Livonia, New York Wedding Photography... Twin Silos: Jimmy and Shelby

July 08, 2015  •  2 Comments

Put together the words love, fun loving, family, and laid back and what do you get?  Jimmy and Shelby's wedding day!  This couple had such a beautiful and relaxed day at Twin Silos in Livonia, that all started with the "First Look".  They decided to create a sweet and private moment for themselves where they could see each other prior to the ceremony and spend some very precious quiet time together before all the hustle and bustle began.  Family and friends then arrived and the day evolved with a beautiful outdoor ceremony, a delicious meal prepared by the Partyman, and lots of great "gotta move" music by the DJs Greg and Noah Geraci from Creative Rhythms Entertainment.  Take a "scroll" and enjoy Shelby and Jimmy's day... 101JMS_5457-25346101JMS_5457-25346 102_JMS5146-25347102_JMS5146-25347 103_JMS5211-25348103_JMS5211-25348 104JMS_5474-25349104JMS_5474-25349 106_VVS7394-25351106_VVS7394-25351 107_JMS5262-25352107_JMS5262-25352 109_VVS7420-25353109_VVS7420-25353 Caught a great moment when mom and dad were recognizing their little girl was about to become a wife. 111_JMS5307-25355111_JMS5307-25355 Loved capturing this moment for these two! 112_JMS5308-25356112_JMS5308-25356 113_JMS5314-25357113_JMS5314-25357 114_VVS7437-25358114_VVS7437-25358 116_JMS5323-25359116_JMS5323-25359 117_JMS5346-25360117_JMS5346-25360 119_JMS5376-25361-25426119_JMS5376-25361-25426 122_JMS5393-25364122_JMS5393-25364 Then came the wedding party photos.  A great group of friends and family! 123_JMS5413-25365123_JMS5413-25365 Really loved the girls dresses! 124_JMS5430-25366124_JMS5430-25366 125_JMS5440-25367125_JMS5440-25367 Perfect attire for an outdoor wedding! 126JMS_5495-25368126JMS_5495-25368 128_JMS5490-25370128_JMS5490-25370 131_JMS5521-25372131_JMS5521-25372 Such a pretty bride!

132_JMS5522-25373132_JMS5522-25373 And a handsome groom :) 133_VVS7495-25374133_VVS7495-25374 Love tokens from family. 134_VVS7499-25375134_VVS7499-25375 138_JMS5554-25377-25427138_JMS5554-25377-25427 This view was wonderful and the skies that threatened rain all day created some great clouds. 139_JMS5559-25378139_JMS5559-25378 141_JMS5595-25380141_JMS5595-25380 143_JMS5602-25381143_JMS5602-25381 144_VVS7545-25382144_VVS7545-25382 Wildflowers were everywhere you looked. 145_JMS5661-25383145_JMS5661-25383 146_JMS5726-25384146_JMS5726-25384 The kids were so cute! 147_JMS5736-25385147_JMS5736-25385 148_JMS5747-25386148_JMS5747-25386 149_VVS7573-25387149_VVS7573-25387 150_VVS7599-25388150_VVS7599-25388 151JMS_5524-25389151JMS_5524-25389 152_VVS7606-25390152_VVS7606-25390 155_VVS7636-25393155_VVS7636-25393 156JMS_5527-25394156JMS_5527-25394 157_JMS5871-25395157_JMS5871-25395 These girls know the beauty of the word sisterhood! 159_JMS6022-25397159_JMS6022-25397 161_JMS6029-25398161_JMS6029-25398 162_JMS6111-25399162_JMS6111-25399 163_JMS6128-25400163_JMS6128-25400 166_JMS6165-25403166_JMS6165-25403 167_VVS7784-25404167_VVS7784-25404 168_JMS6287-25405168_JMS6287-25405 Let the party begin!! 169_JMS6320-25406169_JMS6320-25406 170_JMS6381-25407170_JMS6381-25407 171_JMS6409-25408171_JMS6409-25408 172_JMS6425-25409172_JMS6425-25409 Friends from college (Alfred) 173_JMS6426-25410173_JMS6426-25410 Grandma and grandpa sure knew how to dance even after 54 years of marriage! 174_VVS7853-25411174_VVS7853-25411 That moment in every bride's day when the words..."you better not" come out ....  and he didn't :) 177_JMS6469-25414177_JMS6469-25414 179_VVS7869-25416179_VVS7869-25416 181_JMS6475-25418181_JMS6475-25418 182_JMS6538-25419182_JMS6538-25419 183_JMS6550-25420183_JMS6550-25420 186_JMS6568-25423186_JMS6568-25423 187_JMS6596-25424187_JMS6596-25424 184_JMS6558-25421184_JMS6558-25421 Thank you Jimmy and Shelby for letting us be a part of your wonderful day!  We are sure you will have many more years filled with love and laughter!

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kathy- kdmphotography(non-registered)
Sandy Schmidt(non-registered)
What a beautiful wedding! I am so happy for the both of you! You are a perfect couple!!! I always cry at weddings and I even cry when looking at wedding pictures :) Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Welch!
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