457195_JMS5076-37457 A few shots at sunset.. 199_JMS5087-37459-37498199_JMS5087-37459-37498 200_JMS5105-37460200_JMS5105-37460 202_JMS5125-37461202_JMS5125-37461 203_JMS5138-37462203_JMS5138-37462 The dance floor was never quite!  This group knows how to party and have fun! 204_JMS5164-37463204_JMS5164-37463 205_JMS5177-37464205_JMS5177-37464 This was just the sweetest thing!  Jay had a special dance just for him and his Grandma.  Awwww.... 207_JMS5215-37466207_JMS5215-37466 208_JMS5217-37467208_JMS5217-37467 209_JMS5226-37468209_JMS5226-37468 210_JMS5229-37469210_JMS5229-37469 211_JMS5241-HDR-37470211_JMS5241-HDR-37470 213_JMS5270-37473213_JMS5270-37473 215_JMS5293-37475215_JMS5293-37475 Tommy B's kept the tunes flowing and the party hopping! 216_JMS5334-37476216_JMS5334-37476 218_JMS5360-37478218_JMS5360-37478 Below is some time hop images.... Prom-wedding Jay MakenzieProm-wedding Jay Makenzie Jay and Makenzie.. Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your very special day!  We know there are many, many years ahead of you that will be filled with all things good!

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Tracy mcallister(non-registered)
I love every single picture you are the best. Thank you sooooo much
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