Attica Wedding-The Lodge at Hidden Valley Reception...Cory & Emily

October 13, 2016  •  6 Comments

The day started at Emily's parents home in the hills above Attica village. The house was buzzing with excitement and emotion as Emily was putting on the final touches in preparation for the ceremony. Cory was at the First Baptist Church in the village of Attica, awaiting the arrival of his soon to be wife.  Emily arrived at the church a few minutes early so she would have time to meet her groom just before the ceremony. The meeting was not a face to face but instead we set up the "around the corner meet" where they could hold hands and talk but would save the anticipation of seeing each other as Emily came down the isle. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and very heartfelt which was a perfect reflection of the couple themselves. After the ceremony, the newlyweds got into grandpa's red mustang to get some photos on a hilltop outside of Attica and then on to The Lodge at Hidden Valley in Varysburg for a few more photos and a reception with family and friends. We wish Cory & Emily the very best for their future together and thank them for the honor of photographing their wedding day!

We would like to recognize the following vendors for their part in Cory & Emily's wedding day

First Baptist Church, Attica NY

Hair by Mary Acker

Flowers by Bloomz of Attica

Cake by Ohlson's Bakery

DJ service by Ultimate Event

Please feel free to leave the couple a congratulatory message!

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setss special education NYC(non-registered)
You are the perfect photographer, you did not miss any moment during the wedding from clicking photos.
,the collinses. Jerry and rae(non-registered)
What a beautiful wedding ! Love the venue looks like a lodge in Wisconsin :). Congratulations Emily !
Grandpa Weaver & Grace Kasprzak(non-registered)
Great pictures! Emily & Cory look extremely happy! Congratulations!
Sue meyers aunt sue(non-registered)
Absolutely stunning
Marcy Craddock(non-registered)
What beautiful pictures! Emily & Cory, we wish you many many wonderful years ahead! Looks like your wedding day was perfect!! Congratulations!
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