Avon, New York Wedding Photography: The Barn at Kindred Ground - Matt and Kaylee

September 14, 2015  •  5 Comments

Hot, hot, hot are the words that come to mind for this wedding!  It was so beautiful and Matt and Kaylee are a perfect fit for one another, but the heat was certainly a challenge for all that day.  I must add though that it did not stop these two from fully enjoying their day of celebration at The Barn at Kindred Ground. 100_JMS9915-28146100_JMS9915-28146 101_VVS0968-28147101_VVS0968-28147 102_VVS0978-28148102_VVS0978-28148 106_JMS9983-28151106_JMS9983-28151 Is this a beautiful little girl or what.  Matt and Kaylee's daughter was super great through the whole day. 107_JMS9991-28152107_JMS9991-28152 108_JMS9998-28153108_JMS9998-28153 110_JMS0013-28154110_JMS0013-28154 111_JMS0031-28155111_JMS0031-28155 112_VVS1035-28156112_VVS1035-28156 Grandma's necklace. 113_JMS0040-28157113_JMS0040-28157 114_JMS0044-28158114_JMS0044-28158 Our daughter-in-law Claire was among the beautiful bridesmaids :) 121_JMS0079-28164121_JMS0079-28164 122_JMS0091-28165122_JMS0091-28165 124_VVS1094-28166124_VVS1094-28166 Just enjoying her ride and chillin'... which was not easy to do in the days heat. 125_JMS0129-28167125_JMS0129-28167 126_VVS1113-28168126_VVS1113-28168 128_JMS0162-28170128_JMS0162-28170 129_JMS0166-28171129_JMS0166-28171 An old corn crib made a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony. 130_VVS1123-28172130_VVS1123-28172 131_JMS0168-28173131_JMS0168-28173 132_JMS0181-28174132_JMS0181-28174 134_VVS1139-28176134_VVS1139-28176 135_JMS0302-28177135_JMS0302-28177 136_JMS0340-28178136_JMS0340-28178 137_JMS0353-28179137_JMS0353-28179 139_JMS0391-28181-28231139_JMS0391-28181-28231 143_JMS0406-28183143_JMS0406-28183 144_JMS0421-28184144_JMS0421-28184 146_JMS0435-28186146_JMS0435-28186 148_JMS0448-28188-28229148_JMS0448-28188-28229 151_JMS0470-28189151_JMS0470-28189 152_JMS0493-28190-28228152_JMS0493-28190-28228 155_JMS0505-28191155_JMS0505-28191 156_JMS0566-28192156_JMS0566-28192 157_VVS1234-28193157_VVS1234-28193 158_JMS0594-28194158_JMS0594-28194 160_JMS0598-28196160_JMS0598-28196 The beautiful cake and cupcakes were created by The Cake Place 161_JMS0603-28197161_JMS0603-28197 163_VVS1255-28199163_VVS1255-28199 166_JMS0646-28202166_JMS0646-28202 167_JMS0655-28203167_JMS0655-28203 169_JMS0673-28204169_JMS0673-28204 170_JMS0686-28205170_JMS0686-28205 172_JMS0726-28206172_JMS0726-28206 173_JMS0739-28207173_JMS0739-28207 175_JMS0765-28208175_JMS0765-28208 178_JMS0780-28210178_JMS0780-28210 180_JMS0806-28212180_JMS0806-28212 182_VVS1358-28214182_VVS1358-28214 183_JMS0815-28215183_JMS0815-28215 184_JMS0822-28216184_JMS0822-28216 As the sun set the temperature began to cool.... or maybe it is better described as less hot. 186_JMS0838-28218186_JMS0838-28218 188_VVS1368-28220188_VVS1368-28220 189_VVS1378-28221189_VVS1378-28221 190_JMS0866-28222190_JMS0866-28222 191_JMS0870-28223191_JMS0870-28223 192_JMS0883-28224192_JMS0883-28224 193_JMS0905-28225193_JMS0905-28225 195_JMS0970-28227195_JMS0970-28227

Thank you Kaylee and Matt for letting us participate in your beautiful day!  Please feel free to leave the wonderful couple a message in the comments below. 

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vickey legler(non-registered)
Kaylee you looked beautiful and the hubby looked handsome. What a beautiful place to have a wedding, even your bridal party looked perfect. May you two have many happy years together.
Simply beautiful...the venue the bride the cake. Thanks for sharing.
Tom and Dee Dee Burt(non-registered)
Very nice photos of the wedding and reception. Both of you did a great job capturing the celebration, despite the heat. The pictures of Kennedy are an extra special touch. Nicely done!
JoAnn O'Neill(non-registered)
Oh, Kaylee! Thank you for letting me "come to your wedding" from afar! I had such a wonderful time! You deserve a lifetime of love! So happy for you!
Jean Vonglis(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures! You really captured the best moments and of course cutie pie Kennedy. It was really hard to remain composed for pictures in the heat but you two pulled it off. Thank you so much for all your hard work and beautiful memories of that day.
Jean Vonglis
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