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Letchworth Middle Falls Wedding...Jeremy & Juana

October 09, 2016  •  1 Comment

The 7th of October was an absolutely beautiful fall day. Not only speaking of the weather but also because it was the day that Juana & Jeremy became husband and wife. The middle falls overlook was the perfect setting with the sun streaming through the autumn leaves and the closest of family and friends in attendance. The romance of Jeremy & Juana is kind of an "East meets West" affair, Jeremy first met Juana at 4th of July concert in Houston Texas, which was where Juana called home, and Jeremy happened to be there for work. Jeremy is a native western New Yorker and once while visiting Letchworth with Jeremy, she decided that this is where she wanted to be married, with the ceremony overlooking the falls and attended by her family and closest of friends. To celebrate their union the couple continued on to the Genesee River Restaurant and Reception Center where the guests were provided with dinner and dancing into the night. Congratulations to Jeremy & Juana! We wish you both the very best and thank you for allowing JMS to photograph your day. 

We wish to acknowledge the following vendors for an awesome job.

DJ by McClurg Entertainment

Cake by Lori's Luscious Layers

Flowers by Genesee Valley Florist

Video by Tim Mieney

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Loved these pictures so much! Thank you for capturing such a beautiful day in such a beautiful place!
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