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Pavilion, NY Wedding Photography: Chris and Tiffany

August 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This wedding day went without a hitch! Such a cute couple and you could tell that they were really meant to be together!  The rain held off for the most part and only shortened the photo session between wedding and reception by a small bit.  This was the last wedding for the Top of the World Gardens in Pavilion, which it too bad because it was a beautiful place for a wedding.  Enjoy... 100_JMS4391-26329100_JMS4391-26329 101JMS_5736-26330101JMS_5736-26330 102_JMS4405-26331102_JMS4405-26331 105_JMS4413-26333105_JMS4413-26333 107_JMS4430-26335107_JMS4430-26335 109_JMS4432-26336109_JMS4432-26336 110JMS_5772-26337110JMS_5772-26337 112_JMS4433-26338112_JMS4433-26338 115_VVS9759-26340115_VVS9759-26340 123_JMS4494-26348123_JMS4494-26348 127_VVS9784-26352127_VVS9784-26352 128_VVS9791-26353128_VVS9791-26353 132_VVS9802-26357132_VVS9802-26357 133_VVS9804-26358133_VVS9804-26358 Such beautiful flowers from Ash-Lin's Elegant Rose 138_JMS4634-26363138_JMS4634-26363 140_VVS9822-26365140_VVS9822-26365 141_JMS4650-26366141_JMS4650-26366 143_JMS4669-26368143_JMS4669-26368 145_VVS9882-26370145_VVS9882-26370 146_VVS9889-26371146_VVS9889-26371 Loved this vessel for the sand ceremony. 147_JMS4809-26372147_JMS4809-26372 150_JMS4828-26375-26418150_JMS4828-26375-26418 154_JMS4833-26377154_JMS4833-26377 157_JMS4860-26381-26419157_JMS4860-26381-26419 159_JMS4868-26382159_JMS4868-26382 162_JMS4884-26384162_JMS4884-26384 167_JMS4926-26388167_JMS4926-26388 Can you tell the rain was coming?? 170_JMS4942-26390-26420170_JMS4942-26390-26420 173_VVS9899-26391173_VVS9899-26391 180_JMS4992-26398180_JMS4992-26398 181_JMS5029-26399181_JMS5029-26399 185_JMS5110-26402185_JMS5110-26402 186_JMS5162-26403186_JMS5162-26403 188_VVS0103-26404188_VVS0103-26404 189_JMS5225-26405189_JMS5225-26405 195_JMS5298-26410195_JMS5298-26410 196_JMS5322-26411196_JMS5322-26411 197_JMS5389-26412197_JMS5389-26412 198_JMS5406-26413198_JMS5406-26413 Thank you, Chris and Tiffany, for allowing us the honor of photographing your most beautiful day!  We wish you many, many years of happiness! 

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