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Arcade, NY Wedding Photography: Ted and Jessica

June 24, 2015  •  3 Comments

While the day threatened rain, nothing could dampen the outlook that these two had for not only their day but their future.  Ted and Jessica own a fabulous piece of property and this was where they decided to commit their futures to one another.  Love and laughter marked this day while amongst family and friends these two hard working lovebirds took time to enjoy their property, their day, and each other.... and the weather turned out to be quite perfect after all :) 2_VVS6564-250562_VVS6564-25056 5_VVS6596-250595_VVS6596-25059 6_JMS1479-250606_JMS1479-25060 9_JMS1500-250639_JMS1500-25063 11_JMS1529-2506511_JMS1529-25065 12_JMS1551-2506612_JMS1551-25066 13_JMS1593-2506713_JMS1593-25067 14_JMS1601-2506814_JMS1601-25068 15_JMS1611-2506915_JMS1611-25069 16_JMS1613-2507016_JMS1613-25070 17_JMS1622-2507117_JMS1622-25071 18_VVS6666-2507218_VVS6666-25072 20_JMS1637-2507420_JMS1637-25074 22_JMS1643-2507622_JMS1643-25076 23_JMS1649-2507723_JMS1649-25077 25_VVS6691-2507925_VVS6691-25079 We loved the idea of a sand ceremony including all four. 26_JMS1673-2508026_JMS1673-25080 27_VVS6712-2508127_VVS6712-25081 28_JMS1709-2508228_JMS1709-25082 30_JMS1828-25084-2512630_JMS1828-25084-25126 32_JMS1837-2508532_JMS1837-25085 34_JMS1839-2508634_JMS1839-25086 35_JMS1848-2508735_JMS1848-25087 36_JMS1871-2508836_JMS1871-25088 38_JMS1887-25089-2512738_JMS1887-25089-25127 A little bit of time alone!  These two needed no prompting to kiss... 42_JMS1909-25092-2512842_JMS1909-25092-25128 Or to laugh at one of their many little private jokes :)  (Ted's daughter said they are always doing this)

41_JMS1896-2509141_JMS1896-25091 47_JMS1961-25095-2512947_JMS1961-25095-25129 53_JMS1978-25097-2513153_JMS1978-25097-25131 Is that an amazing view or what! 56_JMS1982-2509856_JMS1982-25098 57_JMS1997-2509957_JMS1997-25099 Now on to the party! 58_JMS2070-2510058_JMS2070-25100 60_JMS2097-2510160_JMS2097-25101 61_JMS2102-2510261_JMS2102-25102 65_VVS6836-2510465_VVS6836-25104 66_JMS2122-2510566_JMS2122-25105 67_JMS2131-2510667_JMS2131-25106 68_JMS2196-2510768_JMS2196-25107 69_JMS2213-2510869_JMS2213-25108 73_VVS6911-2511273_VVS6911-25112 72_VVS6907-2511172_VVS6907-25111 Loved the creation that their 4 lives blending together made. 74_JMS2319-2511374_JMS2319-25113 75_JMS2368-2511475_JMS2368-25114 76_JMS2428-2511576_JMS2428-25115 77_JMS2444-2511677_JMS2444-25116 78_JMS2480-2511778_JMS2480-25117 81_JMS2488-25119-2513381_JMS2488-25119-25133 Thank you Ted and Jessica for allowing us the opportunity to photograph you most beautiful day!  We enjoyed capturing your love for one another! 

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So beautiful! These pictures capture so much joy!!!!
Aunt Jeri(non-registered)
These are the most Beautiful pictures! What an amazing setting and wonderful wedding! Beautiful pictures! Kudos to your photographer! You guys and Sally did a phenomenal job! Love to you all!
These are the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seen!!! Absolutely perfect! They captured the evening completely! Just gorgeous! Of course, with Ted, Jess and their property, it wouldn't be hard to make it all look good! But seriously, what an absolute amazing job these photographers did!
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