Buffalo Wedding Photography Winter Wonderland: Cullen & Jamela

February 15, 2019  •  4 Comments

Every now and then we get the privilege to photograph multiple weddings within the same family.  This would be the case with Jamela and Cullen.  Years ago we were honored to photograph Cullen's sister's wedding and have remained in touch with Karissa and Brandon ever since.  We loved how beautifully decorated the wedding and reception were, fulfilling Cullen and Jamela's dream of a winter wonderland wedding.  It was truly beautiful.  But beyond the beauty of the decorations was the beauty of family, faith, and friends that permeated every part of their wonderful day. We see much through the lens, and what we saw this day was two grounded, fun loving, deeply giving families come together to support the beginning of a new family.  Many moments through the day were marked with emotion including when Cullen gave his new daughter the keys to his heart during the ceremony.... such a tender moment!  

Cullen and Jamela's day felt very much like a fairy tale wedding.  One where the princess finds her prince charming.  They chose to start their magical day with a magical "First Look" where they had an intimate, personal, moment together before they began their day of ceremony and fun.  They did this at the Ellicott Square Building in downtown Buffalo.  What a beautiful piece of architecture and what a sweet time for these two and it really had the essence of a grand castle which was befitting the royal couple.  They then moved on to the Pentecostal Temple for the ceremony and then to the wonderfully decorated Main & Transit Firehall.  The yummy food was catered by Nadine Brown, DJ Hassan kept the party rolling, and the whole thing was coordinated by Angela Mosley who did a most wonderful job keeping everything moving smoothly. 

Please scroll through the images of their day and enjoy every moment as we did capturing it!  When you get to the end be sure to leave some love for the couple in the comments.  Cullen and Jamela, we are so happy for both of you!  You have so much love and fun ahead of you.  We wish you all the blessings your life can handle and we thank you for allowing us to capture your day. 

100JMS_8510-Edit100JMS_8510-Edit 101JMS_8521-Edit101JMS_8521-Edit 102JMS_8568-Edit102JMS_8568-Edit 103VVS_0217-Edit103VVS_0217-Edit This whole ensemble was just perfect and hung waiting for the princess to don them. 104JMS_8605-Edit104JMS_8605-Edit 105JMS_8626-Edit105JMS_8626-Edit Her ladies in waiting were looking darn good.... 106JMS_8632-Edit106JMS_8632-Edit And Jamela was the most relaxed bride we had ever seen. 107JMS_8638-Edit107JMS_8638-Edit Her bridesmaids kicked into action and were very attentive to her every need all day long.... great job ladies :) 108VVS_0225-Edit108VVS_0225-Edit 109JMS_8648-Edit109JMS_8648-Edit 110VVS_0248-Edit110VVS_0248-Edit 112JMS_8673-Edit112JMS_8673-Edit 113VVS_0260-Edit113VVS_0260-Edit 114JMS_8685-Edit114JMS_8685-Edit 115JMS_8692-Edit115JMS_8692-Edit 116VVS_0303-Edit116VVS_0303-Edit 118VVS_0311-Edit118VVS_0311-Edit 119JMS_8725-Edit119JMS_8725-Edit 120JMS_8750-Edit-Edit120JMS_8750-Edit-Edit Like I said.... royalty...

123VVS_0324-Edit123VVS_0324-Edit 121VVS_0319-Edit121VVS_0319-Edit 122JMS_8759-Edit122JMS_8759-Edit 124JMS_8784-Edit124JMS_8784-Edit This wedding party was such a great group to work with!  Thanks guys for making our job easy :)

126JMS_8804-Edit126JMS_8804-Edit 127JMS_8823-Edit127JMS_8823-Edit 128JMS_8835-Edit128JMS_8835-Edit 131VVS_0366-Edit131VVS_0366-Edit 132JMS_8943-Edit132JMS_8943-Edit Love the relationship these two have with their parents.  Cullen exchanged some "knowing" looks with his dad (who married them) as Jamela came down the isle, and you can tell that Jamela thinks the world of her dad in this one look. 133VVS_0377-Edit133VVS_0377-Edit 134JMS_8975-Edit134JMS_8975-Edit 135JMS_8993-Edit135JMS_8993-Edit 136JMS_9007-Edit136JMS_9007-Edit 137JMS_9013-Edit137JMS_9013-Edit 138JMS_9018-Edit138JMS_9018-Edit 139JMS_9032-Edit139JMS_9032-Edit 140JMS_9119-Edit140JMS_9119-Edit She loved her necklace the her Daddy gave her :) 141JMS_9129-Edit141JMS_9129-Edit 142JMS_9181-Edit142JMS_9181-Edit It's our wedding... and we're married... 145VVS_0440-Edit145VVS_0440-Edit 147VVS_0443-Edit147VVS_0443-Edit 148VVS_0450-Edit148VVS_0450-Edit   150VVS_0452-Edit150VVS_0452-Edit 152JMS_9198-Edit152JMS_9198-Edit 154VVS_0461-Edit154VVS_0461-Edit 155VVS_0521-Edit155VVS_0521-Edit 156VVS_0535-Edit156VVS_0535-Edit 157JMS_9307-Edit157JMS_9307-Edit EVERYONE wanted a picture of the couple on their thrones :) 158JMS_9418-Edit158JMS_9418-Edit 159VVS_0666-Edit159VVS_0666-Edit Love Grandpa dances... 160JMS_9457-Edit160JMS_9457-Edit 161JMS_9478-Edit161JMS_9478-Edit 164JMS_9524-Edit164JMS_9524-Edit 165VVS_0720-Edit165VVS_0720-Edit 166VVS_0724-Edit166VVS_0724-Edit 167JMS_9633-Edit167JMS_9633-Edit 168VVS_0746-Edit168VVS_0746-Edit 169VVS_0752-Edit169VVS_0752-Edit 170VVS_0771-Edit170VVS_0771-Edit 171VVS_0776-Edit171VVS_0776-Edit 172JMS_9673-Edit172JMS_9673-Edit 173JMS_9683-Edit173JMS_9683-Edit

What a great day!  Thank you again for trusting us to capture it! 

Please feel free to leave a message of love to the happy couple below.

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Lucille Perry(non-registered)
I am a good friend of John Cunningham. And, I thank him for sharing these beautiful pictures with me. What a magical Winter Wonderland wedding! I send my blessings to this lovely couple for a long and happy marriage.
Marleen Bradley(non-registered)
My Granddaughter and my New Grandson looks so so Beautiful Just awesome. I have 7 grandsons now. All the pictures are just so very beautiful. I believe deep in my heart that Cullen will be a great husband to my Granddaughter and a excellent Father to my only Great Granddaughter Alani. And I know my Mela will and is going to be a great wife and mother. May God Bless them with all Love Forever
Adarius France(non-registered)
Cullen and Jemela! These picture are extraordinary! The wedding was beautiful and you guys are beautiful. I love you guys!
Caleb Vaughn(non-registered)
Cullen and Jemela! You have made it to the beginning! It was an honor to be invited and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything to be part of your special day. Cullen you were smooth man! Jamela you looked so regal! Miss Alani was so incredibly cute! I’m excited for what will come from your family will do in the world! If you’re in the A hit me up!
Grace and Peace
No comments posted.

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