Buffalo, NY Wedding Photography: Bobby and Mara

July 17, 2015  •  1 Comment

Mara and Bobby are a spirited, fun loving couple who had a day that offered a few unexpected twists and turns that changed their planned timeline just a bit :)  They rolled with the flow and enjoyed every moment of their beautiful day! An unexpected photo op at Sunny's Restarant and Lounge, Bobby almost burning down the altar (just kidding) and a limo ride that was planned to be one hour turned into almost two due to all the events happening in Buffalo, could not stop them from enjoying cocktail hour on the rooftop at Templeton Landing with all their family and friends, as well as sneaking away for a few moments alone on that same rooftop a little later in the evening.  Scroll through their photos to see how their day unfolded :)  100_VVS8004-25788100_VVS8004-25788 Champagne to start the day! 101_JMS8109-25789101_JMS8109-25789 104_JMS8123-25792104_JMS8123-25792 105_JMS8145-25793105_JMS8145-25793 106_JMS8154-25794106_JMS8154-25794 107JMS_5567-25795107JMS_5567-25795 112_JMS8233-25799112_JMS8233-25799 114_JMS8261-25801114_JMS8261-25801 Mara's uncle owns Sunny's Restaurant in Batavia and she really wanted some photos there. 115JMS_5613-25802115JMS_5613-25802 116_VVS8104-25803116_VVS8104-25803 Beautiful flowers by Floral Fantasies in Batavia 117JMS_5626-25804117JMS_5626-25804 Bobby's grandfather helped to officiate the wedding. 119_JMS8276-25805119_JMS8276-25805 120_JMS8289-25806120_JMS8289-25806 121_JMS8299-25807121_JMS8299-25807 And time keeps tickin'.... 123JMS_5632-25808123JMS_5632-25808 Bobby was one of the most "movement filled" grooms we have ever seen!  Maybe his grandfather was trying to calm the movement as well as give his blessings in the photo below. 125_JMS8336-25810125_JMS8336-25810 126_VVS8122-25811126_VVS8122-25811 127_JMS8408-25812127_JMS8408-25812 Not many brides have the blessing of having two men escort them down the isle. Mara's step-dad did the honor the first half of the journey and her uncle took over the other half. 128_JMS8416-25813128_JMS8416-25813 129JMS_5657-25814129JMS_5657-25814 Beautiful church! 131JMS_5662-25815131JMS_5662-25815 135_JMS8448-25819135_JMS8448-25819 136_JMS8464-25820136_JMS8464-25820 They lit the unity candle but Bobby's flame got a little out of control!  When he tried to blow it out it dropped onto the table cloth and continued to burn until he "smacked" it down with his hand.... whew! 137_JMS8467-25821137_JMS8467-25821 138_JMS8472-25822138_JMS8472-25822 139_VVS8196-25823139_VVS8196-25823 140_VVS8201-25824140_VVS8201-25824 141_JMS8561-25825141_JMS8561-25825 142_JMS8620-25826142_JMS8620-25826 Besties plus one!  We did Becca's wedding almost 3 years ago and what a beautiful difference a few years can make!  Such a cute baby! 144_JMS8679-25828144_JMS8679-25828 148_VVS8235-25831148_VVS8235-25831 With just minutes to get some photos of the wedding party we ended up with a barge and crane in the background where the limo let them off but we managed a few fun shots just the same! On to the party! 150_JMS8696-25832150_JMS8696-25832 151_VVS8248-25833151_VVS8248-25833 152_JMS8699-25834152_JMS8699-25834 153_VVS8266-25835153_VVS8266-25835 154_JMS8807-25836154_JMS8807-25836 The rooftop at Templeton Landing was a great spot for family and friends to mingle.  And what a great view! 155_JMS8819-25837155_JMS8819-25837   164_JMS9085-25843164_JMS9085-25843 A few moments alone.... 167_JMS9111-25845167_JMS9111-25845 170_JMS9120-25847170_JMS9120-25847 172_JMS9148-25848172_JMS9148-25848 175_JMS9219-25851175_JMS9219-25851 177_JMS9247-25853177_JMS9247-25853 179_VVS8568-25854179_VVS8568-25854 Bobby's girls sure do love their daddy!   180_JMS9295-25855180_JMS9295-25855 Watch me whip, watch me nae nae...  Oy! This song does not leave the brain that easily!  Bobby did it up right though... stanky leg, superman and all :) 181_JMS9406-25856181_JMS9406-25856 182_JMS9422-25857182_JMS9422-25857 183_JMS9482-25858183_JMS9482-25858 Thank you Bobby and Mara for allowing us the honor of participating in your beautiful day!  We have enjoyed the time we have spent with you and wish you much love and happiness for your future!

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Pat Connors(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful photos! Mara you were a beautiful bride!
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