Keuka Lake Wedding Photography - Heron Hill: Garrett and Chrysta

August 03, 2015  •  5 Comments

Chrysta and Garrett... These two had a day that was picture perfect. They traveled up from Texas to celebrate their day with friends and family.  Relaxed and stress free in a day that could have been filled with stress (due to a glitch at the salon, the bride was 45 minutes late to the wedding!).  Nothing would disturb these two on the day they began their wedded journey together!  Heron Hill Winery at Keuka Lake was a perfect setting!  Mom did a pretty spectacular job with the details of the day too! Scroll through their gallery to see how beautiful their day was! 100_JMS2451-26025100_JMS2451-26025 102_JMS2490-26027102_JMS2490-26027 105_JMS2521-26029105_JMS2521-26029 108_JMS2529-26031108_JMS2529-26031 109_JMS2543-26032109_JMS2543-26032 110_JMS2558-26033110_JMS2558-26033 They each had exchanged gifts to one another to be opened just prior to the wedding.  Hers came with a beautiful note.. 111_VVS9238-26034111_VVS9238-26034 and a beautiful bracelet. 114_VVS9243-26036114_VVS9243-26036 116_VVS9254-26038116_VVS9254-26038 The small stud in her ear belonged to her best friend whom she lost last year.  Her friend's parents sent it to her to wear as a remembrance. 117_VVS9259-26039117_VVS9259-26039 118_JMS2602-26040118_JMS2602-26040 120_JMS2621-26041120_JMS2621-26041 122_JMS2634-26042122_JMS2634-26042 123_JMS2650-26043123_JMS2650-26043 And here she is! 125_JMS2742-26045125_JMS2742-26045 This poor little flower girl fell a few days before the wedding!  Isn't that the way it goes with the little ones! 127_JMS2775-26047127_JMS2775-26047 Here comes the pretty bride! 128_VVS9291-26048128_VVS9291-26048 129_JMS2782-26049129_JMS2782-26049 130_JMS2798-26050130_JMS2798-26050 133_JMS2835-26053133_JMS2835-26053 135_JMS2850-26055135_JMS2850-26055 137_VVS9339-26056137_VVS9339-26056 138_JMS2868-26057138_JMS2868-26057 139_JMS2895-26058139_JMS2895-26058 140_VVS9357-26059140_VVS9357-26059 142_JMS2958-26061142_JMS2958-26061 Just had to put this cute little man into the photos... all decked out for the special day! 145_JMS3029-26064145_JMS3029-26064 147_JMS3054-26066147_JMS3054-26066 148_JMS3070-26067148_JMS3070-26067 152_JMS3098-26070152_JMS3098-26070 153_JMS3107-26071-26142153_JMS3107-26071-26142 156_JMS3124-26072156_JMS3124-26072 157_VVS9377-26073157_VVS9377-26073 If you read their "Love Story" a few photos down you will see why this zip code held significance.  159_VVS9382-26075159_VVS9382-26075 160_VVS9389-26076160_VVS9389-26076 161_JMS3132-26077161_JMS3132-26077 162_JMS3141-26078162_JMS3141-26078 163_VVS9395-26079163_VVS9395-26079 164_VVS9407-26080164_VVS9407-26080 Stunning flowers by Genesee Valley Florist. 165_JMS3202-26081165_JMS3202-26081 168_VVS9468-26084168_VVS9468-26084 Let the party begin! 169_JMS3263-26085169_JMS3263-26085 170_VVS9470-26086170_VVS9470-26086 172_VVS9510-26088172_VVS9510-26088 173_JMS3307-26089-26143173_JMS3307-26089-26143 A few moments alone.... 177_JMS3310-26090177_JMS3310-26090 181_VVS9521-26092181_VVS9521-26092 183_JMS3359-26094-26146183_JMS3359-26094-26146 Really love this one! 186_JMS3367-26096186_JMS3367-26096 Then back to the party :) 187_JMS3448-26097187_JMS3448-26097 189_VVS9554-26098189_VVS9554-26098 This is the first time we saw this method for clean up :) 191_VVS9595-26120191_VVS9595-26120 192_JMS3535-26121192_JMS3535-26121 194_JMS3551-26122194_JMS3551-26122 195_JMS3587-26123195_JMS3587-26123 196_JMS3590-26124196_JMS3590-26124 197_VVS9640-26125197_VVS9640-26125 200_JMS3620-26127200_JMS3620-26127 205_JMS3686-26132205_JMS3686-26132 206_JMS3699-26133206_JMS3699-26133 207_JMS3714-26134207_JMS3714-26134 208_JMS3721-26135208_JMS3721-26135 209_JMS3740-HDR-26138209_JMS3740-HDR-26138 Thank you Garrett and Chrysta for letting us partake in your amazing day!  We know there is much happiness in your future! 

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Garrett Casey(non-registered)
Deez Nutz*
Garrett Casey(non-registered)
Deas Nuts
Smidge Stevens(non-registered)
Gorgeous. ..gorgeous. ..gorgeous. .every second of your beautiful day was just gorgeous. happy for un your your amazing love story, always. GOD BLESS YOUR UNION.
Tara (Halpenny) Gardner(non-registered)
You look absolutely stunning. So happy for you. I pray your marriage lasts into eternity with tremendous joy and blessings. I know Beaner would have loved to be a part of this amazing day, but in your heart and in ours, she was. Love ya girl.
Vicki Amidon(non-registered)
This was a beautiful day spent with beautiful people! These pictures are amazing! We were so very happy that we could join in on the celebration! Congratulations Garrett and Chrysta! XO
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