JMS Studio & Gallery, Ltd. | East Aurora Wedding Photography: Hayloft in the Grove - Bobby and Katie

East Aurora Wedding Photography: Hayloft in the Grove - Bobby and Katie

August 28, 2015  •  1 Comment

Hayloft in the Grove was the perfect spot for this sweet country couple to exchange their vows and begin their happily ever after.  A more beautiful day could not have been ordered!  Scroll through their photos and you will see the beauty of not only their surroundings but of the deep and gentle love these two hold for one another. 104_JMS7729-27471104_JMS7729-27471 106_VVS0490-27474106_VVS0490-27474 107_JMS7748-27475107_JMS7748-27475 109_JMS7773-27476109_JMS7773-27476 110_JMS7777-27477110_JMS7777-27477 113_JMS7797-27480113_JMS7797-27480 115_JMS7806-27481115_JMS7806-27481 119_JMS7831-27485119_JMS7831-27485 120_JMS7836-27486120_JMS7836-27486 These two little girls did such an amazing job with the whole day, including kicking up their boots at the reception. 121_JMS7851-27487121_JMS7851-27487 123_JMS7855-27488123_JMS7855-27488 126_JMS7868-27491126_JMS7868-27491 128_JMS7886-27492128_JMS7886-27492 129_VVS0552-27493129_VVS0552-27493 131_VVS0558-27494131_VVS0558-27494 133_JMS7941-27496133_JMS7941-27496 132_JMS7933-27495132_JMS7933-27495 135_JMS7946-27497135_JMS7946-27497 137_JMS7955-27499137_JMS7955-27499 138_JMS7962-27500138_JMS7962-27500 139_JMS7969-27501139_JMS7969-27501 140_JMS7977-27502140_JMS7977-27502 141_JMS7979-27503141_JMS7979-27503 142_JMS7981-27504142_JMS7981-27504 143_VVS0616-27505143_VVS0616-27505 146_JMS8011-27508146_JMS8011-27508 147_JMS8105-27509147_JMS8105-27509 148_JMS8116-27510148_JMS8116-27510 151_JMS8140-27513151_JMS8140-27513 152_JMS8145-27514152_JMS8145-27514 157_JMS8171-27517-27558157_JMS8171-27517-27558 Loved this time with them.  Tucked away in the back of the property is this little secluded pond.  What a great place to capture these few moments the couple had together alone... or almost alone :) 159_JMS8177-27518-27559159_JMS8177-27518-27559 162_JMS8208-27521162_JMS8208-27521 161_JMS8188-27520161_JMS8188-27520 164_JMS8213-27522164_JMS8213-27522 167_JMS8234-27525167_JMS8234-27525 166_JMS8224-27524166_JMS8224-27524 169_JMS8238-27526-27560169_JMS8238-27526-27560 173_JMS8250-27528173_JMS8250-27528 174_JMS8267-27529174_JMS8267-27529 Their engagement photos were in a corn field so we couldn't miss the opportunity to get this one as well.   100_VVS0459-27467100_VVS0459-27467 Then on to the reception! 101_JMS7703-27468101_JMS7703-27468 103_VVS0470-27470103_VVS0470-27470 175_VVS0695-27530175_VVS0695-27530 176_JMS8383-27531176_JMS8383-27531 178_JMS8413-27533178_JMS8413-27533 179_JMS8424-27534179_JMS8424-27534 181_JMS8456-27536181_JMS8456-27536 182_JMS8490-27537182_JMS8490-27537 184_JMS8495-27538184_JMS8495-27538 188_JMS8539-27539188_JMS8539-27539 189_JMS8547-27540189_JMS8547-27540 Have not seen any prettier rings!  Just gorgeous! 190_JMS8562-27541190_JMS8562-27541 191_JMS8642-27542191_JMS8642-27542 192_JMS8702-27543192_JMS8702-27543 195_JMS8727-27546195_JMS8727-27546 198_JMS8742-27548198_JMS8742-27548 201_JMS8745-27549201_JMS8745-27549 203_JMS8769-27551203_JMS8769-27551 204_JMS8804-27552204_JMS8804-27552 205_JMS8858-27553205_JMS8858-27553 Thank you so much Katie and Bobby for allowing us this opportunity to photograph you very beautiful day!  We know you have a lifetime ahead of love and happiness! 

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Linda D(non-registered)
What a beautiful wedding and couple you are! Beautiful pictures...I got a little teary-eyed looking at them. I'm sure you'll enjoy your life together!! Love you both
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