Varysburg Halloween Wedding Photography: Frank and Carol

November 03, 2016  •  1 Comment

You may wonder how an outdoor, Halloween themed, end of October wedding would turn out.  We will tell you that it turned out just beautiful!!  Carol and Frank started their day off with a very private "First Look" which gave them some time alone before the official ceremony.  The wedding took place behind her parents house in an area that her ancestors had camped while establishing their first home on the property.  The color was still on the trees, the weather was mild and the attendees were dressed for a very fun reception.  Not your typical wedding day attire as you will see. 

Shout out to the vendors:

Catered Creations

DJ Danny D with Moving Music

Flowers were done by a close friend, Sherrie Wright

And the most delicious cupcakes were prepared by Frank's Aunt Lynette (really good)

Be sure to scroll to the end to see many of the great costumes and to leave some love for the newly wedded couple in the comments.

100_JMS8726-38961100_JMS8726-38961 101_JMS8772-38962101_JMS8772-38962 104_JMS8782-38964-39040104_JMS8782-38964-39040 Carol has a salon in their home.  These guys are ready to go! 105_JMS8795-38965105_JMS8795-38965 108_VVS6611-38967108_VVS6611-38967 111_JMS8863-38969111_JMS8863-38969 Waiting for his beautiful bride.... 113_JMS8878-38970113_JMS8878-38970 And here she comes... 116_VVS6631-38972116_VVS6631-38972 117_JMS8887-38973117_JMS8887-38973 118_JMS8896-38974118_JMS8896-38974 119_JMS8909-38975119_JMS8909-38975 122_JMS8922-38977122_JMS8922-38977 124_JMS8937-38979124_JMS8937-38979 125_JMS8942-38980125_JMS8942-38980 128_JMS8961-38981-39049128_JMS8961-38981-39049 130_JMS8975-38983130_JMS8975-38983 131_JMS8985-38984131_JMS8985-38984 135_JMS9001-38986-39050135_JMS9001-38986-39050 138_JMS9012-38989138_JMS9012-38989 139_JMS9021-38990139_JMS9021-38990 140_JMS9028-38991140_JMS9028-38991 142_JMS9079-38992-39051142_JMS9079-38992-39051 144_VVS6680-38994144_VVS6680-38994 Loved all the decorations!

145_VVS6693-38995145_VVS6693-38995 146_VVS6699-38996146_VVS6699-38996 147_JMS9128-38997147_JMS9128-38997 150_VVS6737-39000150_VVS6737-39000 Look who's coming to the wedding!!  Strange crowd to see on a path in the woods :) 151_VVS6747-39001151_VVS6747-39001 152_VVS6758-39002152_VVS6758-39002 153_VVS6808-39003153_VVS6808-39003 And then comes the beautiful bride. 154_JMS9260-39004154_JMS9260-39004 156_JMS9277-39006156_JMS9277-39006 158_JMS9292-39008158_JMS9292-39008 159_VVS6825-39009159_VVS6825-39009 160_JMS9311-39010160_JMS9311-39010 162_JMS9445-39012162_JMS9445-39012 165_JMS9455-39014-39052165_JMS9455-39014-39052 166_JMS9462-39015166_JMS9462-39015 168_JMS9678-39016-39048168_JMS9678-39016-39048 169_JMS9690-39017169_JMS9690-39017 170_JMS9692-39018170_JMS9692-39018 171_VVS6937-39019171_VVS6937-39019 172_JMS9734-39020172_JMS9734-39020 A little different mother-son dance :) 173_JMS9765-39021173_JMS9765-39021 174_JMS9785-39022174_JMS9785-39022 175_JMS9786-39023175_JMS9786-39023 Loved that Orlando Bloom took the time to show up... GREAT costume! 176_JMS9885-39024176_JMS9885-39024 177_JMS9934-39025177_JMS9934-39025 178_JMS9942-39026178_JMS9942-39026 179_JMS9985-39027179_JMS9985-39027 180_JMS0025-39028180_JMS0025-39028 182_JMS0047-39030182_JMS0047-39030 183_JMS0054-39031183_JMS0054-39031 184_JMS0083-39032184_JMS0083-39032 185_JMS0095-39033185_JMS0095-39033 And the winners of the best costumes are.... 186_JMS0097-39034186_JMS0097-39034 187_JMS0115-39035187_JMS0115-39035 188_JMS0119-39036188_JMS0119-39036 189_JMS0120-39037189_JMS0120-39037 What a wonderful day!!  So much fun and laughter!  Thank you Frank and Carol for allowing us the privilege to photograph you most beautiful day!  May you have a lifetime of love, fun and laughter ahead of you! 

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Nancy Fantetti(non-registered)
What beautiful pictures. You look like you had the most fantastic wedding day! Wishing you continuous happiness in your future together. You look like you got the laughter part down
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