Rochester Wedding Photography: Dave & Darla's Snowstorm Wedding at St Joseph's Park

January 24, 2019  •  7 Comments

Snowstorm, below freezing temperatures, and an outdoor wedding... three things we would never have wanted to mix.  That was until we had the privilege of bearing witness to, and capturing the sweetest wedding ceremony ever with the sweetest of couples!  Dave and Darla had put much thought into their winter wonderland wedding.  Their ceremony took place in downtown Rochester at St Joseph's, the city's oldest Catholic church. The only catch is that this church had been destroyed by fire in 1975 and all that is left are the beautiful stone walls, arches and high bell tower.  No walls, but lots of love from about 100 guests and a wonderfully large and fun wedding party, would keep them warm.  Lots of little surprises through out the day, including Darla showing up to her first look with Dave with no warm winter robe on, just her beautiful, trumpet style dress... BRRRRR.... and then walking down the isle to Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne while friends and family clapped in rhythm!  Hundreds of friends and family showed up at the Italian American Community Center to help them celebrate.  Beautiful setting, wonderful food, a great 80's band called Hall Pass and lots and lots of love made for a most perfect reception! Be sure to scroll through all the images to see all the different things they had for their day and then be sure to leave them a note of love in the comments.  "Many" years ago Jeff and I were married on the same date and we loved the idea of celebrating our anniversary with helping these two start their journey to their very own "many years" of love.  Thank you Dave and Darla for allowing us to share in your most amazing day!  We could not have found a better way to celebrate our own anniversary!

100JMS_7239-Edit100JMS_7239-Edit 101VVS_9302-Edit101VVS_9302-Edit 102JMS_7255-Edit102JMS_7255-Edit 103JMS_7293-Edit103JMS_7293-Edit HHandsome tuxes were from Incognito  104VVS_9353-Edit104VVS_9353-Edit 105JMS_7322-Edit105JMS_7322-Edit Great shoes that help to showcase this grooms unique personality and style. 106JMS_7348-Edit106JMS_7348-Edit 107JMS_7358-Edit107JMS_7358-Edit                                                 And LOVED these boots! 108JMS_7367-Edit108JMS_7367-Edit Her ring was a family heirloom and that cute material is her baby blanket which was put into a beautiful box and made part of the ceremony. Wedding rings were from Burke and Bannayan.  Dave and Darla give this company a 5 star for service!

200JMS_7388-Edit200JMS_7388-Edit Darla found this frog a few months prior to meeting Dave and the card that came with it said she would meet her prince charming in the coming year.  Guess it was right :)  And the small ring was a family heirloom as well in which she wore on her pinky finger.  109JMS_7434-Edit109JMS_7434-Edit This amazing dress was from Katherine Patricia's 110VVS_9433-Edit110VVS_9433-Edit 111JMS_7455-Edit111JMS_7455-Edit 112JMS_7471-Edit112JMS_7471-Edit 113JMS_7487-Edit113JMS_7487-Edit 114JMS_7510-Edit114JMS_7510-Edit It was such a cold day and yet Darla had wanted to go without her pretty warm robe so that she would be wearing something different down the isle.  Could not believe it when she came in with bear arms....  115JMS_7524-Edit115JMS_7524-Edit 117VVS_9456-Edit117VVS_9456-Edit So pretty! 118JMS_7530-Edit118JMS_7530-Edit 119VVS_9493-Edit119VVS_9493-Edit Gotta show him those boots! 120VVS_9533-Edit120VVS_9533-Edit And of course, Dave could not stand to see her bare arms in the cold and as any good gentleman would do, he gave her his coat. 121VVS_9537-Edit121VVS_9537-Edit 122_VVS7291-Edit122_VVS7291-Edit 123VVS_9551-Edit123VVS_9551-Edit 124_VVS7297-Edit124_VVS7297-Edit 125VVS_9571125VVS_9571 126_VVS7328-Edit126_VVS7328-Edit 127VVS_9630-Edit127VVS_9630-Edit And here comes the bride!  Remember that crazy train was her "wedding march" :) 128_VVS7361-Edit128_VVS7361-Edit Darla's cousin Kayla officiated the wedding. 129_VVS7366129_VVS7366 203VVS_9647203VVS_9647 And the ring warming ceremony was so sentimental.  The rings were passed around so each person in the wedding party and the parents could hold them and give a blessing or a wish for the couple over them.  LOVED this idea! 130VVS_9643130VVS_9643 131JMS_7665-Edit131JMS_7665-Edit 132VVS_9702-Edit132VVS_9702-Edit 133JMS_7718-Edit133JMS_7718-Edit 134JMS_7720-Edit134JMS_7720-Edit 201VVS_9719-Edit201VVS_9719-Edit Upon exiting the ceremony the news was there to interview them.  Their story has made the news, the papers and the radio :) 136_VVS7399-Edit136_VVS7399-Edit 137_VVS7402-Edit137_VVS7402-Edit Large wedding parties are not always easy but this group was fabulous to work with!!   138JMS_7768-Edit-Edit138JMS_7768-Edit-Edit After a quick outdoor picture of cold wedding party we were able to move indoors to the beautiful Monroe County Office Building.

Amazing architecture. 139JMS_7819-Edit139JMS_7819-Edit 140JMS_7836-Edit140JMS_7836-Edit 141JMS_7844-Edit141JMS_7844-Edit 142VVS_9727-Edit142VVS_9727-Edit Each table was set with a unique tea cup with chocolate kisses. 143VVS_9731-Edit143VVS_9731-Edit 144VVS_9735-Edit144VVS_9735-Edit Very unique bride and groom glasses. 145JMS_7975-Edit145JMS_7975-Edit 146JMS_7983-Edit146JMS_7983-Edit 147VVS_9864-Edit147VVS_9864-Edit 148JMS_8023-Edit148JMS_8023-Edit 149JMS_8037-Edit149JMS_8037-Edit 150VVS_9935-Edit150VVS_9935-Edit 151JMS_8082-Edit151JMS_8082-Edit 152JMS_8161-Edit152JMS_8161-Edit 153JMS_8206-Edit153JMS_8206-Edit 155VVS_0136-Edit155VVS_0136-Edit 156JMS_8315-Edit156JMS_8315-Edit 157JMS_8408-Edit157JMS_8408-Edit 158JMS_8418-Edit158JMS_8418-Edit Dave and Darla, we cannot thank you enough for allowing us to be part of your most amazing day!  It was awesome from beginning to end!  We wish you a lifetime of love and laughter! 

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Amazing and stunning pics. Ths ks for sharing these and for letting us share your special day with you. Love you lots and wish you both much Happiness and Love
Valerie Jones (Ms Huff)(non-registered)
So beautiful!! I am glad I saw you last year(?) & got to meet your love. Wishing you the best life with him ...
Sherle Baker(non-registered)
CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH ! Darla, you made a very beautiful Bride! Best wishes on your life together!
Mr. Vega(non-registered)
I was honored to be invited to your wedding. It was a very beautiful ceremony and I can see that you guys LOVE each other very much. Darla, you have come a long way from the young lady that I first met in my office at East High. You have grown up to be a beautiful, self assured young lady. THANK YOU for the invitation!!!!
WOW! These pictures are fabulous! What a wonderful fairy tale wedding! Darla you were so beautiful and Dave so handsome. Your ceremony is the best wedding I have ever been a part of. Your vows were so enchanting they brought tears to my eyes. I could feel your love for each sweet and truly what dreams are made of. I wish you many, many years of love and happiness! I am honored to be your Step-Mom and Step-Mom In Law. I love you both very much!
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